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By wallaceb
Scientist: Ok, hold still. Good. Yes! The genomic sequencer works!
Amy: Oh, heavens! I should hope it works! Otherwise there wouldn't be much point in me stealing it.
Scientist: Amy? They said that you lost it, that your experiments were insane, that you were locked up forever!
Amy: Yes, true, they were, gonna. Come to mama!
Drakken: Hand it over.
Amy: Well, Mr. Forward, who are you?
Drakken: I am Dr. Drakken!
Amy: M.D. or dentist?
Drakken: Evil mastermind? On the brink of world conquest? Mmm? Ring a bell?
Amy: Isn't that Professor Dementor?
Drakken: Bah, no matter. I want that genomic whatever-it-is! Shego!
Shego: Yah! Hah!
Amy: Unh!
Drakken: Thank you!
Amy: You are the biggest meanie in the whole wide world!
Drakken: A-ha! You have heard of me! Ha ha ha!
Boy: Hey, Kim!
Kim: Hi!
Monique: Kim!
Kim: What's the dealy, Monique?
Monique: Did you talk to Ron?
Kim: Um, not exactly.
Monique: Kim, is this or is this not the day we pick science project partners?
Kim: Yeah?
Monique: And you and I are gonna work together, right?
Kim: Monique, I want to work with you, but?
Monique: But there's the whole Ron thing.
Wade: Remember last year?
Kim: Wade, what are you talking about?
Wade: Your vow.
Kim: I vowed?
Wade: That you would never, ever get stuck with Ron as your science project partner again?
Kim: Never ever? Exaggerating.
Wade: OK. Playback.
Kim: Every year, same story! Ron marinates and I do all the work. Never again! Never, ever!
Monique: You're gonna have to show that boy some tough love.
Kim: You're right. This year's science project is going to be different.
Ron: Good call, KP. I didn't want to say anything, but last year's effort was kind of weak.
Kim: Grrr!
Ron: I mean, it was solid, but I know you can do better.
Kim: Ron! Hello...
Ron: Yeah, hold that thought, KP, gotta run. See you in science class.
Kim: Aggh!
Drakken: In just a moment, this hapless henchman will be genetically transformed into a fearless, bloodthirsty predator! Ha-ha-ha!
Drakken: You worthless piece of...
Shego: Problems?
Drakken: None. Ha-ha! I shall have it humming along any minute now.
Shego: Too bad you had to tick off the one geneticist who's twisted enough to help you.
Drakken: I'm doing quite well on my own, thank you. Watch as I soup up this henchman with the DAN of a vicious Komodo dragon!
Shego: Mm-hmm. They call her DNAmy.
Drakken: Shego, I am quite capable of creating a genetically-enhanced super army by myself. Thank you. Ahhhhhh! Ghhhhh! Fine! New plan! I charm this DNAmy woman into doing my bidding. What?
Shego: Nothing.
Drakken: You don't think I can be charming?
Shego: I didn't say a word.
Drakken: You'll see, Shego. The doctor is making a house call. Rrrrw!
Monique: And you just tell him, Ron, I am not carrying you.
Ron: Allow me... partner.
Kim: Ok, Ron, we still need to talk.
Ron: Mr. Barkin?
Barkin: Listen up, people! I am assuming command of this classroom starting... 3... 2... 1... Now!
Monique: Where's Ms. Fitzgerald?
Barkin: A fungal experiment went horribly wrong. I didn't press for details.
Ron: So, should we tell you who our partners are gonna be?
Barkin: Negative, Stoppable! I tell you. I'm picking the teams. If you do not like your partner, you can ask for a change. I will, of course, say no. It's part of the life is
unfair theme I'm working into all curriculum. All right, let's go. Bonnie Rockwaller will team with... Brick Flagg.
Boy: Dude!
Barkin: Stoppable!
Rufus: A-ha!
Barkin: Your partner is... Monique.
Rufus: Hmm?
Kim: Hmm?
Ron: Inspired choice, Mr. B. Monique maintains Kim-level gradage.
Barkin: Possible, you're with... Justine Flanner.
Kim: Flanner's like the queen of the science fair.
Justine: I'm building a kinomatic continuum disruptor. Which will create a small tear in the space-time continuum.
Kim: Spankin'!
Amy: Coming.
Drakken: Watch and learn, Shego. Hello, pretty... Ahh!
Shego: And what have I learned?
Drakken: At least she remembers me.
Amy: Go away! You stole my genomic sequencer!
Drakken: Ah, yes. Sorry about that. By the way, were you injured?
Amy: When your girlfriend blasted me?
Drakken: When you fell from heaven, for you are surely an angel. And don't worry. She's not my girlfriend.
Amy: Do come in... Doctor.
Kim: So, Justine, tell me more about your project idea.
