The Cupid Effect

Basic Information

Description: Ron gives tips to Wade on how to woo Monique, but when they fail, Wade creates a Cupid ray to make Monique swoon. Unfortunately, the device falls into the hands of Señor Senior Sr.

Director: Steve Loter

Writer: Charleen Easton

Producer: Steve Loter

Studio: Rough Draft Korea

Executive Producer: Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle

Air Date: February 10, 2007

Season: Season 4

Production Number: 4-7, 407

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Regular Cast: Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle, Nancy Cartwright, Tahj Mowry

Guest Cast: Raven-Symone, Patrick Warburton, Phil Lamarr, Roz Ryan, Nestor Carbonell, Ricardo Montalban


Last of the season 4 premier episodes.

We find out that Monique is 17


Ron: Holy cannoli! I have a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day!

(Ron giving Wade romance tips for Monique)

Wade: Shouldn't I just be myself?

Ron: No, that only works in cartoons!

(Kim surprises Ron)

Kim: Hey Ron, what are you doing?

Ron: Nothing

Kim: You're weird!

Ron: Kim!

Kim: Shh, (romantically) I like weird!

(Kim and Ron arrive in Paris, France)

Kim: I thought you said the Eiffel Tower was in danger!

Ron: It is in danger, of rust, eventually!

(Wade reading Ron's note that he gave him to Monique)

Wade: The humble earthworm is vital to agriculture, it moves through the soil by excreting lubricating mucus.

Kim and Monique: Eww!

Ron: Wait! That's my biology report! Oh no! That means.

(camera cuts to Mr. Barkin grading Ron's "biology report")

Mr. Barkin: (sniffs) That's a beautiful thought. A-plus, Stoppable!

Kim:You do know what happends in Febuary don't you Ron?

Ron:Ground haug day? Presidents day? Dental health month? OH that remids me! Rufus! Rufus hands Ron a toothbrush Happy Dental health month KP. Check it out! It has a tounge cleaner on the back!


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Cultural References

When Senior is reading off his "love poem" to Mrs. Load, he says, "Together we'll chase it 'round perdition's flame," which is a reference to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. In that movie, Ricaro Montalban (Senior's VA)'s Khan threatens to chase Admiral Kirk basically all over space, so it's... odd that it was repurposed as a sketchy love poem.

Additonally, Khan is paraphrasing Captain Ahab (from Moby Dick, of course).



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