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By wallaceb
Kim: What do you say you park it here?
Guy: Hey, Ah!
Kim: Whoa!
Ron: Just a little door ding. Never mind.
Kim: What exactly is the sitch Wade?
Wade: I’m picking up some serious geological events. Sink holes reported all over town, but I can’t trace the epicenter.
Kim: Keep on it.
Ron: KP, it’s starting again! Oh, Ah!
Kim: Hmm.
Ron: Sinking! Sinking! And now there’s tugging! Oh why is there tugging?!
Kim: Ron, you can get out now.
Ron: Heh, seriously KP, it will take a lot more than a little natural disaster to harsh my chill. IeeeHHHHH! Tree spider! Tree spider! Ahhhhh!
Kim: So, yesterdays sinking feeling wasn’t earthquakeish?
Wade: No fault lines any where near there.
Kim: At least no one got hurt.
Ron: Hello? Tree spider bite?
Rufus: Ummm, please.
Kim: Ron, that’s a zit.
Ron: Yea, spider bite zit. It’s like a bull’s eye to them.
Wade: Anyway… that’s not why I called. Your site got a hot from professor Acari’s office.
Ron: Bugs… bugs… bug guy?
Wade: There’s been a break in.
Acari: Ah, Kim Possible, welcome.
Ron: Creeping… crawling… everywhere.
Kim: Still with the bug issues.
Ron: Yes! Yes! So I have bug issues? I got the spilly willys.
Acari: This does not sound normal.
Kim: For Ron, this is normal.
Ron: Oh, like living with bugs is normal?
Acari: Whoever broke in knew how to bypass my security system. I just hope they didn’t… they did! The Rophlax!
Kim: Rophlax?
Acari: A pulse emitter which encourages the growth of healthy exoskeletons in insects.
Ron: Now why would anyone want to do that?! Ah, oh, ey, ah!
Kim: Did you get that Wade?
Wade: Sonic pulses, I’m on it.
Kim: Any ideas on who might have taken it?
Acari: I can’t think of anyone.
Kim: Nobody?
Acari: Nope, not a single… well… there was my ex lab assistant, Chester Yapese. I had to let him go, he was full of crazy ideas. We had an epic argument, much shouting, fist shacking, but you don’t think Chester?
Kim: Yea, I think Chester.
Ron: K, not digging this.
Rufus: Oh, hum, hum, hum.
Kim: Wade said he tracked under ground pulses near here.
Ron: But in the sewer?
Rufus: Heh, pew!
Kim: That’s no sewer line.
Ron: You don’t suppose there are any…
Kim: Bugs? Come on Ron, bugs are no big. Literally, you flick ‘em.
Ron: Kim! Something’s crawling on me. Flick it!!
Rufus: Hello!
Kim: Ron meet Rufus.
Rufus: Hi.
Kim: Rufus, Ron. Now, let’s turn down the bug drama before we loose the element of…
Chester: Surprise!
Kim: Chester Yapese.
Chester: Hey watch it, theses goggles are light sensitive. Ah, the famous Kim Possible.
Kim: Taking your work home with you?
Ron: Or should we say taking Professor Acari’s work home with you?
Chester: That bumbbler Acari didn’t know the power he held in his hands.
Kim: Let me guess… the rophlax?
Chester: Thanks to my modifications, this little beauty will be my key to world domination.
Kim and Ron: Eh? Hum?
Ron: The sink holes… that was you!
Chester: No, it was the work on my… army of giant cockroaches!
Ron: I’m sorry, giant what?
Kim: Cockroaches!
Ron and Rufus: Ahhhhhh!
Ron: Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Oh I can’t look! I can’t… dude, you call those giant cockroaches?
Chester: It’s pretty big for a cockroach.
Ron: Emm, not really.
Chester: Ah, what do you know!? I have a world to concur!
Ron: Oh man, we’ll never get through that. You okay KP? KP?
Kim: B-bugs. B-big bugs!
Ron: Oh, yea, that’s real nice, just mock my weakness.
Kim: B-b-big bugs!
Ron: Hey, you’re not mocking. What happened to “just flick ‘em?”
Kim: Huh-ha, that’s when they were little and um, flick able, now they’re um…
Ron: Coming this way! Oh, hey look, that one’s lost. Hey little guy. You okay?
