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By wallaceb
Wade: So Ron missed cheer practice and Bueno Nacho?
Kim: On Nacho Night!
Wade: Wow, this is heavy.
Kim: I even got him his standard Nacho Night order. He usually shows up right after I pay.
Wade: This can only mean one thing.
Kim: You mean?
Wade: Yea Kim, I mean…
Kim: Only one thing to do, let’s go mission mode.
Wade: Target confirmed, he’s in there.
Kim: Check, I’m goin’ in.
Wade: Kim, you’re sure about this? Hard to say what your gonna find in there. It may not be pretty.
Kim: He’d do the same for me.
Ron: Hey!
**TV:**The scamp-a-thon continues after this.
Kim: Oh Ron, the adventures of Scamper and Bittey?
Ron: Yea, it’s a classic I never knew existed until now.
Kim: What channel is the junk even on?
Ron: 152 I think, I lost count.
Kim: Wait…. You have cable? Your dad finally gave in?
Ron: I thought it was just a fad? So many channels
Kim: So little life.
**TV:**tonight on the simian channel. The Running of the Monkeys.
Ron: Channel block! Channel block!
Kim: Hey Wade, what’s the sitch?
Wade: There’s been a break in at a…
Kim: Top secret lab?
Wade: You got it.
Kim: Time to go. Ron… no more TV.
Ron: No problem, I can quit any time I want. Wait, hold up, cooking with cactus is on next.
Rufus: Hmmm.
Scientist: The item they took was our highest priority project, the fate of the world rests on its safe return.
Kim: So what is it?
Scientist: Um… we cannot tell you.
Ron: Oh come on, I can keep a secret.
Kim: Since when?
Ron: Ah, okay, she can keep a secret.
Scientist: No, in the wrong hands this device can create a black hole the size of Nevada.
Kim and Ron: The Pan-dimensional-vortex-inducer?
Scientist: H-how did you know?
Kim: Last year…
Ron: Professor Demontor…
Kim: Las Vegas…
Ron: Almost went black hole….
Kim and Ron: Saved the world.
Scientist: Well, it’s been stolen…again.
Ron: Ah man a re-run.
Kim: Too much TV Ron, real life here.
Rufus: Ooo, Shego!
Kim: Could she be any more obvious?
Ron: Maybe too obvious. KP it’s a trap! Unless Drakken wants us to think it’s a trap. See if he knows we know it’s a trap, he must think we won’t fall for it. So, so if we do fall for it, he’ll be the one caught off guard.
Kim: In a weird way, that sorta makes sense.
Shego: Uh, how much longer is this gonna take?
TV Installer: Installation takes between 20 and 30 minutes.
Shego: Dr. D, I can’t believe you’re just now getting cable. Eh! Ah.
Drakken: I thought it was just a fad.
Shego: And what about broadband?
Drakken: Whoa Shego, first we walk.
Shego: Yea, by the way, why did I boost this pan can thing again?
Drakken: Now that my particle cannon is powered by the Pan-dimensional-vortex-inducer, I have the ability to open a vortex of doom where ever I wish! And the where ever will be there. When Kim Possible arrives of course, I mean that goes without saying right? Right? Shego?
Shego: Trap for them is perfect, got it. Ooo, look, Evil Eye for the Bad Guy: is on later.
Drakken: A little sidekick enthusiasm wouldn’t hurt you know?
Shego: Woo, Hoo, extra “Hoo” happy?
Drakken: Ahhh! Hmmm. By making it obvious I wanted Kim Possible to follow me, she thinks that I know she knows it’s a trap, so she is not expecting a trap, what she doesn’t know is that it really is a trap!
Shego: Yea, you lost me there.
Drakken: It’s a trap trap. No one ever expects a trap trap. Ehg-hmm. Uh, can you pick up the pace? I’ve got a lot of evil on my plate toady.
TV Installer: Pretend I’m not here.
Drakken: Hmmm. Your you could actually not be here.
TV Installer: I can only work so fast.
Drakken: Oh really? Ooo! That’s what I’m talking about, subtle motivation.
Shego: Yea, believe me Doc, you scare me just the way you are.
Drakken: Are you being sweet or sarcastic? I never can tell.
Kim: We’re collecting Pan-dimensional-vortex-inducers, got any?
Drakken: Ha! Ha! You fell for my trap.
Kim: You said this wasn’t a trap.
Ron: How can it be a trap if we knew it was a trap?
Drakken: Hmm, it was a trap trap.
Ron: Ah, yea…okay.