Justine: Uh, yeah. It's highly technical.
Kim: Try me. I'm here to help.
Justine: Here's your to do list.
Kim: It's blank.
Justine: Exactly. During the project, disappear and don't bother me. The day of the presentation, show up and smile.
Monique: Listen, Ron, I'm not Kim. I will not carry you!
Ron: Wish I could help you, but it's out of my hands.
Monique: I'm serious, dude boy! If you won't work, I won't work.
Ron: Not sure I believe that. You, Rufus?
Rufus: Uh-uh.
Ron: Monique, I think we both know you'll do the work.
Monique: What do you mean?
Ron: Four words... grade point average. Hey, you care. I don't.
Monique: You... arrggh!
Ron: Check and mate.
Drakken: Well, your home is so... decorated.
Amy: Thanks for noticing. Did it all myself.
Drakken: No!
Amy: Yes!
Drakken: Yours is a rare gift, Amy.
Amy: Oh, Doctor! Flattery will get you everywhere.
Drakken: Ooh! How about into your lab?
Amy: Right this way. Watch your step!
Drakken: Now, Shego, who got game?
Shego: You got game.
Drakken: Straight up. Ahh! Ow! Ooh! Unh! Ooh!
Mr. Dr P: Boys, you promised to help me wash the car!
Tim: Reporting for duty, Dad!
Mr. Dr P: Keep up the good work, Tim. Say, Kimmie, how's that science project with Ronald coming along?
Kim: I'm not working with Ron this year.
Mr. Dr P: Gee, that's too bad.
Kim: Well, Ron was always such a slacker, and this new partner's a genius...
Mr. Dr P: Oh, that's good!
Kim: A total know-it-all genius who thinks that I'm stupid and can't do anything!
Mr. Dr P: So we're back to bad?
Tim: Heads up! Gotta wring'er out!
Kim: Aah! Tim! You tweeb!
Mr. Dr P: You know, Kimmie, you've rubbed elbows with some pretty famous scientists. Maybe your partner isn't aware of that.
Kim: Yeah! She's a total brainiac. Some of the scientists I've met are probably like rock stars to her.
Tim: Psst!
Mr. Dr P: I can think of a certain rocket scientist who's done some amazing work.
Kim: Professor Allenford!
Mr. Dr P: Oh, yeah. Allenford. He's a good egg.
Kim: Thanks, dad!
Amy: Sorry, honey-bunny.

Drakken: Ohhhhhhh... It's the lab of my dreams!
Amy: Ready, honey-bunny?
Drakken: Heh. Is it completely necessary to call me that?
Amy: I like sugar-bugger, too.
Drakken: Honey-bunny it is, then.
Monique: Ron, we're running out of time!
Ron: I hear you, girlfriend.
Monique: Look, I'm willing to do my half of the work, but you've got to step up, too.
Ron: Monique, the system I worked out with Kim has served me well over the years.
Monique: What system? You did nothing!
Ron: Gotta go with my strengths.
Monique: OK. You know what? When you're ready to work, that's when we get this party started.
Drakken: At last! A creature so terrifying, so fearsome, so... yah! What is that?!
Amy: Isn't he just the cutest thing?
Shego: Precious.
Drakken: My mutant army must be vicious and bloodthirsty! Cute and cuddly won't take over the world!
Amy: But I'm all about cute and cuddly.
Drakken: Have you ever tried vicious and bloodthirsty?
Amy: Hmm. Do you think I'd like it?
Drakken: I know I do.
Amy: Oh, sugar foot. I don't have any meanie DNA. But I know where I can get some.
Kim: The Middleton Institute of Technology. Justine, I think you're going to like this. Look, they're making their own weather. Cool, huh? Pretty cutting edge, huh?
Justine: And I care... why?
Kim: It's closed to all but the most advanced scientists. But I got an in.
Allenford: Kim Possible! Welcome!
Kim: Professor Allenford, thank you so much for taking time from your internationally acclaimed research!
Allenford: Oh, don't be silly. After the way you saved our satellite from orbit decay, it's the least I can do.
Kim: It was just a little space walk with a fraying tether line and a blown oxygen tank. So not the drama! Oh, and this is my partner Justine.
Allenford: Justine?! You're Justine Flanner!
Kim: You know her?
Allenford: Miss Flanner, I keep this here to inspire me. The breakthroughs you've made in particle physics...
Justine: Eighth grade. Big year.
Allenford: If you wouldn't mind, could you make this out to Otto?
Justine: So, why are we here again, Possible?
Kim: Never mind.
Justine: Here you go, Otto. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a continuum disruptor to finish.
Allenford: Oh, man! Ohh! This is... Ted? Otto! You'll never guess who's in my lab. No, no. Bigger. Bigger! Bigger!
