Clothes Minded

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By wallaceb
Kim: Why would Drakken want to steal from a hydraulics lab?
Ron: You ask why, I ask how?
Kim: How?
Ron: How fast can we get out of here? How long till I loose my pants? How bad will I get… oh! Hurt!
Kim: Let’s save time. What ever you’ve stolen, give it back.
Shego: We haven’t stolen a darn thing.
Drakken: I’ve stolen the darn thing Shego. Let’s go.
Kim: Gha!
Shego: That’s what happens when you buy off the rack.
Kim: I stick with what works.
Shego: yea, season, after season, after season.
Kim: Since we’re being honest, I am so over the green.
Shego: This, this is a classic.
Ron: Got her Kim! Oh! Ow! The hot steamy badness!
Shego: Later fashion don’t.
Ron: Kim! Kiiiimmm!!
Mrs. Dr. P: I’m sorry Ron, there’s nothing I can do.
Ron: But er, you can sow up the damage can’t you?
Mrs. Dr. P: Ron, I’m a brain surgeon, not a miracle worker. Besides, I’m kinda busy right now.
Ron: Well it was worth a shot.
Kim: I told you she only sows living tissue.
Mrs. Dr P: Clear!
Kim: Good to go Ron!
Ron: Yea but what are you gonna do about your mission outfit KP?
Kim: No Big, Club Banana employee discount. What do you mean? I saw them 2 weeks ago. I even sold a pair.
Monique: The last pair. Those cargo pants have been discontinued.
Kim: Well, what about the a…
Monique: Crop top too.
Kim: Oh great! That means I’ll have to buy… the cheap nock offs.
Lady: Sorry, they blew out of here at a buck 99.
Kim: Even the knock offs are gone?
Wade: Still no theory on Drakken and the Hydraulics heist, but I did search 14,000 online retail sites for your mission outfit.
Kim: You can do anything Wade.
Wade: Er… about that.
Kim: No… Can you believe this? My look was every where, now it’s no where.
Ron: its tough staying tight with the fashion KP, believe me, I know.
Kim: But at least there’s still the battle suit.
Wade: Er… about that. Numerous problems, including a glitch with the stealth mode. For 2 hours last night, I couldn’t even find your battle suit. But I’ll keep at it.
Kim: please and thank you. Come on Ron. Ah! Mr. Barkin.
Barkin: Where do you think you’re going Possible? Hmmm?
Kim: Ah… history class.
Barkin: But then you’d miss your college admissions appointment with your guidance counselor, wouldn’t you?
Kim: Today?
Barkin: Okay Possible, let’s get to it.
Kim: You’re my guidance counselor?
Barkin: Affirmative. Ever since Mrs. Spenstrum decided to change careers and go into professional shrimping. Now I assume you’ve narrowed the field to three universities?
Kim: Well, no. I… three?
Barkin: Scheduled a day to take your factual aptitude test?
Kim: Um… not exactly.
Barkin: Finished a prepped a college entrance essay?
Kim: I haven’t started any essay per say…
Barkin: Letters of recommendation?
Kim: Na-ha.
Barkin: Well I’m a stick then. I thought you wanted to go to college Possible?! Here, take this info sheet on shrimping just in case.
Shego: We’re building a university?
Drakken: It may look like a university on the outside. But on the inside…
Shego: It also looks like a university.
Drakken: Wrong you are Shego! Welcome to my new super lair!
Shego: Seriously?
Drakken: What better place to hide my greatest super weapon ever!? The inter-continental-electro-magniticsizer. And because I put college dot lair on the grant applications, the government’s paying for everything. Except for the key parts we still need to steal.
Shego: Eh, pretty impressive for a college reject.
Drakken: Hey! College drop out Shego. They let me in, I let myself out.
Kim: Wow, college sure is… a lot of paper work and stuff.
Mrs. Dr. P: Naturally honey, it’s a giant step. Everything changes.
Kim: Everything?
Mrs. Dr. P: I know… isn’t it exciting?
Kim: Yea, exciting, change is good. Hey, wait a minute… this stuff is all for the University of Upperton.
