Oh No! Yono

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Ron: C’mon, Han. We’re going to skip you passed walking and jump right into mad dancin’ moves.
Rufus: W-woah! Flippies.
Ron: Take five, kiddo. But y’know, study that legwork.
Kim: So, Mr. Babysitter. The little one got you frazzled, yet?
Ron: Frazzled? Nah - there’s no frazzle here. Talkin’ to big brother, Kim. It’s all good in the hood.
Kim: No doubt, Ron. It’s just that babies can be kind of umm….
Ron: Driper in the diaper?
Kim: A handful.
Ron: Got it covered. Now check it. Meet the Flippies. Flippies Beach Party. Flippy-sized. And their newest DVD simply titled, Flippin’.
Kim: The Flippies? Of Party on the Potty fame?
Ron: Oh – don’t hash the Flip, KP. Singing, dancing at the same time. The kids love the Flippies!
Kim: And apparently some teenagers, too.
Ron: Were it not for Party on the Potty, I’d still be in diapers, today.
Kim: But, Ron, that DVD has only been out, for like 2 years?!
Roh: Ho ho – time flies. Oh, look! Looks like Han’s on the move.
Kim: Don’t let her out of your sight for even a sec. Trust me.
Ron: Big brooother.
Kim: Mr. Distraaactable.
Ron: Oh, please. I help you defeat mega villains. I think I can handle my own baby sister. Ehhhhhhhhh.
Rufus: Oh, boy.
Ron: The ceiling! How could you possibly get hand-prints on the Ahhhh! Mom!
Mr. Stoppable: Ronald!
Ron: It’s not my fault! It was Han’s! She – she—
Mrs. Stoppable: Walking! Our little girl’s walking!
Mr. Stoppable: Oh, baby’s first steps.
Ron: Hehe. Yeah. Cute.
Kim: Han is toddling? Oh, you must be so psyched.
Ron: Okay. Y’know, yes, to psyche. But can we get back to the point?
Kim: That wasn’t the point?
Ron: No. The point is what kind of big brother can’t even handle his own baby sister.
Kim: I tried to warn you.
Ron: Hand-prints on the ceiling, Kim. The ceil-ing!
Kim: Uh-huh.
Ron: I’m telling you, KP. There’s something about Han. Something… different.
Monkey Fist: Imagine. Defeated by a mere infant. Oh Monty, what have you become? I found the keys, unlocked the shrines, so close to my ultimate goal… the monkey mystic weapon! Thanks to the growing list of young people I loathe! I never even discovered what the true nature of the weapon was, much less it’s name! Errrgh. See? I told you scrapbooking the incident would not make me feel any better!..........But I know what will. Yono:, the Destroyer. Two sides of the same mystical force. I need only unleash the Yono: and it will lead me right to its counterpart, the elusive weapon. We need only acquire the missing half of this scroll to locate the Yono:. Then with both the Yono: and the weapon in my possession, I will be unstoppable!
Kim: She doesn’t look like an all powerful destoyer of babysitters. But then, they never do.
Ron: Another dinner, dad?
Mr. Stoppable: Becoming actuary of the year has made me very popular on the lecture circuit.
Mrs. Stoppable: It’s sweet of you to help Ron babysit our little Hannah:.
Kim: I’m just here for the Flippies.
Ron: Ah, that’s right. You kids have fun. Y’know, big bro’s got it all under control. Hehehe...... Ahhhh! I’m in over my head! Water rising, water rising!
Kim: It’s okay, Ron. Your parents have faith in you. And so do I.
Ron: You don’t understand, Kim, Han is—Huuh? Moving, she’s moving!.
Kim: Roooon!
Ron: Han? How did you— Ah!
Kim: See? What’s the big?
Ron: C’mon, Han. Book time. Now turn the page. ‘Kay, extend the arm, page, page?! .
Han: Page.
Ron: Look, her first word. I-I taught her that.
Kim: Ron, you realize that every moment with Hannah: doesn’t have to be a learning experience, right?
