So The Drama (Part 2)

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By wallaceb
Bonnie: Brick, you are gonna look so good in your tux.
Ron: KP!
Kim: Hey, Ron.
Ron: Got great news. Naco Night will be coming back.
Kim: Really? Great.
Ron: Well, you know, nothing's for sure, but when they look at this.
Kim: A piece of paper with your name on it.
Ron: It's a petition. Probably need more signatures.
Kim: Probably.
Ron: When we hit Bueno Nacho, I'll work the room, drum up support. We'll beat this thing.
Kim: Actually, Ron, I'm, uh...
Ron: What?
Kim: Just gonna head home.
Ron: Oh, uh, okay. Cool.
Kim: See ya.
Ron: KP, um... I think I know what this is about.
Kim: You do?
Ron: It's because I messed up and helped Drakken and Shego get away.
Kim: Oh, no. I'm used to that. I mean, you know, we'll get 'em.
Ron: Thanks.
Kim: No big.
Ron: Wrong. Very big. I can always count on you.
Kim: Right. Dad, can we talk?
Mr. Dr P: Sure, Kimmie cub. Hold on. Okay, shoot. You have my undivided attention.
Kim: It's about... boys.
Mr. Dr P: Ah... Oh... Mmm...
Kim: Boys and dating.
Mr. Dr P: Ah-ha. Hi, honey. Got a minute? Kimmie needs to talk to you. It's your mother.
Kim: Mom? Okay, Bonnie's with Brick, so she's all high horse, all boys, and the stupid prom and the food chain, and, and... I'm gonna end up with Ron!
Mrs. Dr P: I don't see the crisis, honey. He's a very nice guy.
Kim: Mom, he's not a guy, he's Ron.
Mrs. Dr P: So as a friend he's okay?
Kim: Well, yeah. He's my best friend.
Mrs. Dr P: But he's not boyfriend material?
Kim: Obviously.
Mrs. Dr P: Because of the food chain.
Kim: No. Yes. Well, kind of. The person you go with, it makes a statement.
Gooberman: My son doesn't have a date.
Mrs. Dr P: Really? Kevin doesn't have a date.
Kim: Mom, you don't have me on speaker again, do you?
All: Hi, Kim!
Kim: Mom!
Mrs. Dr P: Honey, hands free is really the only way to go.
Gooberman: Seriously, Kim. Kevin's a super kid. The other fellas on the chess team look up to him.
Kim: Oh, yes, Dr. Gooberman. Kevin's got game.
Mrs. Dr P: Ooh. Better hop off. We'll talk about it later, Kimmie.
Gooberman: I can have Kev call...
Kim: Monique, you were totally right.
Monique: I know... What was I right about?
Kim: The Bonnie problem. Non issue. Who cares about the food chain? Ron and I are cool.
Monique: Stand by your Ron.
Kim: I mean he's...
Kim: ...full of childlike wonder.
Ron: When it's just me and my machine scorching across the blacktop, I kinda lose myself.
Rufus: Hey!
Kim: See you at school.
Monique: Later, Ron.
Ron: Keep it real, ladies.
Ron: Huh? Do you mind?
Ron: Dude! Do you mind?!
Erik: What?
Ron: Spot! Mine. You in it.
Erik: Oh! Dude. Man, I'm sorry. I didn't even see you. You know, this might sound weird but sometimes when it's just me and my machine...
Ron: And the blacktop. Yes! I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm Ron. Ron Stoppable.
Erik: Hey, I'm Erik.
Erik: Wow. Is that a naked mole rat?
Ron: Yeah! You know, most people don't get that. They think Rufus is a bald hamster.
Erik: I always wanted a naked mole rat.
Ron: Me too, which is good, because I, you know, have one. What's your name again?
Ron: Erik, my compadre`, you don't know how lucky you are you ran into Ron Stoppable. I know everything about everything round here.
Erik: Great. Where do I pick up my class assignments?
Ron: Yeah. I'm not a nuts-and-bolts guy, I'm more big picture. The cafeteria, where I'm told you can find a nutritious meal. I haven't yet, but your mileage may vary.
Erik: Who's that?
Ron: Cafeteria lady. Trust me, you cannot get her fired.
Erik: No, the girl.
Ron: Oh, that's Kim. Kim Possible.
Erik: Weird name.
Ron: You've never heard of Kim Possible? She frequently saves the world. And I help. Almost as frequently.
Erik: So you know her?
Ron: Yeah, we're tight.
Erik: Hooked up?
Ron: Ew. Kim and me? No, no, no. We've been best friends since forever. But not like that. You know, she's...
Erik: Extreme steam.
Ron: Okay. Hey, you know what? Let's not talk about her that way ever again. Okay? K.
Erik: Whatever's clever.
Ron: I'll have the wild mushroom risotto with cracked pepper and parmesan. And please don't skimp on the truffle oil.
Kim: Hey, Ron.
Kim: Hi.
Ron: Hey, pull up a chair, why don't you...
Ron: Isn't that interesting? Actually, that's my chair. Not that my name's on it, but...
Erik: Hey, Erik. How you doing?
Monique: Girl, I just went from so to whoa!