Kim: Ick! It’s touching you!
Ron: Heh, weird huh? Guess I’m only freaked out by the little ones. These bigger ones are cute, like a shinny puppy with a shell.
Kim: Puppies don’t have shells!
Ron: Hey! He likes me! Can I keep ‘em?
Kim: The hurl factor’s approaching critical here. Sitch it Wade.
Wade: I lost Yapese’s signal. It’s going to take me a while to recalibrate.
Ron: That’ll give us time to get acquainted with our new friend.
Kim: Ron, I’m all for making new friends, but this…
Ron: Whoa KP! Just because Roachie’s different that’s no reason for you to be a roachist.
Kim: I’m not a “Roachist” it just seems so… oh, look at that.
Ron: Oh yea! Oh! No! No! Noo!
Kim: I don’t believe it.
Ron: Me neither. Roachie’s got an unfair advantage with the mad moves.
Kim: No, I can’t believe you bonded with… the… la cucaracha.
Ron: La grande cucaracha KP, makes all the difference in the world, am I right Roachie? That’s wrong man, that’s just wrong.
Kim: You were not just speaking bug?
Ron: Oh, I guess I was. Huh
Rufus: Huh-ha, bug!
Ron: Roachie’s hungry, wanted a snack, and now I don’t have to take out the garbage anymore.
Kim: You don’t find eating garbage a little… beyond gross?
Ron: Hey, don’t knock it until you try it. Okay, actually knock it, I tried it, it’s not so good.
Kim: Wade, whatcha got?
Wade: Good news and bad news.
Kim: I’m ready for anything.
Wade: The good news is, I figured out why I lost the rophlax signal, Yapese altered the device’s magnification, causing a shift in the traceable frequency.
Kim: But you found him now right?
Wade: That’s the bad news. Apparently Yapese’s been spending the last few days irradiating his roaches with his new and improved rophlax.
Kim: My geepers are officially creeped. You’re the roach boy; you can handle this on your own right?
Ron: Kim, I got over my bug issues, you gotta deal too or we’re chunked.
Kim: We are so chunked. Look at that. Those bugs are just ridiculous big.
Ron: Right, this is dangerous. Roachie better stand back.
Kim: Roachie listens to you?
Ron: Well except at bed time, it’s always five more minutes, and and can I have a glass of dirty water?
Kim: You’re like the roach whisperer. Oh well maybe you can talk to all those other bugs?
Ron: Huh? You think?
Kim: Gah!
Ron: “Gah?” what’s “Gah?” you know if your trying to speak roach, you got it all wring KP, you gotta click with your mandible. Much better. Oohhh!
Kim: Okay Mr. Mandible, you’re on.
Ron: Um… ahh! I can’t speak bug under pressure!
Kim: Ron’s in trouble.
Ron: Your gonna step on me? How ironic is that?
Chester: Come my bug battalions, today Middleton, tomorrow Upperton.
Kim: Don’t think so. What was this thing again? Oh that’s right, stolen.
Chester: You don’t understand! Without that I can’t control them!
Ron: But Roachie can!
Kim: I have to admit, leading them to the landfill was pretty inspired.
Ron: It was Roachie’s idea really, the little recycler. What’s wrong little guy?
Kim: I know it feels like Roachie’s part of the team. But you want hi to be happy right?
Ron: Well, yea but... the lunch lady said that if I brought Roachie I’d get expelled and… oh, oh you mean… right. Roachie? You’re the best dog sized insect a guy could ever want. I know we’ve bonded, I feel like an honorary bug, but it’s better if you’re with your friends. I’ll come visit you, and I will think of you every time I step on something crunchy. Now go on. Get out of here you little multileged scamp. It’s a buffet out there for you. Whoa hey, come on that tickles.
Kim: I’m not tearing up because this is touching alright; the wind’s coming off miles of garbage.
Ron: Good bye Roachie.
Rufus: Bye bye.
Roachie: Bye bye.
Kim: So Ron, you okay with little bugs now?
Ron: KP, thanks to Roachie, the Ron man is without bug issues. What’s that? Is that a garbage spider?! It’s a garbage spider! Garbage spider! Get it off! Get it off! It’s got my nose!



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