Amy: Ohh, this one is so sweet.
Drakken: Amy, we're here for nasty, remember?
Amy: Right. Nasty, nasty, nasty.
Kim: Hold it!
Amy: Huh?
Drakken: Ooh.
Kim: Drakken. And DNAmy? Together?
Both: Kim Possible?! You know Kim Possible?
Drakken: She's my arch-foe!
Amy: Well, you know what they say... The enemy of my awfully cute.
Drakken: Mmm!
Kim: OK, how weird is this?
Shego: Yeah, very. Thank you.
Amy: Oh, here's a big beastie.
Drakken: Grab it and let's go!
Shego: Yaah!
Drakken: Bye, now!
Shego: Till next time, princess!
Amy: Almost ready, honey-bunny!
Drakken: You're the best!
Shego: I think you actually like her.
Drakken: Oh, please. I'm an evil manipulator, remember? She's a pawn in my scheme.
Shego: Uh-huh. That and you like her.
Drakken: Do not.
Shego: Do so.
Drakken: Do not infinity.
Shego: Drakken and Amy sittin' in a tree K...
Drakken: Shego... What is that thing?!
Kim: She is so annoying!
Monique: At least her partner's willing to do something!
Kim: Try everything.
Monique: Maybe I should just start on the project.
Ron: I'm down with that, partner.
Kim: Ron! Ooh!
Rufus: Huh?
Ron: Earthquake?
Kim: Footsteps.
Monique: Must be some big feet.
Kim: Come on!
Ron: Ahh!
Kim: Taco! Go, Wade.
Wade: Kim, no sign of Drakken, but get this... there's a ton of crazy calls about...
Kim: A dinosaur rampaging through Middleton?
Wade: How'd you know that?
Kim: It's hard to miss.
Amy: Look, it's that meanie, Kim Possible!
Drakken: That creature will maul her to bits! Heh-heh-heh! This I want to see!
Guy: Um, I'll have a glazed and um...
Kim: Move it!
Guy: Hey... what?
Drakken: Watch out, Shego Ahh? ahh! Huh? Ahh! Ooh!
Kim: I think I know a way to stop the dino thing. I need you guys to distract it.
Ron: The distraction thing. No big.
Monique: You sure this isn't too much work for you?
Ron: This is not the time for hurtful sarcasm, Monique. Trust me. Come on!
Drakken: Ooh? Waaah!
Amy: Stop that! No! Shame on you, you bad, bad beastie! Honey-bunny, are you all right?
Drakken: You saved me!
Amy: It was nothing.
Drakken: Nothing? You risked your life... for me. Oh, Amy, no one's ever done that before!
Ron: Hurry up, Monique! He's got a dino-sized appetite.
Rufus: Heh hmm. Donuts.
Ron: Hey, hey, that's the distraction! Need more speed!
Monique: Unh!
Ron: Unh! More!
Monique: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe there's a way we can boost the motor. I need a wrench.
Ron: No got! Try Rufus!
Rufus: Uh-huh. Hello.
Monique: Turn that bolt.
Rufus: Huha! Ha!
Justine: Hey, slow down! What is that?
Kim: Yeah, it's a dino-thing, but your disruptor is the solution.
Justine: It hasn't been properly tested! There's no power out here!
Kim: The communicator has, like, mega batteries.
Ron: We have donut launch!
Monique: Oh it?s working!
Rufus: Yay!
Kim: Ready, Wade?
Wade: Good to go, Kim.
Justine: But...
Kim: Justine, it'll work. The science is sound. I read all your notes.
Justine: And you understood them?
Kim: Perfectly. OK, no, I had to look up a ton of stuff, but I got through it.
Justine: Spanking!
Rufus: Oh, no.
Ron: Well put... waaah!
Monique: Come on, Kim.
Kim: One... two... now!
Justine: It's operational! It worked! It worked!
Kim: We did it, Justine! Well, mainly you did it, but, hey, I helped.
Monique: Nice job, partner.
Drakken: Amy, you're the woman for me. I knew it the moment I saw you.
Amy: Oh, Doctor!
Drakken: I love everything about you. Your homemade cookies... your homemade creatures... the way that you wrinkle your nose when you flout the laws of man and nature. Oh, Amy, be mine.
Amy: You're sweet, but the truth is, my heart belongs to another.
Drakken: It what?
Amy: I did some radical genetic mutation on his hands and feet. Isn't that romantic? I hope that we can still be friends.
Drakken: Shego!
Barkin: Nice job, class. You worked together to push the frontiers of science. Ah, baking soda volcano. A classic. But you two expect me to believe that this hunk of
junk can tear the fabric of time and space... just by flipping this switch? Come on!
Kim and Justine: No!
Barkin: Possible!
Kim: Working on it.



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