Mrs. Dr. P: Hmmm, how’s that happen?
Kim: Maybe an alumni did it? Mom?
Mrs. Dr. P: Well, they do have a wonderful pre-med program. You know, FYI.
Mr. Dr. P: Kimmie, I understand you need new mission ware.
Kim: You know where I can still buy?
Mr. Dr. P: Oh no, better. Pretty sweet isn’t she?
Kim: This is better?
Mrs. Dr. P: See honey, it has been my dream to see you save the world without baring you’re mid-riff.
Kim: You want me to ware it?
Suit: Greetings Miss. Possible, would you like to try me on now?
Mr. Dr. P: Looking good Kimmie. And it’s the very latest in astro-blasto technology.
Kim: It’s sort of bulky.
Suit: I beg your pardon?
Mr. Dr. P: Press the orange life support button on your control panel. Battle ready for any atmospheric conditions.
Kim: I appreciate that dad. But I’m not sure this is going to work.
Mr. Dr. P: Did I mention the built in Kiminicator?
Kim: Hey Wade, what’s the stich?
Wade: Uh… you first Kim. Are you inside a space suit?
Mr. Dr. P: Mission suit Wade.
Wade: Ok. Drakken and Shego were spotted breaking into the Middleton Magnetic Institute.
Kim: Didn’t know there was one. But I’m on it.
Wade: Good luck, looks like you’ll need it.
Mr. Dr. P: I heard that.
Kim: Ok dad, no choice but to try it.
Mr. Dr. P: Then you’ll need to know about the purple button. Rockets are go!
Drakken: The trans-hemispheric-megneta-scope is mine Shego!
Shego: Now we can live happily ever after.
Kim: Once upon a crime.
Ron: Ok, I’m so being out shined right now, it’s not even funny.
Shego: Ha-ha! You know what’s funny? That get up. It’s an astro-not.
Ron: Pain recognized gain.
Drakken: Finish the job Shego. I’ll be waiting in the get away craft.
Wade: Kim, I think I know that Drakken’s trying to steal.
Kim: Wade move, I can’t see.
Wade: Oh, call me back.
Kim: Gha!
Shego: Ha!
Kim: Oh no!
Shego: Can’t dress, you can’t fight, you got no mojo.
Kim: You wish.
Shego: Suit yourself then.
Ron: Kim!
[Suit: Sorry I failed you Kim Possible.
Wade: So Drakken’s obviously stealing parts to build something.
Kim: But what? I so hate surprises.
Monique: Surprise!
Kim: Call ya back Wade. What’s all this?
Monique: Need a mission suit? I go your back girl. I’ve been waiting to take this assignment for a long time.
Kim: What’s that supposed to mean?
Monique: Uh, check the goods. Flexible, rip resistant, button or zip front, optional pockets, v-neck, or crew. Kim, you feel ok?
Kim: Um, yea, think so. Uh, hello?
Mrs. Dr. P: Hi honey, something urgent’s come up, can you get away?
Kim: So why are we at you’re old university?
Mrs. Dr. P: I pulled some strings, called in a favor and well, the dean cleared his schedule and can do your personal interview right now.
Dean: Miss Possible, come, come.
Mrs. Dr. P: You can thank me later. Good luck honey.
Kim: Um, hi.
Dean: Let’s get to it shall we? Why should this university consider you for admission Miss Possible?
Kim: Well… oh sorry, this must look bad, could I just…
Wade: Reports of a break in at the Middleton Geological Center.
Kim: We have a geological center too? Who knew?
Jim: Hey Kim, heard you need a new mission suit.
Wade: Hey, I was talking to Kim.
Tim: But this is an emergency.
Wade: I know, I’m trying to brief her, so stop interrupting.
Jim: Your suit is…
Wade: Drakken’s probably gonna steal the...
Jim: Check the trunk Kim.
Ron: Um, what about me? Hellooo?! I have to know where to go.
Kim: Geological center Ron. Hurry.
Ron: Where’s that?
Drakken: Gha!
