The Golden Years

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By wallaceb
Kim's Dad and Mom: ( Singing ) Camp town ladies sing this song Doo-dah, doo-dah Camp town racetrack's two miles long Oh, de, doo-dah, dey...
Mr. Dr P: Everybody now!
Ron: ( Joins ) Gonna run all night, Gonna run all day! I'll bet my money on the bobtail nag, somebody bet on the grey Hey!
Mrs. Dr P: And here we are. Not such a bad ride.
Kim: No. Those last 16 hours just flew by.
Mr. Dr P: Well, that's what happens when you're traveling at the speed of fun. Ronald thanks for coming all the way down here to help us move Kim's grandma into her new home.
Ron: Agh! No, prob, Dr. P. Rufus and I are happy to be here in the sunshine state.
Kim: Only because you've never actually met my nana.
Mrs. Dr P: Kim, nana loves you.
Kim: I know, I know. She's just got this weird overprotective thing.
Ron: Overprotective? Kim, that's, like, standard grand mothering procedure.
Rufus: Ah-hm.
Kim: But myana has a way of taking to a truly critical level.
Ron: Critical? Critical like how?
Nana: Kimberley Anne Possible, you can't walk around with your bellybutton picking out like that. This is Florida, dear, not Las Vegas.
Ron: OK. Critical like that.
Rufus: hmm.
Nana: Oh, Mr. Simmons, this is my boy and his family.
Simmons: No time! I'm in training.
Nana: Mr. Stanley is the king of shuffleboard.
Stanley: How do?
Nana: And Mrs. Greenfield is the queen of knitting.
Greenfield: I made this sweater.
Kim: Thank you. Wool is so comfy... when it's 98 degrees.
Nana: Now, who wants nana's famous lemon squares?
Tim: I do!
Jim: I do!
Kim: OK. I'm gonna get a heat rash! Aaaagh!
Ron: Kim, I have a confession to make. I didn't come do here...
Kim: ...just to help my nana unpack.
Ron: Hey!
Kim: So what's the real agenda? A little sun? A little surf?
Ron: No, a lot of spring break, baby!
Ron: Hello, ladies.
Rufus: Oh, yeah!
Kim: Reality paging Ron. Spring break is all college students.
Ron: Exactly! College students don't know me. I can start fresh! A clean slate. Besides, I've always found high-school girls to be a bit immature. No offence.
Kim: Begin eye rolling now.
Nana: Present time, kids!
Nana: For Jim and Tim, the gift of music.
Jim: Wow, vinyl!
Tim: I've heard about these but I've never actually seen one before.
Jim: Let's rip 'em into MP3 files.
Nana: Such clever boys. And for you, Kimberly Anne, some lovely sundresses.
Kim: Nana, I'm not really a sun-dresser when I'm on a mission.
Nana: Oh, Kimberly Anne, you haven't gotten through this phase yet?
Kim: Phase?
Nana: Oh, these missions of yours. Hip-hopping all over the world on school nights in those baggy boy's pants.
Kim: So not! Just last week I foiled this super freak that tried to flood Canada with a weather machine.
Nana: That's nice, dear.
Kim: Nice? The population of Saskatchewan thought it was a little better than nice.
Mr. Dr P: She didn't even hear you, Kimmie. I think she turned down her hearing aid. She does that.
Kim: Go, Wade.
Wade: I'm picking up a strange high-frequency broadcast over the Florida coastline. But I can't pinpoint an origin or purpose for the signal.
Kim: Ron and I are checking it out.
Shego: You realize this is a waste of my many talents, right?
Drakken: Patience, Shego. Once I beam my obedience signal into the MP3 players of these unsuspecting spring breakers...
Shego: will transform them into your own mind-controlled private army, I know, I know. You know, it always sounds so foolproof for this stage and yet...
Drakken: You know, I never realized the single truck operation like this could be so profitable. Yes, children, enjoy! Remind me to order more snow bank bars. On a steamy day like this, those things really move.
Kim: The signal is scrambled.
Rufus: Ahhh!
Kim: I'm having trouble locking it down.
Ron: Clean slate. Where to begin, where to begin.
Kim: Ron, you're such a froob!
Ron: Perhaps, but they don't know it.
DJ: Yo, yo, yo, it's a party!
Ron: Hey, I'm Ron. Ron right, as in Mr. Right.
Girl: Froob.
Ron: 1 down, 5,000 to go.
DJ: The next belly-flopper is representing for my state, y'all. Whoo-whee! Check out the splash!
Ron: Do you have a map? Cos I think I'm lost in your eye.
Girl#1: Er, missy, I think I'm hallucinating that this total loser is trying to hit on us.
Girl#2: Must be sunstroke. I see him, too.
Ron: Wait! You're not hallucinating! I'm a real loser!
DJ: Put your hands together for the next contestant on the high dive! Rufus!
Ron: Huh?!
Rufus: Yah! Bye-bye!
All: Rufus! Rufus! Rufus! Rufus! Rufus! Rufus!
