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About the Site/Staff

KP Fan World is a website built and maintaned by the fans for the fans. We have no affiliation with Disney whatsoever. So please DO NOT email us as though we were. We're all fans of the show "Kim Possible" and we want to share that love with everyone else that loves the show and those who may only be getting started on it. We also wanted a centralized location for all of the information related to the show such as episode and character guides, inside jokes, trivia, etc. We want to be where the fandom can live on for generations!

How We Started

Remember TV Tome? If you do then we welcome you, Veteran! If that's a name you've never heard before, that was before IMDb really got big. Fans were always watching TV Tome to see what information was available for their show. The TV Tome forums were one the most popular discussion boards around related to your favorite show and were the place to be if you wanted to discuss your show with other fans.

All was well.

Then, the owner of TV Tome sold the website to CNET (later purchased by CBS) in early 2005 and TV Tome disappeared later that year, being redirected to TV.com. Well, Kim Possible fans couldn't have that. So much of what we loved about TV Tome was lost. Kim Possible Fan World was born early 2006 as a direct result of this change. Our aim was to keep it volunteer-run and keep user contributions forefront.

Staff Information

  • Programmer / Founder
    Adam Humpherys
    Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Admin
    Wayne Simons
    Location: Illinois

Special Thanks


  • Otis Walker
  • Howard Curtin

Web Help

  • Michael Berger, Viper1880 -- Logo Work
  • Kyle Richards -- CSS/Styling/Graphics Work
  • Wallaceb/Brian Wallce -- Episode List Population, Transcripts
  • Quin Separable -- ASiT Transcript
  • J -- Trivia, Chronology, Cover Art
  • ashelybenlove -- Supplied trivia for Trivia Quiz Game
  • Commander Argus, dracko19 -- Userbar creation
  • TheBlackFairy -- Organized Images for KP's Outfit Guide



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