**Drakken:[b/] Go ahead, answer it.
Kim: Wade?
Wade: Kim, it’s a trap trap!
Shego: Moving on.
Ron: Ehg!
Drakken: Ha-ha-ha! Hey, wha.. Wait… where’s the doom?
Ron: Ooh, there go the pants.
All: Ahhh!
Ron: Um, hello? Is it over? Any one there? Hey, something smells like… bananas! Oh, man, Rufus, I think some serious physics just happened. Rufus? Rufus? Rufus!?
**TV:**Welcome to Ape Island.
Ron: It can’t be. No, not the…
**TV:**for the annual running of the monkeys.
Ron: Ahhhh! Ahh, it’s my ultimate nightmare!
Shego: Hey, what is going on?
Girl: Oh honey are you okay?
Shego: Um, no, no, why are you hugging me?
Girl: Maybe because you broke up with Billy?
Shego: Who’s Billy?
Girl 2: That’s the spirit. Pretend you forgot all about him. Oh, um, unless you’ve really forgotten him already, that would be like a reason to see tour doctor.
Shego: Okay, that’s gotta stop.
Guy:: Could this day get any weirder?
Shego: Finally, someone else notices.
Girl 2: Yea it is kinda moopy.
Girl: Moopy? Did you just make that up?
Girl 2: No I made it up when I was 7, 7 was a moopy year.
Shego: Gah, I need to get out of this place.
Guy:: Oh, hey, now that Billy dumped you, maybe we should give it a go again. You know what they say? Seventh time’s the charm. Let’s call that a maybe.
Shego: Cut that out!
Drakken: Umm… hello? Seem to be lost here. Shego? Anyone?
Red: High kids. Today we are looking for something blue.
Green: Here?
Pink: There?
Green: Where?
Red: Have you seen something blue?
Drakken: Eh-hum, uh, hello?
All: Happy blue day!
Drakken: Eh, put a ham in it you little jabber mittens.
Red: You’re a Meany.
Drakken: Am I? Well get used to it.
Red: And you know visits meanies?
All: Mr. sit down.
Drakken: Mr. who down? Oh snap.
**TV:**Now back to more cartoon corner fun with The Adventures of Scamper and Bitey.
Kim: Whoa.
Captain:: Lost ensign?
Kim: Um, no. Yes. Eh, not sure really.
Captain:: You must be the new transferee from the Zigalon sector.
Kim: Okay, playing along.
Captain:: Well ensign, you’re aboard the XMS Revenge. A punisher class cruiser. Our mission, to brazenly go where ever we want.
Kim: I’m in space?
Captain:: Battle stations.
Kim: Battle stations?
Captain:: All hands brace for impact.
Kim: Um, am I missing something here?
Captain:: We’re under attack by the Corpulons.
Kim: Wade, he’ll know what’s going on.
Wade: Kim? Come in Kim.
Kim: Talk to me.
Wade: Good thing we were linked when that vortex opened, it gave me a signal to trace.
Kim: You’ll never guess where I am.
Wade: Trapped in a TV show?
Kim: No. I’m I outer… wait… this is a TV show?
Wade: My theory is that the Pan-dimensional-vortex-inducer got crossed with the signal from the TV cable.
Kim: I’ve been pulled into a TV show? Is that possible?
Wade: Apparently yes.
Kim: So, um, if I’m here, where’s Ron?
Ron: Ahhhhh! Monkeys!
Wade: I don’t know. I’ll work on tracking him down.
Captain:: Ensign, is that standard issue?
Kim: um… yea, yea, it’s, it’s new.
Captain:: Nice, they come in yellow?
Guy:: Commander, more fighters in coming sir.
Wade: Kim that was commander Kane. You’re on an episode of Space Passage. Can you get me an autograph?
Kim: Scaring me.
Captain:: I need pod pilots. Lets bee, Dr. Nilock, Major Knacker, Mr. Fufafifii.
Kim: Wade, 411.
Wade: This is the part of the show where they pick series regulars to go on a mission. Just make sure you’re the one wearing…
Kim: A red shirt.
Captain:: And you, you’re expendable.
Kim: So, um, the person in the red shirt never makes it back from a mission?
Wade: Relax, I’ll talk you through it.
Kim: I’m so, not into this Sci-Fi stuff.
Wade: Kim, don’t call it Sci-Fi, it denigrates the genre, and it sickens me.
Kim: Okay, um, moving on?
Wade: Well, first take the controls. Not that one. Careful! Or you’ll deploy aqua Lander and gedison your escape pod.