Drakken and Shego: laugh hysterically
Drakken: Oh Shego! My sides hurt!
Shego: I know, I know, where are the fashion police when you need em?
Kim: See how funny you find this!
Drakken: Stop it, I can’t take it any more!
Kim: I can’t believe Drakken and Shego got away, again, I really need my old mission clothes mojo.
Ron: Aint no mojo in clothes. That’s not what makes Kim Possible possible.
Kim: Oh, I think I’ll keep you around Ron.
Ron: Unless you know, what if those were your lucky duds? The secret to your success without which you can never defeat Drakken or Shego or anyone?! Course, that’s just one theory.
Kim: This is so frustrating. Gha, I don’t have time to shop for a new mission outfit because of college admissions, and I don’t have time for college admissions because I need to shop for a new mission outfit.
Ron: Wow KP, ok hang on, woo-woo! One crisis at a time. Other wise I get you know so confused it’s ridiculous.
Kim: Even if I did go shopping this afternoon, who’d give me a second opinion?
Ron: Desperate time, desperate measures.
Kim: The Fashionistans? The clothing criminals we put in jail?
Ron: Who better to design your new mission outfit?
Guy1: So, about the orange jump suit.
Girl1: We’ve got seamsistrises on the outside.
Girl2. Cheaper, faster, below whole sale.
Guard: I’ll talk to my people.
Girl2: Ok, who is that blocking our sun?
Girl1: We only get one hour a day.
Guy1: well, there goes the prison yard.
Ron: Yo fashion felons, my lady and I are cruising for some hip designage, so we came to the best.
Kim: Or the worst.
Guy1: Sorry, not gunna happen.
Kim: Well, I guess if we can’t interest them in designing my new signature mission outfit…
Guy1: Don’t move. Pen!
Girl2: Shorten the sleeve.
Girl2: Move the pocket,
Girl1: Adjust that.
Girl2: Change the neck line more, linear.
Rufus: Hm-hm, oh yea!
Ron: ha, oh gee, ha-ha, sorry about that.
Guy1: Ball!
Kim: I love it! It’s perfect.
Girl1: Yes the perfect mission clothes.
Girl2: To break us out of here.
Kim: No deal.
Girl2: What evs!
Kim: Dah! Hey! So dad, how many colleges did you apply to?
Mr. Dr. P: Well honey, there was only one college for me. MIST.
Kim: MIST?
Mr. Dr. P: Middleton’s Institute of Science and Technology. I’ll give you a tour. How about tomorrow afternoon?
Kim: Oh, well, um…
Mr. Dr. P: Good, ,seeing as you’ve already visited your mother’s university.
Barkin: Possible!
Kim: Don’t worry Mr. Barkin, colleges, tests, applications, I’m on it.
Ron: ah, and when is my college admissions appointment Mr. B?
Barkin: Ha-ha-ha. You?
Ron: Uh-hu. C+ grade average, former Mad Dog, current all star running back, how many colleges are courting me huh? You know I mean I list count. Zero KP! Not one of these so called “institutions of higher learning” asked about the Stoppable-san.
Kim: Yea, that’s really surprising.
Ron: Oh hey, check it out, new college opening this fall.
Kim: Maybe I’m trying too hard? Maybe all I need is this t-shirt and these cuffed jeans.
Ron: Cuffed jeans?
Kim: Yea, how over?
Ron: I think I was 12. International Continental University. You know since they’ve never had students before, they can’t be that picky. Yep, sounds like ICU is a perfect fit. You wanna come with KP?
Kim: Can’t, touring my dad’s college today. Stay positive Possible. You will find a new mission outfit.
Ron: Rufus? Something we’ve said?
Rufus: No, plans!
Ron: Plans? What plans?
Rufus: Oh sorry, gotta go!
Ron: Oh don’t tell me he’s touring colleges too? Oh man, now I’m in a funk. And it’s not a good look for me.
Kim: Bueno Nacho later?
Ron: Eh, I think I’ll keep you around.
Driver: Where to buddy?
