Nursery Crimes

Basic Information

Description: Kim and Ron investigate a nanny academy that is creating an army of super babies.

Director: Steve Loter

Writer: Charlotte Fullerton and Kurt Weldon

Producer: Steve Loter

Studio: Starburst Animation Co., ltd

Executive Producer: Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle

Air Date: August 12, 2007

Season: Season 4

Production Number: 4-6, 406

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Regular Cast: Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle, Tahj Mowry

Guest Cast: Corey Burton, Jane Carr, Phil Morris, Rob Paulson, Kath Soucie, Tara Strong


**The following spoilers were supplied by YamiDymlos **

The 11-minute episode is set in England.

Team Possible visit a closed Nanny Training Academy, where they encounter a new villain - Nanny Nane.

Ron gets turned into a baby several times, and even gurgles a 'Booyah!'.

This episode is paired with 'Chasing Rufus'.

The ending credits show the same Rufus/Debutante restaurant scene used at the end of 'Trading Faces'. Bob Schooley stated that "it was a budget thing".

**End of spoilers supplied by YamiDymlos **


**The following quotes were supplied by YamiDymlos **

Kim: You called us for a missing Pacifier?!

Ron: Can't you just buy a new one?

Ron: Okayyyyyy, creepy-factor is in serious over-creepier...!

Kim: It's just an old house, it's not haunted.

Ron: sees an old woman Argh!!!! It's a Zombie!

Nanny Nane: May I help you?

Kim: whispers to Ron in an annoyed tone Not a Zombie! turns to Nanny Nane Hi! We're looking for Nanny Nane.

Nanny Nane: I am she.

Kim: I'm Kim Possible, and this is Ron Stoppable.

Ron: Hey.

Nanny Nane: sternly 'Hey' is for authors[?], young man. And do stand up straight! Your posture is atrocious!

Ron: guiltily Yes, ma'am.

Kim: Let's see if the other locals are friendlier.

Ron: I'd settle for not as bone-chillingly eerie.

Man: ...first the Baby Powder Plant closed, then people stopped hiring Nannies.

Ron: And that's when they went into the Zombie business, right?!

Man: talking about Nanny Nane They don't make 'em like her anymore!

Ron: Why would they want to?!

Kim: They are way weird here...

Ron: Yeah! Pistachio is supposed to be Green!

Kim: Captured by babies, this is a new personal low!

Ron: You gotta admit they were cute, until they kicked our butts.

Nanny Nane: Apparantly, during your last visit, I did not make myself clear.

Kim: Oh, it's very clear. You're creating an army of super-babies and using them to steal pacifiers!

Ron: Okay, now - see, I was thinking that. But when you said it out loud it sounded silly.

Kim: I know.

Nanny Nane: Your impertinence must be punished........after tea. Shan't be a moment!

Nanny Nane: Oooh, very naughty - trying to muck up Nanny Nane's plans like this.

Kim: You could...tell us what this is all about. That's sort of traditional in situations like this...

Nanny Nane: Well, dearie. Back in the day, I trained the sternest nannies the world had ever seen. But times changed. The stern Nanny was no longer a fashion. Fewer and fewer of my graduates were required, and finally - Nanny had to close her lovely Academy for good.

Kim: So, this is about revenge?

Nanny Nane: Do not interupt! That is quite rude! Nanny Nane realized she could make more money making children unhappy than she could making them happy!

Ron: Hey, what's more traditional than Greed[?]?

Kim: And the hench-babies?

Nanny Nane: These little dears? This is what a traditional Nanny and firm discipline can accomplish! Also, feeding full-time henchmen gets a bit pricey.

Ron: See? That's traditional, too!

Kim: The good guys getting free while the bad guys say[?] their plan - also traditional.

Nanny: American's have some very strange traditions! One to which I don't much care. to babies Get them!

Ron: Ron Stoppable is more than a match for any baby! I've got a little sis myself - so BRING IT ON!

Kim: refering to super-babies How do I fight these?!

Ron: How do you not fight them?!

Nanny Nane: These aren't like the babies you're used to. They're as strong as two grown men!

Kim: Well, the baby I'm used to... pause I've got it! This isn't a 'Save the World''s a babysitting thing!

Ron: I'm glad that's over.

Kim: Erm, it's not quite over. How many times did you go through that machine?

Ron: Well, I've lost count - why? pause Y'know - I find the giant Diaper a delightful change of pace...

**End of Quotes supplied by YamiDymlos **


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