Kim: Told you I wasn’t getting it.
Wade: Maybe I can get you out of there.
Kim: You can do that?
Wade: It all depends, the whole vortex dimension thing is…
Kim: Unstable?
Wade: To say the least.
Guy:: I’m sorry, you’ve been voted out of the igloo. Hand in your fish.
Kim: Ewww. That was gross.
Wade: I’ve picked up some bio energy signatures.
Kim: Which I’m guessing are people?
Wade: Yea, one of them gotta be Ron. I’ll try to move you two into the same dimension. Get ready.
Shego: Oh, what fresh torment is this?
Wade: Kim, did I match you up?
Kim: Kind of.
Shego: Not.
Kim: There’s been a cross over between Drakken’s vortex inducer and the cable signal.
Shego: Doy, I figured that out three channels ago.
Rufus: Hi.
Kim: Rufus.
Doctor: Nurse, the patient has turned into a naked mole rat. I need a tox screening and a hemo work up stat!
Shego: Yea right, like I’ gonna help.
Doctor: You can’t walk away, this is medicine.
Shego: Hm-Hmm, and this is ouch. You always gotta be the hero?
Kim: Always gotta be the pain?
Ron: Ah! My pancreas.
Drakken: It’s you! That, that… Guy:.
Ron: Kim Possible’s sidekick.
Drakken: Hmm, um, it, it’s still not helping.
Ron: Ron, Ron Stoppable.
Drakken: Yes! That’s exactly who you are. I… what is that?
Ron: The Fearless Ferret them song.
Wade: Rufus, where’s Kim?
Rufus: Shego!
Kim: Go Wade, I’m listening. I found Ron, I’ll try to move you **Guy:**s into the same dimension.
Shego: Oh great, dweeb to the rescue.
Kim: And what makes you think you’re coming with?
Shego: Because this is way too moopy for me.
Kim: Moopy? Oh you were on Pal’s, I love that show.
Shego: Figures.
Drakken: My lair. I’m back.
Shego: Well, well, the geek got us home.
Ron: Rufus, buddy!
Drakken: And now….
Guy:: You need to take a time out.
Drakken: Eh?
Guy:: I mean seriously please.
Larson: you call this a villain’s lair.
Drakken: Well yes.
Guy:: Talk about a work in progress.
Drakken: And just who are you?
**TV:**It’s Guy:, Larson, and Scorn. The traitorous Trio. And you’re on Evil Eye for the Bad Guy:.
Kim: We are still trapped in the cable vortex.
Drakken: Fine, I have something here that will fix this. Yes, my dimensional compiler.
Guy:: Fellas look, style criminal.
Drakken: Hey, I was using that.
Scorn: Where did you get that outfit? No why did you get that outfit?
Larson: Mad scientist, Franken-stop it already please.
Guy:: Scary scar says I’m a tough boy.
All: Not!
Drakken: Stop it! What about them?
Guy:: Oh, they’ve got style. Love the crop top, and the cargo pants.
Kim: So not the big! Off the rack.
Drakken: Ha-Ha! Welcome my friends, to my villainous feast.
Guy:, He’s so bad!
Scorn: Thanks to the evil eye.
Drakken: Evil Pate?
Shego: Ok, need to focus here. Fancy food and frilly frocks don’t help our situation.
Drakken: Ah, quite right Shego. Time for us to escape and seal the path way leaving Kim Possible and company trapped for ever.
Ron: Oh man, come on, I’m not done with my soup.
Wade: Kim, I’m picking up the compiler’s power signature, Drakken’s using the wrong protocol, that thing will…
Kim: Unravel the very fabric of reality? Snack times over Ron.
Ron: Oh, come one, look at all the noodles at the bottom. Ah!
Wade: Kim, you can still get to the machine and reset the switch.
Drakken: Ah, this wasn’t supposed to happen. Reality is collapsing. Must have done something wrong.
Shego: Yea, seventh time’s the charm. Gah! Why am I talking like this?
Kim: Gotta plan B Wade?
Wade: Working on it. Other dimensions are going to be pulled through yours towards the vortex.
Kim: You mean instead of us going through the dimensions, the dimensions will come…
Wade: To you.
Ron: Put me in a piñata and call me candy, I’m in heaven. A Bueno Nacho commercial.
**TV:**New at Bueno Nacho, the Mucho Guacamaco!
Girl: Hola, may I help you?
Ron: Yes, Si, two orders of nachos extra cheese por favor.
Kim: Ron, so not the time.
Drakken: No, no, Ha! A quantum reverser, this will make everything right.
