Clothes Minded

Basic Information

Description: Kim desperately searches for a new mission suit to wear while fighting crime after her original look is discontinued at Club Banana.

Director: Steve Loter

Writer: Kim Duran, Stephanie Phillips

Producer: Steve Loter

Studio: Hanho Heung Up Co

Executive Producer: Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle

Air Date: March 17, 2007

Season: Season 4

Production Number: 4-8, 408

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Regular Cast: Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle, Tahj Mowry, Raven-Symone

Guest Cast: Garry Cole, John Dimaggio, Spencer Fox, Kevin M. Richardson, Jean Smart, Terra Strong, Patrick Warburton, Nicole Sullivan, Charlie Schlattar, Gwendoline Yeo


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Shego: Oh, you're gonna be schooled.

Mrs. Possible (In Surgical Garb): I'm a brain Surgeon, Ron, Not a Miracle Worker. (1)

Ron: Don't do the time, if you Can't do the Crime! or something like that! (2)


Sorry, nothing has been provided for this episode yet. Contact us for suggestions!

Cultural References

(1)Dr. McCoy would be proud: In this episode right at the beginning Mrs Possible (Kim's Mom) states perhaps one of the best known and well recognized * Star Trek* lines of all time. And in fact this particular Phrase is perhaps well known as the 'Dr. McCoy Line.' There are a number of Variations of the line which starts off this way:

(Sometimes the word, 'Dammit' Starts the phrase off)Jim, I'm a Doctor, not a (insert other Occupation here).

And believe me in the Original Star Trek Series McCoy stated this line on no less then 7 occassions. So therefore it's the most recognizable phrase of all time when it comes to Star Trek.

(2)**Ron meets Baretta:**In this closing line during the End Teaser, Ron makes this quote, which is actually reversed but the actual line comes from the Theme song from the 1970's show, Baretta. Interestingly enough the actual line is Don't do the Crime, if you can't do the time,(Don't do it).
Also further interesting is that Baretta had a pet white cockateel named Fred, which answered the phone for Baretta. Ron on the other hand, has a Naked Mole Rat Named Rufus, who does a lot of things, including fixing mechanical items. Coincidence? I think not!



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