Clean Slate

Basic Information

Description: Kim loses her memory when an attempt to save a memory-recovery machine goes awry.

Director: Steve Loter

Writer: Mark Palmer

Producer: Steve Loter

Studio: Rough Draft Korea Co., ltd

Executive Producer: Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle

Air Date: July 28, 2007

Season: Season 4

Production Number: 4-13, 413

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Regular Cast: Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle, Tahj Mowry, Raven-Symone

Guest Cast: John DiMaggio, Brian George, Katelin Mason, Raven-Symone, Kirsten Storms, Nicole Sullivan


Kim doesn't seem to wear her new mission outfit too much in the episode.

A fan of Kim ask for a signed autograph(Kim still doesn't remember much) So, since her dad made her watch "Captain Constellation", she signs with Captain Constellation's punch line in the auto graph, which is "Rocket's are go!" So Kim signs the auto graph:
To Kathrine,
Rocket's are go!
Kim Possible.... And Ron

Kim laughs single minded that Ron is her boyfriend in this episode.

Kim doesn't use her Roth SL Coupe 2.0 any time during this episode.

The tweebs get grounded for dressing Kim up in flippers, an apron, baking gloves, and a blender as a hat in this episode.

This episode featured the second of the two 'Make a Wish' foundation children who had the oppurtunity to contribute their voices this season. Caitlin played the part of a little girl who asked for Kim Possible's autograph.

The forum member 'drakkenfan' contributed to this episode by providing Steve Loter with the titles of all the episodes in which Ron Stoppable had lost his pants. Her contribution consisted of a ten second flasback clip near the end of 'Clean Slate'.

**The following spoilers were supplied by YamiDymlos **

The episode starts with Dr. Drakken and Shego on their hover craft. Drakken managed to steal an energy source called Nanotronium. The most powerful energy source in the world As usual, he gloats. A few moments later Kim was on the hovercraft however, Ron was tangle with the grappling line.

Drakken on the other hand had trouble remembering about his plan and fall asleep. He slammed the door with a lot of cash.

It was morning already and Ron visit Kim. Kim got mixed up between bathtub and dish washer. Kim cannot remember Ron¡¯s name and laugh when Ron said they were a couple. In fact, she did not believe it.

Ron pulled out a bouquet of flowers. She ate the entire flowers thinking it was salad. They used Ron¡¯s scooter to school

At school Kim remember Monique and claim bonnie is her best friend since they are both on cheer squad but Ron denies it.

Shego steals a lots of money until she cannot fit through the door. However, Drakken built something classic. His bran washing shampoo Super concentrated.

Kim remember Bueno nacho and Ned. But not Ron and herself being a couple. She asked Ron if he is thinking right. Ron showed the prom dance photos. Kim then suddenly remember about Ron calling him during middle of the night. And confirm with Ron that he is dreaming that both of them are dating. This of course upset Ron.
Wade asked Ron to go on a mission to stop Shego. But could not remembers shego at first until she saw the green flame. Shego tried to fight with Ron and Kim ignore them while sinning a book requested from a kid nearby

However, things improve when Wade asked her to the cheering practice when she met Bonnie, at first she cannot remember the moves but after mock from Bonnie, she remembers the moves perfectly

Before that, Kim agreed with Bonnie about dating with Nachoguy. (Of couse Ron getting more upset)

Kim and Ron then go on a mission again. To stop Drakken to put the mind control serum into the food cargo into the military. Kim remember Drakken since Wade remind her of Drakken. Shego then left Drakken. Drakken fight with Kim while Ron and rufus try to stop the train. Drakken was planning to made Kim her henchman by pouring the serum onto her.

The train could not stop and the steam pressure is getting stronger. Kim ordered Ron to shut down the stem pipe. Ron used his belt given by Kim earlier and then Kim pulled a device to stop the train. Ron loses his pants. This trigger Kim¡¯s memory back again. She remembers everything and said she remembers she loves Ron. They both hug

This episode is a bomb. [u]Kim confessed her love to Ron for the very first time in the end of the episode.[/u] Before that, she forgets about Ron and agree with Bonnie about dating with Ron is a mistake.