Ron: The perfect nacho, this will make everything right.
Rufus: Hu-hu.
TV: Bueno Nacho, where every bite is a fiesta on your tongue, cha-cha-cha.
Ron: Ah! Nacho come back.
Drakken: Stop! Ah nuts.
Shego: It’s just not your day, or dimension.
Kim: Okay, don’t know this show.
Ron: Hey, forgot about the cable guide. That’s 1670’s show.
Guy: My friends, I am in dire need of a courting match.
Guy2: Though aren’t dreaming, no one would ever court thee.
Girl: Why not ask that cow thou tipped a fortnight ago?
Guy2: Well, doest thou journey with great frequency young made?
Shego: Back off farm boy.
All: A witch!
Shego: A what?
Guy: Get her!
Girl: Tell me what I want to know.
Kim: Are you for real? Nice wig Miss Try’s too hard.
Girl: Where’s the device?
Kim: Wild guess… you think maybe he’s guarding it?
Girl: Good point, my bad.
Drakken: Ah, hello, ah this device wouldn’t happen to be fore traveling through dimensions would it? No then, okay. Just asking.
Pet Groomer: Stand back, emergency pet groomer. Oh no, over groomed victim, have you no mercy?
Ron: Naked mole rat! Hello? Naked! Rufus? You’ve gotta comb over.
Kim: Where are we this time?
Shego: I’m gonna say, pro wrestling.
Kim: Hmm, good call.
Shego: Could this be any easier?
Kim: I don’t think so.
Chef: We are going to cook up a fabulous meal today using our secret ingredient, naked mole rat.
Rufus: Ahhh!
Chef: So, is this a family recipe?
Drakken: Yes! Back home we like to fry them up good.
Guy: We are 90 storied above a busy city street. Does that scare you?
Shego: No.
Kim: Not really.
Shego: Should it?
Guy: Well yea. Because we are talking about a bungee jump. Aren’t you scared?
Kim: No.
Shego: Are you?
Guy: Why would I be…?
Shego: Here we go pretty boy.
Kim: Shego!
Ron: And we are back. I am Ron, and we are talking to Dr. Drakken, who is…
Drakken: Here to talk about… um, this book.
Ron: Your book?
Drakken: Apparently.
Ron: Ooo, great, what’s it about?
Drakken: Um, me, it’s about me.
Ron: Yea, you’ve been threatening to write a book for a while, can you tell me more?
Drakken: Well, I... I rather like me.
Guy: Ok, now pick a triangle.
Contestant: Can I pick Kim twice?
Drakken: Why doesn’t any body pick me?
Contestant: Because you’re the creepy blue guy.
Guy: Blue is so lat season.
Larson: This year it’s evil umber.
Doctor: Blue skin? That means he’s not breathing, somebody get the Jaws of Life.
Kim: Wade, things are getting seriously moopy here.
Wade: I know. With every passing dimension, reality gets weaker. Only a few more shows and it will all be obliterated.
Kim: What can we do?
Wade: I think I know a way to zap you back. But there is too much interference from the vortex. If only there was a way to plug it up.
Ron: Wait a minute, the shows are following the schedule, Wade, can you change the channel order? Make Ape Island next?
Wade: Yea, but why?
Ron: This began with monkeys, it’s gonna end with monkeys. Okay Wade, now! Rufus, banana me. Hold on this is gonna get hairy.
Kim: Here they come.
Drakken: What comes where?
Shego: I blame you for this.
Ron: Steady.
Kim: Ron!
Ron: Thanks KP.
Kim: So not the drama. But that… is.
Ron: Eww, gross, monkey plug!
Shego: Okay. Ow
Kim: How are we doing?
Wade: Everything appears stable.
Drakken: Come Shego. I made some repairs to the compiler. It’s time to leave this travesty.
Shego: Um, that doesn’t look very…
Drakken: Stop being panicnacy.
Kim: Go Wade. I never thought I would be glad to be back in Drakken’s place.
Ron: Cool, they’ve got cable! Um, actually, on second thought, I think I’ll stick to video games for a while.
Kim: Let’s get this back, and hope they lock it up better this time. You’re the man Wade.
Wade: Every thing’s back to normal. Mostly.
Kim: So what happened to Drakken?
Wade: Looks like he took a detour.
Shego: This is so worse than moopy.
Red: Today’s color is green. Do you see anything green?
Shego: Yea, I got your green felt face.
Drakken: Shego, you’re going to anger Mr. Sit Down.
Shego: What? Oh.



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