Rufus: Oh!
Kim: Hmm. Gotta lock. Huh?
Drakken: Three polar-ice missiles coming right up.
Shego: Kim Possible!
Drakken: Waah-hah!
Kim: Ugh!
Man: Oh, bless you!
Kim: No big.
Drakken: Pedal to the metal, Shego! She's gaining!
Shego: Come and get it!
Drakken: Wait! Not the fruity lickies! That's our number one bestseller!
Drakken: I think we shook her.
Kim: Gotcha!
Nana: Kimberly Anne...
Kim: Who-o-oa! Oof!
Nana: Stop this whooshing around this instant before you get hurt.
Kim: Nana, you let them get away.
Nana: I was only making certain that you weren't hurt, dear. I mean, aren't there people who are train to handle those hooligans?
Kim: Yes, me! I handle hooligans all the time. It's what I do.
Nana: I know, dear, you're a teen. It's natural to want to rebel.
Kim: I am not rebelling. I'm the opposite of rebelling.
Nana: Well, I'm off to bed. Night, Kimberly Anne.
Kim: Night, nana.
Mr. Dr P: I know how nana can be, Kimmie, but she means well.
Kim: She's just so, so... old. It's like she's from another planet or something.
Mr. Dr P: You know I'd might take your mind off things. A good game of strategories!
Tweebs: Strategories! Score!
Kim: I call the race car.
Drakken: Now that my signal has infected every MP3 player within 100 miles. I shall activate the mind control and summon my army of spring-breaking teens!
Shego: Let me guess, that's just the beginning. You will then...
Drakken: Up! Up! Shut! I will then launch a satellite that will create a worldwide population of teen zombies! And with them I shall take over the world! Shego, remind me to order more fruity lickies, as well.
Shego: You're workin' with high confident here, Dr D.
Drakken: Trust me, Shego; this plan is totally off the heasy.
Shego: Beg pardon?
Drakken: Off the hook, it's raw, token, chilly, poppin', tight, mint! It's very, very good, alright?! Look, I need to beef up on my teen-language skills if I'm going to kick it with my new army.
Shego: You are so hip.
Drakken: Word! Now let's get this party started old school, yo!
Kim: I'll take science and nature for the block.
Nana: I'm going out for some air.
Mr. Dr P: Ok, Mom.
Shego: Huh! Shouldn't generation Y be here by now?
Drakken: What's taking them so long?!
Shego: Maybe your plan wasn't quite as "off the heasy" as you thought.
Drakken: Shut...! I'm picking up moment. They're coming. Behold my army of youth! Hmm? Who are you?
Nana: Your army, reporting for duty.
Shego: This? This is your army of youth? I think you missed by about 50 years, doc.
Drakken: The signals must not have been probably tuned into the MP3 frequency! But, then, what am I tapping into?
Stanly: What say?
Shego: Well done. Tapped into the hearing-aid frequency, Dr. D.
Drakken: What am I supposed to do with an army of retired people?! Ooh, lemon squares!
Shego: You could have them buy you discount tickets for the movies.
Drakken: Mmm! Ahh! These lemon squares are scrumpily-iscious! You know what? They're here, they're zombies, er, we might as well see what we can do with them. OK,
follow me! Impressive. I wonder if they can sell ice cream.
Mrs. Dr P: Kim, go wake nana, so we can go out to breakfast.
Kim: Can do. Hmm? Nana, we're going to breakfast. It's a buffet. Nana? What...?
Nana: Oh, is that the remote for the TV. Silly me.
Ron: Thanks for bringin' us here, doctors P. squared. This place rules so hard. It almost makes up for yesterday spring-breakage setback.
Kim: Not having much luck with the whole fresh start?
Ron: You know, it's amazing, in one short day I managed to earn the socially-challenged rep that took me a lifetime to get back home! Rufus, on the other hand, was named honorary mascot of five different sororities.
Rufus: Ah-hm!
Kim: What you got, Wade?
Wade: A bunch of high-tech robberies last night. All in your area.
Kim: High-tech robberies? Nah, can't be. Not nana. Ron and I are on it, Wade.
Ron: What are those?
Kim: Knitting needles? Hmm?
Ron: Hmm?
Kim: I don't know what it is, but we'll take some and get it analyzed. Bag it, Rufus.
Rufus: OK!
Shego: You're still planning to go through with your plan?
Drakken: Why not?! Anyone could use an army of teen to take over the world. It takes a true visionary to do with an army of senior citizens. I dare say my plan is more off the heasy than ever before!
Shego: If you say so.
Drakken: It works! It works! Now we just need to complete the launch pad. Shego, my mature-zombie army still has much to offer, and there's no substitute for wisdom and experience. Life begins at 65, you know?
Shego: Where are you getting this stuff anyway?
Drakken: Read these brochures, Shego. They'll rock your world.
Ron: Rufus, since you're, you know, chillin' down here, if I hang out with you, that makes me chill, too, right?
Rufus: Nope!