-Kim Suffer amnesia thanks to Dr. Drakken.

-Dr.D shampoo made an appearance again.

-Shego knew Kim and Ron are a couple in this episode.

- Kim remember everything except being a couple after got the amnesia. At least until the part he lost [ants. You could say the lost pants is the key in trigerring her memory back since then she knew how much she love Ron. (He never lose pants after Kim gave him the titanium reinforced belt but looked like ordinary belt)

This episode aired in New Zealand almost a month before it was scheduled to air in the US

**End of spoilers supplied by YamiDymlos **

Ron and Drakken try to take the machine. However, the machine fell on the floor. The battery pops out. Ron claims he broke it. Drakken said the battery pops out and forced the battery back in the wrong way.

Kim saw this and snatched the Machine from Drakken. However the device explode on Kim¡¯s hand.

Kim does not recognizes herself nor her name. Her memory has been erased. Shego was delighted since Kim also forget how to fight crime too.

Ron was worried that Kim may forget their relationship already

The Tweebs however, was delighted about the memory lost. In fact they immediately dress up their sister up. (Kim was wearing a pink apron like the on in Dimension twist worn by Shego). Have roller paint on both ands and wears a teapot hat.

James compress a lifetime of video of Kim¡¯s memory and played it for Kim. All the scene are from season 1 to season 3. Soon the screen change to Captain Consolation. A show which Kim¡¯s hates to no bitter end (according to her mom). Kim¡¯s dad assure that Kimmy hate it only first time around.

Kim managed to steal it and Ron lots his pants again.

-This episode also marks Kim and Ron have been dating for 6 months. Monique called it half anniversary.

Kim got Ron a belt to help him with the pant problem. Part of the half anniversary gifts. However Ron did not get her anything. Since he do not know anything about Half anniversary. However, the belt is no ordinary one. It is reinforced with flexible titanium (not doable actually)

They then went to the hospital to help Kim¡¯s mother to cheer the children patient up

Shego meanwhile just came back from her day off. She found Drakken still in Pajamas. Drakken managed to create a new scheme but forgot about it (He worte it on the back of the magazine but then he forgot where he left the magazine). He then saw a commercial about MRM (Memory Recover Machine) just being invented to help people with amnesia. He explain people suffering from amnesia did not lost the memory but the info has been locked out.

Kim and Ron arrived at the hospital and Rufus perform a stunt to cheer the children up. Apparently Rufus is very famous

Shego and Drakken managed to sneak into the hospital and steal the MRM. However, they are discovered by Kim and the others

At the end of the Episode Kim does remember everything that has happened in her life.


The following Quotes were supplied by YamiDymlos

Drakken: Shego! At last! The Nanotronium is mine! The smallest, most powerful energy source known to...

Shego: Are you for real? I was WITH YOU. I know what it is, Dr. Exposition.

Drakken: FINE! I was just enjoying the moment...

Ron: I DO NOT always lose my pants! It was just a little grapple trouble...

Ron: One tube of Nanotronium. A-booyah!

Kim: Nice moves!

Ron: And best of all, I didn't lose my... notices his pants have dropped

Rufus: Uh oh...

Ron: Aw, man! What IS THE DEAL?!

Monique: Come on, girl - you don't think it's a big?

Kim: Of course not! We've only been dating for six months.

Monique: Kim! It's your half-a-versary!

Kim: Well...I did get Ron a little something. What do you think? holds up a belt

Monique: The pant thing?

Kim: The pant thing. Wade whipped it up. Reinforced with flexible Titanium.

Kim: We visit the kids in my mom's hospital. I guess I'm sort of famous now? And Ron's sort of...infamous.

Ron: tries to make a balloon animal which subsequently deflates Okay, you know what - any clown can do balloon animals. What I do defies the stretches!

Kim: Before we go, I got you a little somethin'.

Ron: For what?

Kim: Well, today's our half-a-versary!

Ron: That's great! laughs weakly What's a half-a-versary?

Kim: Dating for six months. Half a year?