Ron: Yeah, if you don’t focus her energy, KP, she’ll be bouncing off the walls. Oh no. Okay, she’s loose. She’s loose!
Kim: Relax. It’s no big. I’ll just… umm, ah,.
Ron: Now, see, this is what I was saying.
Kim: I’ve got her. I’ve—hey!
Ron: Han, hey! Hey, hey, woah!
Ron: So… this is like a toddler thing?
Kim: This isn’t even a Flippy thing. How did she… I mean she’s just a… and the walking on the ceiling. Ron, the ceiling!
Ron: Welcome to extreme babysitting, Kim.
Kim: I think I’d like to know more about this agency who handled Hannah:’s adoption.
Ron: More like “secret” agency.
Kim: Meaning?
Ron: A front for a covert weapons division who make super babies. Y’know? Like-like project jugger-tot.
Mrs. Stoppable: Knock ! Knock! How’d everything go?
Ron: It was… interesting.
Mr. Stoppable: Now your sister didn’t give you any trouble, did she?
Ron: Ah….
Kim: Oh… sweet little Hannah:?
Wade: Hey, Kim. How’s the sitter?
Kim: Oh, the usual. Sort of. Hehehe. You got somethin’, Wade?
Wade: Break in at the Museum of Ancient Artifacts and Antiquitites.
Ron: Huh? Not the MAAA.
Kim: You’ve been?
Ron: Um, not since… ever.
Kim: Thought so. Anything signif missing?
Wade: You mean like artifacts from a secret sect of Mandrill monks?
Kim: Monkey Fist!
Ron: Ahh, y’know, I was totally going to say that.
Monkey Fist: Oh, what a surprise. The cheer squad.
Kim: Yup. And I worked up a special routine just for you. Don’t think you’ll like the big finish, though.
Monkey Fist: Well, don’t let me keep you from enjoying the exhibit. These artifacts are simply priceless. It would be a shame if ill fortune were to befall them.
Kim: W-woah.
Ron: Kim!
Kim: I see them! Ron!
Ron: I got’m! I got’m!
Kim: Here.
Ron: W-woah!
Monkey Fist: Ooooo, so I see the mysterious weapon has a name. Fascinating......
Ron: W-w-wooah!
Monkey Fist: The location is revealed… to only me .
Ron: Careful, careful.
Kim: Cheer squad, sis--
Ron: -boom-bah. Hey!
Monkey Fist: I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Just know that our next encounter will be at a time of my choosing, and then, my dear children, not even your ‘Han’ can save you. Hahahaha!
Kim and Ron: Han?
Ron: Why is the monkey man talking about my baby sister?
Kim: No idea. But I think it’s time we get some serious 411 on Hannah: Stoppable. So, what exactly do you know about Hannah:’s adoption agency?
Ron: You mean aside from it being a secret cover for project tod-kwon-do?
Kim: Yeah. Aside from that. Hey, Wade. You get any traction on that scroll Monkey Fist dusted?
Wade: Well, the good news is that the museum did scan a copy of it when they added it to their collection.
Kim: That is good news.
Wade: I determined it’s a map to the hidden valleys of a simian canyon. And guys, I don’t know why but it mentions the Han… a lot.
Ron: Han? W-what does it say?
Wade: Well, that’s the bad news. Without the other half of the scroll it doesn’t say much. Like, even where simian canyon is.
Ron: Yeah - but what about Han?
Wade: Well, there’s some connection between Han and... and….
Ron: What?
Wade: A dark destroyer called the Yono:.
Ron: Oh, no.
Kim: Dark Destroyer. Pfffft! No big. If we had a nickel for every one of those we’ve smacked down, right?
Ron: Yeah. We’d have many nickels.
Wade: It’s not an adoption agency. It’s….
Kim: A pet store?
Ron: So my baby sister came from a pet store?
Kim: Are we sure this place is legit?
Ron: Oh yeah. Y’know I’d recognize that sweet bouquet of hamsters and guppies any day of the week. Though I must say I’m unimpressed with their limited chew toy selection.
Rufus: Bleah.
Attendant:: Can I help you?