Mr. Dr. P: Ah, lab 32A. The first chemistry lab I ever accidentally blew up. Maybe one day soon, you’ll be evacuating a lab on this very campus Kimmie.
Kim: Right…
Mr. Dr. P: Come on, 8 more buildings to tour in Earth Sciences alone.
Kim: Great.
Mr. Dr. P: And here is where I studied the principles of micro dynamic energies. My introduction to computational methods of nano bio-technology. I can still feel the rush. Experimental compound RF78. This is dating myself, but they were only working RF16 when I was an undergrad. I wonder…
Kim: Ah, dad… are you sure about sticking your hand in there?
Mr. Dr. P: Kimmie, there is no place for skepticism in science. Now, watch this. Well, I’ll be… they perfected it!
Kim: Wow, I didn’t know you were that strong.
Mr. Dr. P: I’m not, RF78 absorbs energy, multiplies it, and then outputs it. And they’ve seemed to solved the hives glitch too.
Kim: Go Wade.
Wade: Guess where Drakken and Shego are stealing something now.
Kim: Where?
Wade: About 30 yards from you! Computer lab 35T.
Mr. Dr. P: No dice Wade, that’s a top secret lab with the highest level security, no body gets in. we were just about to tour it.
Wade: They should be tripping the alarm now. Good luck Kim.
Kim: And the battle suit?
Wade: Still working on it.
Kim: Say, dad?
Shego: Shouldn’t you be shopping for something suitable to ware?
Kim: Why? Purple seems to be my color.
Drakken: It’s like a little slice of experimental computer chip heaven.
Kim: I’ll take that.
Drakken: Shego! Is it so hard to keep one bouncing teenager at bay?
Shego: Trying!
Drakken: Quantum tectonic microchip, at last!
Shego: Oh, she’s making me more nauseous then usual. Looks like purple isn’t your color after all Kimmie. Then come to think about it, what is?
Mr. Dr. P: Kimmie!
Kim: Dad!
Mr. Dr. P: Don’t worry honey, when you reach the speed of light, the compound breaks down.
Ron: Hello?
Drakken: Behold! The final piece. World domination at last!
Ron: Let me guess, not a real university?
Shego: Oh, your gunna be schooled.
Kim: I’ve tried everything.
Mr. Dr. P: Kimmie, you’ll find something.
Kim: I won’t! Maybe Ron was right.
Mr. Dr. P: Ronald right? About what exactly?
Kim: Maybe the clothes were key. Without my mission outfit, I’m Kim Impossible.
Drakken: Where is that Kim Possible? My arms and jaw are killing me.
Shego: Don’t you hate it when heroes show up late? It’s just so rude.
Ron: I told you, I came alone! KP doesn’t know I’m here.
Drakken: You know what, I’m beginning to think he came alone. And that Kim Possible doesn’t know that he’s here.
Drakken: yea, ok, never went to college did he?
Shego: Reject.
Drakken: Drop out Shego! For the last time they let me in, I just… ah! Without Kim Possible, there’s no one to stop me from charging my greatest invention. The…
Shego: We know! The intercontinental… huey… migjiggy.
Drakken: The inter-continental-electro-magniticsizer Shego! It’s charging!
Ron: So, what does it do?
Shego: Curious myself. In an “I know this will never work” sort of way.
Drakken: Let me educate you both being that this is a university.
Ron and Shego: No it’s not.
Drakken: Once charged with enough electrons an intense magnetic field will merge the world’s continents into one super continent!
Shego: Oo! It moves continents? Who would want one of those?
Drakken: Oh, think how easy it will be to rule the world Shego, if it’s all in one central location? No more bumpy trans-Atlantic flights.
Shego: Because there won’t be an Atlantic?
Drakken: That’s right! One ocean, one continent, and best of all, one time zone!
Shego: Hmm, I do hate to set my watch. Oh good, the next time I’m in Miami I can walk next door to Morocco and buy carpet.
Ron: You’ll never get away with this Drakken.
Drakken: What, why!? What do you know?
Ron: Oh, oh nothing, it just seemed like the thing to say.
Monique: Hi, may I help you?