Erik: Huh?
Kim: It takes a while to learn Monique speak.
Erik: How about you?
Kim: What about me?
Ron: Ha, ha! Yeah... Kim is such a kidder. Did I mention we'd known each other since pre-k? Good times. Good times!
Ron: I feel as though a loop has just been formed and I'm not in it.
Music: We're the best of friends
And we share our secrets
She knows everything
That is on my mind
Why don't you kiss her
Why don't you tell her
Why don't you let her see
the feelings that you hide
She'll never know
If you never show
The way you feel inside
Tim: Attention please!
Jim: We detect cooties in the area.
Tim: Repeat. Cooties in the area.
Jim: This can only mean one thing.
Tim: Kim's got a boyfriend!
Erik: Pigtails. Nice!
Kim: Shut up!
Erik: Thanks for having me over for diner.
Kim: No big.
Erik: But so sweet.
Ron: Eugh. Got that right.
Mrs. Dr P: Who wants what on the pizza?
Kim and Erik: Pepperoni.
Erik: Jinx. You owe me a soda.
Mrs. Dr P: Very cute.
Ron: Get in line. You know, she owes me a soda from before she even met you. No soda for you.
Mr. Dr P: Hmmm. Yeah?
Mrs. Dr P: Hi, honey. Pizza night. Bacon?
Mr. Dr P: Roger on that, hon. Okay, I'll try not to be too late. Love you. Come on. Daddy needs to see some cybertronic replication. Oh! Outstanding! The Hephaestus Project is a go! Who's the man?
Drakken: I'm the man. The man who wants the Hephaestus Project!
Mrs. Dr P: Ron?
Ron: Actually, Dr. P, I've got the... uh... belly-flips.
Mrs. Dr P: Got my endoscope in the car. I'm kidding! Why don't you stay?
Ron: Well...
Erik and Kim: Later, Ron!
Kim: Jinx.
Erik: Again? Man!
Ron: Cootie alert!
Mrs. Dr P: He's always been prone to drama, I guess.
Kim: He's fine.
Jim: Dad's pizza's getting cold.
Tim: Cool! Can we heat it up?
Mrs. Dr P: No. The fire department said no more fusion experiments.
Mrs. Dr P: Where is your father?
Mr. Dr P: My teenage daughter is not afraid of you. Why should I be, Drew?
Drakken: I hate it when you call me that! I am not the man you knew in college, Possible.
Mr. Dr P: Still can't get a date, though, I bet.
Drakken: Why is it every Possible I capture feels the need to give me lip? Doesn't anyone respect the traditional captive-captor relationship any more? Has society just
gone completely to seed?!
Mr. Dr P: If I could interrupt your rant to point out that I'm not telling you anything about the project.
Drakken: Oh, I anticipated that. You know what they say. If you want to make an omelet, you've gotta break a few eggheads.
Mr. Dr P: Okay, hold the phone, here.
Computer: Do you wish to delete File Hephaestus?
Drakken: No!
Mr. Dr P: Yes.
Computer: Dr. Possible voice print acknowledged.
Drakken: You deleted it. Are you mad?
Mr. Dr P: No worries. Got it all up here.
Drakken: Well, good news then, because I have a brain-tap machine and I've been just dying to use it.
Ron: Dude, your clip-on tie.
Ned: Clipped off.
Ron: But you're assistant manager.
Ned: Not any more. Lars is in charge.
Ron: Lars?
Ned: Home office sent him. Change is in the air. Serious change. Kiddy meals.
Ron: With toys in them?
Ned: Affirmative.
Ron: Wait, wait a second, I don't get... What's wrong with that?
Ned: Imagine the brat factor. Next they'll add a playground. And then what? A spokes clown?
Ron: Really? What is that suppose to pay? Kim? 911!
Kim: Drakken has my dad. I don't like this. It feels too...
Ron: Trappish?
Kim: Not a word, but yes.
Drakken: Kim Possible and her sidekick, whose name escapes me.
Ron: Kay, After all the time you battled him, how can he not know my name?
Kim: Miss Possible, you would do well to save your energy. Your father is in quite a pickle.
Kim: Dad!
Drakken: I must warn you, my latest death ray is killer.
Ron: Isn't that redundant?
Ron: KP!
Drakken: I wish I could be there but I'm busy settling into my new lair, the lair from which I shall take over the world. Farewell, Kim Possible. Farewell... What's his name again? Whatever, you know who you are.
Ron: I mean, come on, it's really not a hard name to remember.
Kim: Ron...
Ron: Yes, thank you.
Mr. Dr P: Hey!
Kim: Syntho-Drones. Gross!
Ron: I'll have you out of there in no time, Dr. P.
Mr. Dr P: Ronald!
Ron: What?
Mr. Dr P: Look out.
Ron: Oww! Oww! Oww!
Kim: Ron, quit fooling around.
Ron: Oww! Oww! Oww! Thanks, Rufus. Kim!
Kim: Dad, are you okay?
Mr. Dr P: Yep. Least, I think so.
Kim: What exactly did Drakken do to you?
Mr. Dr P: I... I have no idea.
Kim: He captured you in your lab, right?