Ron: Yeah. Show us to your bin of super ninja babies. Please.
Attendant:: Ah, we don’t have a lot of chew toys, if that’s what that is.
Kim: Hi. Um, yeah, do you know how long this store has been here?
Attendant:: This is our grand opening.
Ron: Not so grand to me.
Kim: Any scoop on the previous tenant?
Attendant:: Sorry, long gone before we got here. If you’ll excuse me.
Kim: Doh! The scroll, the store? All our leads are dead ends!
Attendant:: Hey, y’know, we are still getting junk mail from before.
Kim: Sweet!
Ron: No way!
Kim: Who is it? Who’s the tenant?
Ron: Yeah, I don’t know but look at this deal on carpet cleaning. How can they afford to stay in business?
Kim: The address, Ron. Who was it sent to?
Kim and Ron: The Yamanuchi Adoption Agency.
Ron: Yamanuchi?
Kim: Care of Mr. Sensei:?!
Ron: Han really is a ninja baby!?
Kim: Okay, weird. Heavily weird.
Ron: Why did Sensei: pose as an adoption agency to secretly hook me up with a baby ninja sister?
Kim: I can’t believe what you just said is actually sounding plausible to me.
Mrs. Stoppable: Wipes! Are you sure you got enough wipes?
Ron: Mom, the diaper bag is stocked.
Mrs. Stoppable: You’re a terrific big brother, Ronnie. It’s nice that you want to spend time with your little sister.
Ron: Oh, it’s just a quick day trip to Japan, mom. Okay, catch you later.
Kim: See, your mom said you were a good big brother. So it must be true.
Ron: Yeah, until Han busts out of the baby bag and decides to do laps on the wing. Okay, C’mon, Han. Here, c’mere. Let’s try the book again, okay? This time use your whole arm. Page.....page.....
Ron: Haaan.
Kim: Okay, Hannah:. This is the good part.
Ron: And this is the bad part.
Kim: This is kind of spooky.
Rufus: Ooooh.
Kim: Where is everybody? Oh! Huh? Hey!
Yori: Kim Possible! It is you! I am so sorry for the confusion.
Kim: Yori?!
Ron: Yori? Yori! Haha! How’s my favorite ninja?
Yori: Oh there you are, little Han!
Ron: Huh. Baby always get the love.
Yori: My apologies, Stoppable-san, but Han is like a little sister to me.
Ron: Yeah, me too. I mean, since we got her from the pet store.
Yori: Sensei:, he has been expecting you, Stoppable-san.
Ron: That’s probably because he forgot to give me the instruction book to my wild little super ninja sister.
Yori: Instruction book?
Ron: Yup. We just have a few questions and we’ll be out of your hair.
Yori: O-oh, I see. By suggesting you would leave us in our time of need you are making more of your American style jokes.
Ron: Hehe, yeah. Say what – wait what?
Kim: Yori, about that ‘time of need’ thing. Where is everyone?
Yori: Only Sensei: and I remain as guardians. Everyone else has been sent away for safety.
Kim: Safety?
Yori: Sensei: anticipates bad events.
Ron: But like accidentally losing my pants in public kinda bad, or like eating a plate of nacos and finding a hair in the cheese kinda bad.
Kim: Ewww!
Sensei:: Though this hair conundrum you speak of sounds bad, I do fear something much worse.
Kim: Sensei:?
Sensei:: Monkey Fist will unearth Yono:.
Ron: The destroyer? That Yono:? Okay, worse than hairy cheese.
Monkey Fist: That’s it! keep digging! We’re getting close! I can feel it! Yes, let me see it! Yes! Yes! The Dark Temple of the Yono:!
Monkey Fist: Simian mon kayala uwono aluay ken servant Yono:.....
Yono:: I am Yono:!
Monkey Fist: The destroyer? Really?
Yono:: Word.
Monkey Fist: So you claim to be the great destroyer.
Yono:: What part of YONO: THE DESTOYER confuses you?
Monkey Fist: The short part. Ohhh, I’m impressed… but not enitrely convinced. Ah! ah! ah! This time, without the cheap light show.