Ron: sees present Oh, cool look at that! It's a belt!

Kim: I figured it would help you with your pant problem.

Ron: KP, I do not have a...pants drop

Drakken: Shego! Where have you been?

Shego: Er, day off, remember? What's going on? Why are you still in your jammies?

Drakken: I fell asleep on the couch last night watching that dance show I like.

Shego: 'Ballroom With The[?] Actors'? And you fell asleep?! Go figure(!)

Drakken: ignores I awoke having dreamt my best take-over-the-world plan EVER!

Shego: sighs That, again?

Drakken: Now now now, this plan is FOOLPROOF!

Shego: Does it begin with you clearing up the lair?

Drakken: No, I wrote it on the back of a magazine so I wouldn't forget. And now I can't find it!

Interviewer: on TV Dr. Langford - this sounds like quite a breakthrough in memory research?

Dr. Langford: I've spent five years working with the Middleton Hospital to develop the MRM; the Memory Recovery Machine, if you will. People suffering from amnesia haven't really lost their memories, precisely, they've lost access to them. The MRM restablishes the mental link.

Drakken: turns away from TV Shego! With that machine, I could remember my foolproof plan! And just to be safe, from now on I'm going to write down all my ideas on three by five cards! writes, steal...machine, remember....foolproof...plan.

Shego: Oh You are NOT going to become one of those 'List' guys! That is SO lame!

Drakken: writes it.

Kim: arrives at hospital with Ron Okay, we're here to cheer. But not too much cheer.

Ron: Kim, laughter is the best medicine! Unless, y'know, you have an acute case of the giggles. Then the cure is worse than the condition.

Drakken: goes over his cards Now, we break into the lab, steal the MRM, and remember my foolproof plan and THEN we bowl with the Henchmen! No, bowling's tomorrow! These cards are OUT OF ORDER!

Shego: frustrated Forget the cards!

Shego: Okay, I got the MRM.

Drakken: consults cards...erm...

Shego: Now we steal it! Use it! Make sure it wasn't a total waste of our time.

Drakken: mumbles Use it! In a moment, I will recall my most evil, most insidious FOOLPROOF plan! The world WILL BE MINE! evil laugh

Dr. Langford: walks in on them What are you doing? Who are you?

Drakken: An interested party who's about to take your research to a new level!

Dr. Langford: picks up phone Hello, security? Shego plasma-blasts phone

Drakken: Had another card for that...

Drakken: is confronted by Team Possible You're too late! reads off a card domination...will my grasp...once I use...the help me...remember my plan.

Ron: Er, why is he reading off a card?

Shego: You need a reminder to lose your pants?

Kim: smugly That problem has been taken care of.

Ron: looks at disabled MRM I didn't do it! He broke it!

Drakken: It's not broken, the battery came out.

Dr. Langford: It's not a battery, it's a Para-Pulser Power Cell.

Drakken: Tomayto, Tomahto!

Ron: after Kim has been hit with a blast from the MRM Kim, you alright?

Kim: Kim? Kim who?

Ron: Possible. Wait, you are.

Kim: Kim what?

Ron: Kim Possible!

Kim: That doesn't even sound like a name.

Dr. Langford: Oh no...her memory's been erased!

Ron: What?! HOW?!

Dr. Langford: With the Para-Pulser Power Cell in backwards, the MRM reversed the process.

Drakken: Easy to place blame when you weren't the one having to fix it!

Shego: Sooooo, Kimmie's forgotten EVERTHING? Like, how to fight crime? I'd say it's a good day...

Drakken: So long, Kim Possible! You used to think you were all that! But you don't remember the all that you used to be...that you are...then...but you're not now...

Shego: Yeah, just...yeah, just stop...

Drakken: whines escapes with Shego

Ron: turns to Dr. Langford You mean, she doesn't remember ANYTHING?

Dr. Langford: Not a thing. She has COMPLETE Amnesia.

Mr. Dr. Possible: I'm sure that between the two of us, we'll be able to get Kimmie-cub's memory back. Right, hun?