Mr. Dr P: Did he? I don't remember. I remember wanting bacon on my pizza. Then nothing.
Kim: Come on, Dad, better get you home.
Mr. Dr P: Which is where?
Monique: You saved your dad?!
Kim: So not the drama, Monique.
Monique: You know what this means. You got it goin' on.
Kim: I do?
Monique: Yeah! You can never be grounded, girl. Why did evil dude pull the dad-napping anyway?
Kim: To play me, I guess. Something's off the road, here, though. Usually, I can crack Drakken's sicko plots no prob. This time, it's all so random.
Monique: I want something that says, "This girl is too fine for you, baby boy."
Kim: You think I can pull this off?
Monique: Pull it off and throw it away! Eugh!
Kim: Maybe I should just raid my closet.
Monique: Not for the prom. You're gonna be Kimderella.
Erik: Kim, hey.
Kim: Hey.
Erik: You should buy that dress.
Kim: I should?
Erik: Yeah. And I know I've only gone to Middleton for five minutes, but, about this prom...
Bonnie: Have you met Ron Stoppable? Kim and Ron are, like, inseparable.
Monique: Is that Brick out there, hitting on the girl in Earring World?
Bonnie: He's hypnotized by her big hoops!
Ron: What's the sitch? What? What?
Erik: Dude...
Ron: XYZ?
Erik: Wanna go get a bite?
Erik: Hey, it's pretty weird to just run into you here, isn't it, Kim?
Shego: What is he up to? A toy design, top secret cybertronic technology, Syntho-Drone personality and performance upgrades, and teen-zine junk? What is he gonna do? Throw
the world's weirdest pajama party?
Drakken: You really haven't figured it out, have you?
Shego: There is no plan here, no way.
Drakken: Oh, but there is!
Shego: Spill!
Drakken: No.
Shego: Why not?!
Drakken: Kim Possible is not smarter than you.
Shego: True.
Drakken: If you can't figure it out, she can't figure it out. And that means...
Shego: You just might win.
Drakken: Oh, I'm quite confident. If you'll excuse me, I'm due at a board of directors meeting.
Shego: You? At what company?
Drakken: The one I recently acquired in a hostile takeover.
Nakasumi: That is my character. That is my character!
Anchor: I'm here at Bueno Nacho, the home of Little Diablo. This tiny toy, this mini must-have, this cute little devil, is the latest craze for kids all over the world. Just one look around tells you that Little Diablo...
Ron: I can't even get to the counter to order! This used to be my place, mine! I'm losing everything I ever cared about!
Tim: Ron's on TV.
Jim: And he's freaking out.
Mrs. Dr P: Honey, I think the boys are right.
Mr. Dr P: Hmm. Ronald? Freaking? Oh, so he is.
Jim: Mom, can we go to Bueno Nacho?
Tim: Please?
Ron: I'm losing everything I ever cared about!
Kim: I'd better talk to him.
Wade: He's in the old tree house.
Ron: I have a lethal weapon!
Kim: Put the slingshot down, Huck Finn. It's me.
Ron: Oh, I always wanted to use this on somebody.
Kim: You did once, don't you remember?
Ron: Arnie Custer?
Kim: Arnie Custer.
Ron: I was trying to stop him from hurting you.
Kim: I pulled him off you because you beamed him with the slingshot.
Ron: We were six, okay? The details are sketchy.
Kim: I never noticed that sign before.
Ron: Really? It's been up there forever.
Kim: Oh, it was fun! When we were kids, I mean.
Ron: Yeah, just the two of us.
Kim: Hey, I remember this. Ron the happy camper.
Ron: Camp Wannaweep. The worst summer of my life.
Kim: I know, I know. The ticks, the poison ivy, the toxic lake, your mom stopped accepting your phone calls.
Ron: Yeah, you know, all that stuff was bad, KP, but you know what was worse? Spending a whole summer away from you.
Ron: You want any? I only do "to go" now. Little Diablo's ruined everything.
Kim: Maybe something more than Bueno Nacho sitch is bothering you.
Ron: Talking about Erik, why... No! Why would I have a problem with Erik? No! I'm down with Erik.
Kim: Ron, Erik's not going to change what we're all about. We'll always be tight.
Ron: Yeah. Pretty words, Kim.
Kim: We're not in pre-k anymore. Time to grow up.
Ron: Maybe I don't wanna grow up. You know, if that means...
Erik: Kim?
Ron: He can't come up here.
Kim: Ron!
Ron: No, I mean, like he really can't come up here. This tree house has a weight limit. And while I'm holding the slingshot we're already pushing it.
Kim: We'll talk tomorrow.
Ron: I'm not jealous.
Erik: You think Ron's okay with us?
Kim: Us what?
Erik: You know. Us.
Kim: Oh, that us. I think he's okay.
Erik: Can I ask you something?
Kim: Sure.
Erik: This thing you do, the missions. How... What... It's just... It's kind of...
Kim: Weird?
Erik: No, cool.
Kim: Oh. Yeah!
Erik: You wanna know what my mission is?
Kim: Okay, what?
Erik: To take you to the prom.
Kim: O...kay...



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