Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles

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By wallaceb
Ron: Cut! Rufus, you can't keep breaking character like that.
Rufus: Sorry.
Ron: Gonna have to recast you, buddy. You just don't have that monster instinct!
Kim: Ron, don't you think you're being a bit severe? "Ron's Big Day"? What's this?
Ron: Nothing! Look, Kim, the Tri-City Film Festival opens in three days, I'm trying redefining the monster movie genre and we're way behind schedule here!
Wade: Kim, I've got a lead on Drakken. He ordered a shrink ray online, and had delivered to the address in the Mohave Desert.
Ron: You know, I was wondering when he'd get around a shrink ray.
Drakken: Simple, Shego! Once I've shrunk to microscopic size, I will be able to infiltrate the most secretive military installation in the world, Area 51.
Shego: And what's in Area 51 that's so special?
Drakken: You know flying saucers, alien technology, yada, yada, yada. Let's see. Connect the drop bar under the shrink velociter... Commodore Puddles, not now. Can't you see daddy's trying to put the finishing touches on his shrink ray.
Shego: He needs to go out.
Drakken: He was just out ten minutes ago!
Shego: Now, what did we agree on?
Drakken: If I wanted a dog I had to promise to take care of him. Which I will... later!
Kim: Thanks for the lift, Special Agent Smith and Special Agent Smith.
Smith#1: Don't mention it. The way you helped us with that security breach.
Kim: No big! I just...
Smith#2: No, seriously, don't mention it! It’s highly classified.
Kim: Mum's the word. This is the address. You guys walking or riding?
Drakken: I will soon be the size of a microscopic particle! So watch where you step, OK? Bad dog! Not now! Daddy's about to gain access to a high-security installation.
Kim: Like federal prison?
Drakken: Kim Possible?! What's say we dispense with the banter and skip right to the kung-fu fighting? Shego!
Ron: OK, hold on a sec! One second, people! Thanks buddy. OK, action!
Drakken: My shrink ray! Something's wrong! Agh! Commodore Paddles, you didn't! Not there! Bad doggy! Bad!
Shego: Ah!
Ron: Arrrgh!
Rufus: Arrrgh! Hey!
Ron: Whoa!
Drakken: It's not supposed to do that, it suppose to shrink stuff!
Shego: Told you he had to go out.
Drakken: New plan. Come, Shego!
Ron: That would be the coolest shot ever if it weren't for the two thousand tons poodle that has been unleashed into an unsuspecting world.
Girl: Mummy! Mummy! There's a doggy outside! Can we keep him, please?
Drakken: Commodore Puddles! Come on, boy! Area 51 is that away.
Kim: We've gotta find them.
Ron: Otherwise my film is gonna have serious act-two issues.
Kim: Ron, focus. Wait! I know where they're headed.
Kim: OK, I know this is going to sound weird, but you've got to let us in. There's this monster poodle...
Soldier#1: Name?
Kim: Commodore Puddles.
oldier#1: Your name.
Kim: Oh, er, Kim Possible.
Soldier#1: Sound the alarm! Battle stations!
Soldier#2: This way. General Sims is gonna wanna talk to you.
Sims: Don't worry; we've got a rock-solid defense strategy ready.
Kim: For this? Really?
Sims: Yes ma'am, full-frontal assault by a giant canine. That's a 41/5S-type scenario.
Puddles: Pffttt!
Soldiers: Ahhhhh!
Drakken: Fools! My Puddles doesn't settle for ordinary dry treats!
Soldier: It's not working, sir.
Sims: Bring out the big guns!
Kim: Guns? You're not actually gonna shoot him, are you?
Sims: Just an expression, ma'am. Get my good side!
Sims: You may commence blowing the giant canine whistles!
Soldier: its working, sir.
Sims: Outstanding work, Miss Possible. I...
Soldier: We've got a situation.
Sims: Pull back, men! Move to the underground fortification!
Drakken: Good puppy! Attack! Attack!
Kim: General Sims, if you don't mind me asking, sir, what's the big secret? You know. Area 51 and all that?
Ron: We know the rumors, flying saucers, alien technology, yada, yada. But what's the real deal? What are you hiding here?
Sims: I'll show you.
Kim: its flying saucers.
Ron: Alien technology.
Sims: Yada, yada.
Kim: But that means all the rumors are true.
Sims: Every last one of them. We've implemented a double-negative cover story. We make sure only to leak out information that is 100% accurate.
Ron: But, then, it's not really secret.
Sims: That's exactly what we want you to believe.
Ron: Yeah, but then... Never mind.
Soldier: General Sims, you'd better come here.
Sims: I am afraid we're out of options. I'm initiating the base's self-destruct system. The secrets contained in Area 51 must never be exposed.
Ron: What's secret? Everybody knows already!
Kim: Sir, we still have one last line of defense.
Sims: And what might that be?
Kim: Me.
Sims: You've got ten minutes.
Drakken: Yes! Dig, Commodore Puddles.
Kim: Not so fast, Drakken, there's a leash law in this state.
Ron: Kim, can you deliver that witty banter line again? You were out of frame. Thanks, babe!
Kim: Ron!
Drakken: Commodore Puddles, attack! No, Puddles, whoa! Heel!
Solders: Yea!
Drakken: Puddles, roll over!
Ron: Arrrgh!
Drakken: I taught him that. Now, finish them, Puddles!
Kim: Oooh!
Ron: OK, great! Don't be afraid to show some fear, I wanna try to capture... Eww! Who's this?! Eww! Eww! Yuck!
Rufus: Huh?
Kim and Ron: Arrgh!
Rufus: Oh!
Rufus: Yeah!
Drakken: That oughta hold you.
Kim: You so won't get away with this, Drakken.
Drakken: I so will! A toast to my victory! I have conquered Area 51 and defeated Kim Possible. What was that?
Sims: That looks like a 4-9/EZ scenario, rescue by giant subterranean rodent.
Drakken: No fair! I call cheatsies!
Ron: Nice move, Rufus!
Rufus: Yeah.
Ron: Whoo-hoo-hoo! Yeah! There's that monster instinct I was looking for Rufus! Shego: Get off!
Soldiers: Good job, boys! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
Drakken: Mine! It's all mine! It... Oh, I'm sorry, is this yours? I was just borrowing it, you know, really. Ahhhhhhhh!
Ron: This is it. The redefining of the monster-movie genre!
Kim: I hear laughter. Is that a good sign?
Ron: Agent smith!
Kim: And agent smith. What're you guys doing here?
Smith#1: National security. We couldn't allow the public see the Area 51 footages.
Smith#2: So we switched it with one of your home movies.
Ron: Home movies? Which one?
Baby Ron: I make a potty!
Kim: Ron's Big Day?
Ron: Ron's Big Day.



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