Mrs. Dr. Possible: coming off the phone That was Dr. Langford, rebuilding the MRM could take months...

Mr. Dr. Possible: Oh...well, anything is possible for a Possible!

Kim: That's my name!

Mr. Dr. Possible: That's the spirit!

Mrs. Dr. Possible: Well, at least she remembers how to speak...

Kim: stares at light Oooh, light! Bright...!

Ron: Well, that's progress - right? Her memory is gonna come back, isn't it?

Mr. Dr. Possible: We have the will, we have the skill! Er, don't we, hun?

Mrs. Dr. Possible: Well, the good news is that all of Kim's memories are intact. She just can't access them.

Mrs. Dr. Possible: If Kim re-experiences things, that might help her memory return.

Tweeb: Wow, total neural re-train!

Mr. Dr. Possible: I'll round up all the family photos, movies and educational media I can find.

Mrs. and Mrs. Dr Possible turn to see the Tweebs have made Kim wear a ridiculous outfit consisting of, among other things, a pink apron and a teapot for a hat

Mr. and Mrs. Dr. P: BOYS!

Kim: We're playing dress-up!

Mrs. Dr. Possible: And after that, we'll play grounded.

Mr. Dr. Possible: I've compressed a life-time of video for high-speed viewing. This 'should' jump-start things.

soundless scenes from seasons one to three play to some sombre music for ten seconds, and then the video suddenly switches to a sci-fi show

Ron: Hey, isn't that...?

Mr. Dr. Possible: 'Captain Constellation'! Rocket's are GO! Best show, ever.

Mrs. Dr. Possible: But, didn't Kimmie hate it?

Mr. Dr. Possible: Ahem, first time around...

Drakken: awoken to repeated knocks on his door Enough with the door! HELLO?! What, what, what?

Shego: Sleeping? Wha...are you just giving up because your Brain-toy got broken?

Drakken: Dr. Drakken surrenders... mumbles half-asleep

Shego: Well, I've been taking advantage of the fact that Miss Kimmie[?] lost her memory.

Drakken: Well, I used an ancient Tibetan meditation ritual to redream my foolproof plan!

Shego: skeptical Tibetan? Really?

Drakken: whines Okay, so I fell asleep again...

Shego: Sandwiches, trains and mind-control? THIS is your plan?!

Shego: Now, I say something sarcastic. I got a few options, do I pick, or..?

Drakken: Argh!!!

Ron: rings doorbell to Kim's house Morning, Mr. Dr. P, Mrs. Dr. P. So, Any progress?

Mrs. Dr. Possible: Good news! Most of Kim's basic memory has been restored.

Mr. Dr. Possible: But, there was a little mix-up with the dishwasher and bathtub this morning...

Mrs. Dr. Possible: Worked out fine! Kimmie and the dishes all got clean!

Kim: Hi, Ralph!

Ron: Ron...

Kim: Oh! Right, right... Ron.

Ron: Y'know, it's okay, it's okay - it'll come back. So, you know who I am?

Kim: Of course I do! You're my best friend! We do everything together.

Ron: Yes! Okay! We are BACK ON TRACK! Oh! Talk about a relief.

Mrs. Dr. Possible: Oh, Ron. One thing...

Ron: Not to worry, I'll have KP back in time for dinner. After school, I'll give her a refresher around Middleton. It'll be like a second first date.

Kim: pauses Are you...hitting on me?

Ron: Erm, Kim - we're dating. I'm your boyfriend.

Kim: BOYFRIEND?! laughs

Ron: Oh ho, that wasn't painful at all(!

Ron: Ron gives Kim a bouquet of flowers See...what I did then? Boyfriend stuff. So, do you remember now?

Kim: No...but thanks for the salad. eats flowers

Kim: at school I don't know if I can do this...

Ron: Just take it slow, Kim. Nothin' to worry about. You're among friends.

Bonnie: bumps into Kim Just learn to walk, K?

Ron: Except for Bonnie.

Kim: Bonnie? Oh, Bonnie! We're on the same cheer squad, right? So, we'd be friends...?

