Big Bother

Basic Information

Description: Ron adjusts to his new baby sister, Han Stoppable, while helping Kim and Yori battle Monkey Fist.

Director: Steve Loter

Writer: Greg Weisman

Producer: Steve Loter

Studio: Starburst Animation Co., Ltd

Executive Producer: Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle

Air Date: April 7, 2007

Season: Season 4

Production Number: 4-12, 412

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Regular Cast: Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle, Tahj Mowry, Raven-Symone, Kirsten Storms

Guest Cast: Keiko Agena, Elliot Goulo, Grey Delisle, Tom Kane, Spencer Fox, Andrea Martin, Jean Smart, George Takei, Frank Welker, Patrick Warburton


This episode will probably go down in history as having the most disputed name spelling.

We find out Ron is now 18

Ron gets confused as to why Yori is not upset that he is dating Kim.

Master Sensei was in charge of the adoption agency where Hana Stoppable was adopted from.

Sensei tells Ron that Kim is his destiny,Just like Yori tells Kim here.


Kim: At least we beat Monkey fist.

Ron: Yeah, unless ugly here ate him! he gets picked up by it AAHH!! Hey hey! Just kidding!Just kidding! You are one handsome grotask! No intence affended! I-I mean...ARGH!!!

Yori: I believe Stoppable-san is your destiny, Kim Possible.

Yori: Where is Stoppable-son?
Kim: My Boyfriend... I mean Ron's babysitting his sister.

Ron: Don't worry, Yori. You can count on me!
Kim: She can count on you, Ron, but not for everything, right?
Yori: What are you saying?

Kim: So this is a real mission?
Ron: Same old Stoppable-son, with his inappropriate clownistry.
Kim: Ha, ha. Yeah.

Kim: So, how do you plan to break the news to Yori that we are a thing now?
Ron: Thing? You mean a couple?
Kim: Aye-Yi
Ron: I'm sure that she's gotten over me. I mean to the degree that any girl can. Oh, right full disclosure. Got it.

Kim: sorta kinds rock...

Yori: Domo!^^

Monkey Fist: So the Drama

Kim: Ron, I don't think she'll be spitting up when she's 18.
Ron: Well, that makes ones of us.


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Cultural References

Many schools require the students to carry around a bag of flower for a week to simulate taking care of a baby.



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