Ron: But you're still gonna help me with the ladies, won't you?! I need to chill!
Rufus: Hmm.
Ron: Perhaps a gigante naco might help make up your mind?
Rufus: Mmm! Naco! OK.
Kim: Wade, see if you can analyze this evidence.
Nana: Kimberly Anne, I'm very disappointed that you haven't taken my advice if you're looking for excitement why not ballroom dancing?
Kim: Huh?
Nana: I'm going out for some air.
Wade: Hey, the scan wasn't complete!
Kim: Never mind, Wade. I know what it is. This is so wrong. Wade, got anything on an old deserted 'gator farm?
Wade: Checking.
Kim: Drakken? My nana and Drakken? OK, we're over the weird limit here. Hey! Wait! Way over the weird limit.
Wade: Kim? Kim? Kim?! I'm switching to remote manual control. Gotcha!
Drakken: Well done, oldsters. Feeding time, Kim Possible. They came with the lair. Isn't that great?
Wade: Oh, my gosh!
Ron: Hi, I'm Ron. That's R to the O to the hizz-N! Yup, yup!
Girl: Gross!
Ron: Whoa, harsh!
Girl: That's L to the O to the hizz-ER!
Ron: Oh, come on! What about my clean slate?!
Wade: Ron!
Ron: Wade? How did you find me? D...? Do you have me micro chipped or something?!
Wade: Ah... that's not important now. Drakken's got Kim at a 'gator farm just north of chez leisure.
Ron: I'm on it Wade.
Drakken: Poor Kim Possible. Too bad you won't be around to see me control the minds of the world's elderly population. Which, by the way, is growing at 10 percent each year?
Kim: Well, mystery signal solved.
Drakken: Indeed. We had a rough patch at the get go, but I'm quite pleased how it's worked out. The rocket to carry my satellite into orbit is ready. A little something I borrowed from The Cape.
Ron: Rufus, come on!
Rufus: Huh? My fans!
Ron: Ooh! An idea. That's right! Swamp Party with Rufus! Here, take a map.
Drakken: Five minutes to launch!'
Kim: Agh! Nana, it's me, Kim. Kimberly Anne. Er, don't you wanna, you know, er, lecture me or something?
Drakken: Wait! That's Kim Possible's nana? Oh! Oh! It's a zip-a-dee-doo-dah day! You know, you should get that lemon-square recipe from her.
Kim: Agh!
Drakken: They're to "die for". Anyhoo, Shego, feed the 'gators! No, Shego! This is a family matter. Nana, destroy little Kimberly Anne Possible!
Kim: That's really low! You know I can't hit my own grandmother.
Drakken: Oh, don't worry, she'll be hitting you.
Kim: As if.
Drakken: When your nana was your age, she trained with the Shaolin monks to perfect the ancient art of Peng Lang Chuang kung fu.
Kim: Hold up. Are you telling me that nana, my nana, is some kind of...? Oof!
Drakken: She then became a top aviatrix and was the first woman to successfully complete the navy's underwater-demolition training program.
Kim: Nana?!
Drakken: You really don't know very much about her, do you?
Nana: Yah!
Drakken: Your nana is a bad grandmother...
Kim: Shut your mouth!
Drakken: I'm just talking about nana.
Kim: It runs in the family.
Drakken: No! The mind-control signal!
Nana: Oh. Where...? Where are we? What am I doing here? Kimberly?
Kim: I'll explain it all to you later, nana. We're in the evil lair of Dr. Drakken.
Nana: Evil lair? You haven't gone and gotten yourself in some kind of danger, have you, dear?
Shego: Oh, she's in danger, alright.
Nana: You'll have to go through me first.
Simmons: You'll have to go through all of us, missy!
Shego: Yah! Yaah! Oof!
Stanly: Hah! 200 points!
Drakken: Can't we talk this over? Not in the face! Oof! Oh! Urgh! Gross! Shego!
Shego: Yah!
Drakken: You're too late! Nothing can stop me now!
DJ: Party!
Drakken: Oh, snap!
DJ: Let's get it jumpin' in here, ya?ll! Oh, yeah! Ron stoppable in the house!
Ron: Whoo! Ron stoppable off the heasy! I'm it; I'm chillin' Do the robot, do the robot, whoo, whoo!
Kim: Nana, Drakken's getting away.
Drakken: Nana Possible, you think your lemon squares are all that, but they're not!
Nana: Come on, Kimberly Anne, get your head in the game.
Kim: Huh! Nice moves, nana. How about two outta three?
Mr. Dr P: Time to hit the highway, Kim.
Nana: Oh, thank you for rescuing us, dear. I am so proud of you!
Kim: Not as proud as I am of you, nana.
Kim: Wade, what?s the sitch?
Wade: A group of giant mutant spiders are threaten a village in Guam.
Kim: Saddle up, boys, we're off.
Kim: Bye, I'll catch you guys back home.
Nana: If you're going to Guam, you need to wear extra sunscreen. I was stationed there in '62...



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