Ron: Yeah, y'know - you'd think, but it's a complicated girl-thing.

Monique: comes up to Ron How's she doing?

Ron: A little sketchy in some areas, particularly relationships. She needs to remember things on her own. So don't expect Kim to just...

Kim: Monique? MONIQUE! I remember you! First time I met you was in Club Banana! We're like, BEST friends!

Monique: gasp Friends forever, girl! both scream

Ron: Whoa, hold up - Monique, you tell her - Kim and I are dating, right?

Monique: Oh, maybe she should remember things on her own?

Ron: Okay, yeah, I mean - I said that, but...

Kim: ...and we shop together ALL the time!

Monique: That's right! squeals But did you remember how to use that credit card?! both scream again

Ron: Meh, must be another complicated girl-thing...

Shego: Are you gloating to yourself?!

Drakken: nervously No...?

Shego: Ugh, you totally were!

Ron: Now, you can't tell me that you don't remember Bueno Nacho!

Kim: How could I forget? The center of the cheese and chip universe, home of the Naco, managed by Ned!

Ron: How is it you remember everything but the fact that we're a couple?

Kim: Couple of what?

Ron: People who are dating.

Kim: Are you sure that we were dating? I mean, sometimes people read a little more into things than they should, right?

Kim: Why is my watch beeping?

Ron: Wade.

Kim: talks to Kimmunicator Hi, uh, Wade?

Ron: How did you remember his name?!

Kim: You just said it.

Ron: Oh, right...

Wade: How're you doing, Kim?

Kim: Wade? Oh, Wade! Better. I'm starting to remember stuff.

Ron: Not the important stuff... gets a look I'm just sayin'!

Wade: I dunno if this is a good time, but Shego's been on a crime spree! Robbing banks, jewellry, spy tanks...anything she can get a hold of.

Kim: gasp We should call someone!

Ron: pause We ARE the someone. Okay, you save the world using your mad cheerleading skills to fight bad guys!

Kim: smirks No way! That's silly! Who'd ever believe that a cheerleader could do THAT?

Kim: So, you're serious about this whole saving the world thing?

Ron: Yep.

Kim: I remember lots of travel, but I thought they were just vacations!

Ron: Yeah, vacations with bad guys and plasma lasers.

Shego: Oh look, doofus boy and Miss Forget-Me-Not.

Ron: Well, get her.

Kim: Are you sure that I know her?

Shego: Sure sure, I'm the Senior and you're a Freshman. Oh, and you owe me ten bucks.

Kim: Oh, I'm sorry! Here... takes out some money

Ron: Wha...uh...n...don't give her MONEY! And she's older than THAT, a LOT older!

Ron: Wait wait wait, Shego, you tell her - Kim and I are dating, right?

Shego: What? For real? Oh, come on! That never made any sense to me.

Ron: See? looks at Kim That wasn't a no! gets plasma blasted by Shego

Shego: Still remember how to fight?

Kim: Oh, yeah...! Bring it! I think...

Ron: No, no! Don't bring it! She doesn't remember how to fight! KP, you're not ready! fights Shego

Caitlin: Kim Possible?

Kim: Hi! Do I know you?

Caitlin: I'm your biggest fan!

Ron: fighting with Shego in the background Argh, Kim! I need you to remember how to help me! HELP!

Caitlin: Can I have your autograph? For Caitlin?

Kim: Caitlin...Rockets are GO! Signed...Kim Possible...

Ron: in the background What are youuuu doinggggg?

Kim: ...and Ron.

Wade: Ron? Ron fought Shego...alone?!

Kim: Well, I don't know if 'fought' is the right word?

Ron: Sure it is, I fought. Fought for MY LIFE(!)

Wade: Well, hopefully this will help Kim remember her fighting skills.

Kim: Cheer practice?

Wade: So far all of your memories have been triggered by some events or meetings...

Bonnie: interupts Hello? Late for practice, much?

Ron: Okay, don't let Bonnie get to you and whatever you do, don't listen to anything she says. You'll be fine.

Bonnie: I don't know what your problem is, Kim! I KNEW this would happen when you started dating Naco-boy!