Rufus: Uh-hu.
Monique: What are you sketching Rufus? Kim’s new mission outfit!
Rufus: Yep!
Monique: I think you’re onto something.
Guy: Hey, are you gunna order anything?
Kim: Waiting for my boy friend. For 2 hours. Ron a no show on a three for one Chimereato day?
Drakken: Oo! Look how the continents fit together like a puzzle, and only I Dr. Drakken, was brilliant enough to see it.
Ron: Um, not really. You know the earth used to be like that a few hundred million years ago.
Drakken: wha… it’s been done before?
Ron: Yea, it was called Pangaea. I missed it on a test, or was it is the only one I got right.
Drakken: Pangaea, hmmm, I don’t want to copy, I’ll call it Drakkengaea! Yes ha-ha! What it works.
Ron: Phone on vibrate. It tickles! KP, stop callin, I can’t take it.
Shego: Hey Kimmie, you’re boy friend says not to call him anymore.
Kim: Shego and Drakken have Ron. I need a trace on Ron’s cell phone.
Wade: Easy, I can do that with one hand. A place called International Continental….
Kim: University… that’s the college Ron’s touring today.
Wade: Running a geothermal scan now. Hydraulics, magnetic, tectonic sensors, everything Drakken and Shego stole in the last 48 hours.
Kim: Looks like I got a new college to visit.
Wade: Good, glad you’re not letting your fashion disaster take your head out of the game
Kim: Not when Ron needs me. Mission gear, or no mission gear.
Monique: How about new mission gear?
Rufus: Surprise!
Drakken: It’s almost done charging! 3-2-1!
Kim: Since we’re counting, I count one, oh no, two losers.
Drakken: Kim Possible!?
Ron: KP! Hey, sweet mission threads.
Shego: The look actually works, and it totally bugs me to have to say it.
Kim: And I can’t wait to break em in.
Shego: Neither can I.
Ron: Nice KP! How’s it feel?
Kim: Like I’m back!
Drakken: It’s working Shego!
Shego: Yea, I’m as shocked as you.
Kim: What’s that thing supposed to do?
Ron: Merge all the continents into one.
Kim: You mean like Pangaea?
Drakken: Drakkengaea!
Shego: Um, Dr. D, you did build this place to seismic standards? Didn’t you?
Drakken: Seismic… standards?
Shego: Yea, as in the shaking as entire continents move!
Drakken: It’s always one tiny detail! Gha! You think you’re new mission clothes are all that, but they’re not!
Ron: Say, thanks for the save Kim.
Kim: Back at ya. I’m not sure what would have happened if you hadn’t gotten captured.
Ron: That’s what I’m here for KP.
Kim: One more mission to go. The college admission uh mission.
Ron: Hey! A question about Pangaea!
Mrs. Dr. P: So, we’re dying to know, to my other modern?
Mr. Dr. P: Or mine?
Kim: Um, actually neither.
Ron: But I did!
Kim: Ron applied to every college.
Mr. Dr. P: Every college in the country?!
Ron: Playing the odds.
Mrs. Dr. P: Kimmie, what about you?
Kim: Well, medical school was perfect for you mom, and science for you dad. But I gotta go with my…
Ron: Mojo.
Mr. Dr. P: Mojo? Is that a state school?
Kim: I applied to these schools. Actually, Drakken sort of gave me the idea.
Mrs. Dr. P: Drakken?
Mr. Dr P: Hong Kong? London? Venice?
Kim: It’s a small world. I know, I’ve saved it over and over.
Mr. Dr. P: Well, we couldn’t be prouder.
Ron: I’ve gotta send out more applications. A lot more.
Girl1: So, we get you the orange jump suits, and you get us out of laundry duty?
Guard: Done.
Kim: And you’re done too.
Guard: Got the entire bribe on tape.
Guy1: This is an outrage!
Ron: Don’t do the crime if you can’t to the time. Or something like that.
Guy1: I meant your mission clothes.
Girl2: yea, that’s our design!
Kim: Uh, gotta go! Bye!



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