Trading Faces

Basic Information

Description: Kim investigates a series of thefts surrounding a celebrity and finds herself teamed up with the Tweebs who now attend Middleton High School.

Director: Steve Loter

Writer: Kim Duran

Producer: Steve Loter

Studio: Starburst Animation

Executive Producer: Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle

Air Date: February 10, 2007

Season: Season 4

Production Number: 4-3, 403

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Regular Cast: Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle, Nancy Cartwright, Tahj Mowry

Guest Cast: Spencer Fox, Raven-Symone, Kirsten Storms, Gary Cole, Jean Smart, Patrick Warburton, Ashley Tisdale, Susanne Blakeslee, Phil Morris, Daran Norris, Sherri Shepherd, April Winchell


third of the season 4 premier episodes.

New Villain, Camille Leon,a spoiled starlet/criminal with unique shapeshifting abilities (as a result of extensive plastic surgery). She owns a hairless Sphinx cat, Debutante, which she takes with her everywhere she goes.


(Kim trips while trying to chase Cammile)

Kim: This dress is NOT working for me.

(Ron suggests Kim be a model)

Kim: Ron, I'm not a model!

Ron: Why not? You're beautiful.

(They both smile)

Monique: So the Tweebs showed you up in class, what's the big?

Ron: Yeah, I get showed up on every mission we go on, you don't hear me whining!


While in the control room after the elevator diamond is stolen, Ron has 2 sets of eyebrows over his right eye.

Cultural References

Trading Faces, is a parody play on words of a show by the name of "Trading Spaces" where two families trade houses/rooms with each other to decorate the room/houses to make them more appealing to the original owner.



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