Ron: Aha! Kim, you see? Do you see?! I'm Naco-boy!

Kim: Yeah! I should have listened to what Bonnie said!

Ron: No...I mean...Ohhhhh......

Drakken: Helicopter...a train...what am I missing? SHEGO!

Shego: Settle, settle - I'm here. So, this is the train from your dream?

Drakken: Yes! The Military Procurement and Distribution train!

Shego: Al' where are the Leprechauns? smirk

Drakken: Soldiers, SHEGO!

Shego: Oh, did you get past them, Mr. Foolproof plan?

Shego: Ugh, get OVER yourself(!)

Drakken: After adding my mind-control serum, by lunch tomorrow - the entire military will be under my control!

Kim: Don't count on it, Drakken!

Drakken: Kim Possible?! But you lost your memory!

Kim: We filled in the last piece when we[?] got alerted to you jumping the train.

Ron: Well...not the VERY last piece...

Kim: Ron! Not now with the dating!

Ron: Well, if not now, when?!

Ron: Erm, aren't there supposed to be soldiers on this train?

Drakken: I bypassed the cooling system which set off the engine-overload alarm. Ha, they all jumped off!

Shego: Overload? You mean this train's gonna explode?!

Drakken: Yes! If I actually bypassed the system.

Kim/Ron/Shego: Did you?!

Drakken: Erm, no, Of course...I, erm...nervously I forgot to write a card to fake the bypass.

Kim/Ron/Shego: So it IS going to explode?!

Drakken: alarm starts to go off Erm...apparantly so...

Shego: Foolproof, right? I'm outta here!

Drakken: Shego! You can't just....moans and follows

Kim: looks at Ron You and Rufus fix the bypass, I'll take care of Drakken.

Kim: Step away from the sandwiches!

Drakken: I have a change of plan. I was going to put this in the sandwiches, but one drop of this will turn you into a mindless Zombie!

Drakken: defeated It was supposed to be FOOOOOLLLLLLLPROOOOFFFFF!

Ron: after KP inspired him to use his belt to save the day Way da go, KP!

Kim: Just saving the world. looks at Ron Um...Ron?

Ron: Ron has lost his pants Oh man! That SO tanks!

Kim: Good plan, but that's not why I gave you the belt.

Ten second flasback to all the times Ron's lost his pants

Kim: I remember. I REMEMBER! I gave you the belt for our half-a-versary!

Ron: Yeah, I still don't get what exactly that is?

Kim: Ron, I remember're my boyfriend - and that...I think I love you?!

Ron: For real?

Kim: For real!

Ron: Now THIS is a memory.

Shego: Oddly enough, I have a card for this...DR. D. FAILS!

Drakken: mumbles


Mr. Dr. Possible: Watching a little 'Captain Constellation', I see?

Ron: Best show EVER! Right, Kim?

Kim: For some reason, I know all the episodes - but I can't stand the show! How can that be?!

Mr. Dr. Possible: Erm...must be a suppressed memory mixed with...a negative experience...causing confusion.

Ron: Yeah...what he said.

Mrs. Dr. Possible: Or your father compressed three seasons of episodes for you to watch while you were getting your memory back.

Kim: THAT would explain it!

Ron: Awwww, come on, Kim! Rockets are GO!

Kim: Not anymore, they're not(!) switches off TV

**End of spoilers supplied by YamiDymlos **


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Cultural References

[u]Gerry Anderson would be proud[/u]: In the episode, the phrase 'Rockets are Go!' is a variation of a phrase that was uttered in the old 1960's Gerry Anderson Marionation Show by the Name of * Thunderbirds*. The actual phrase is "Thunderbirds are Go!". and for further proof here's a video of the actual opening of the show. (Just do a Youtube search of 'Thunderbirds are go!" and you will find countless examples of this show.

So in a way this is more of a tribute to Gerry Anderson and his wonderful 'super-marionation'shows rather then Captain Constellation (Which is in fact a spoof of * Captain Scarlett and The Mysterons*, another Gerry Anderson show.



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