Yono:: So it shall be. No flash, just crash. Hmm, want you to see more?
Monkey Fist: Oh, yes! In fact I want to see it all, when you crush my enemies.
Yono:: So, you are willing to follow the dark path of the Yono:?
Monkey Fist: Yes, lead me to my destiny through your power!
Yono:: As it is to be wished.
Monkey Fist: Now that the Yono: is mine, soon too shall I have the Han. I – eh? Excuse me, where are you going?
Yono:: To school.
Ron: Okay, wait a minute. let me see if I’ve got this straight. You secretly placed Han in my family so I could prepare her for a showdown with a malevolent mystic monkey?
Sensei:: Correct.
Sensei:: This is my way to telling you.
Ron: Oh I see, yes, yes, interesting. Well, um, if I had known I was supposed to be teaching her ninja skills I would have, like, I don’t know, maybe TAUGHT HER SOME NINJA SKILLS!......Ahh, who am I kidding? I can’t even teach her to turn a page in a book much less take out some evil dude. I mean, look. Look at this! See, Ron try teach dance! Baby no dance! No dance!
Kim: Ron, are you okay?
Ron: No, I’m not okay! My baby sister is going to be crushed by an evil entity because I’m the worse big brother in the whole world!
Kim: Don’t worry. We won’t let anything happen to Hannah:.
Yori: We will fight to our last breath.
Sensei:: Perhaps you should take time with Han to reflect on the value of your relationship as brother and sister. Surely your time has not been completely wasted?
`: Brother.
Ron: Poor Han. So blissfully innocent and unprepared for your big showdown. No thanks to me.............Heh, hey. Thanks, kiddo. Well, I guess if nothing else I’ve taught you the value of a family that loves you....Who’s a boobah.......Heh, hey! What are you? –
Hannah:: Page.
Ron: Hey. Hey, that’s right, page. Han, can you turn the page?
Hannah:: Page.
Ron: Haha ha, Han! You rock! Woah. Maybe I was teaching you more than I realized.
Hannah:: Brother.
Ron: Oh, c’mon sister! We’ve gotta show this off!
Sensei:: Hmm, the time, it is upon us.
Monkey Fist: Oh, yoo-hooo! Yono: calling!
Yono:: Hellooo.
Monkey Fist: Ah, the welcoming committee.
Yori: On the contrary. You are most unwelcome here.
Monkey Fist: Surrender the Han and I’ll spare you my wrath.
Kim: Yeah, that’s gonna happen.....like never.
Monkey Fist: Never may be sooner than you think. The Han. Now!
Kim: What do you want with Ron’s baby sister, anyway? Looking for an intellectual peer?
Monkey Fist: So hilarious. I dare say I forgot to… laugh…?.... Infant! How blind I’ve been! The Han isn’t a weapon! It’s a person! Interesting..............Finish them!
Rufus: Booyah! Uh huh! We bad! Huuuuuuh. Huh--.
Yori: Sensei:! Are you-- No!
Yono:: Hahahahahaha!
Kim: Yori! Huh?!
Ron: KP! Guess… what? .............Yori!
Yori: Stoppable-san....
Ron: Oh, no. Kim?
Yori: It is up to you and Han, now.
Ron: No. No. This is all my fault.
Monkey Fist: Admiring my handiwork, what?
Ron: Monkey Fist! Dude, you are going down! Hard.
Monkey Fist: Give me the Han, boy! Or you will regret it! I promise you!
Ron: Oh! Oh! Oooooh! How could you?--. Y’know what, you are going down… uh… harder! Yeah!
Monkey Fist: You had your chance.
Ron: Woah!
Monkey Fist: Come to me, Han. I will raise you as my own and school you in monkey evil.
Ron: Stay away from my sister!
Hannah:: Hi!
Ron: Uh! Ah! Where are my monkey powers when I need’em!?
Monkey Fist: Come on. Come with me and together we will rule the world with the destructive power of the Yono:.
Hannah:: Page. Hah!
Monkey Fist: H-how are you?
Hannah:: Page. Page.
Monkey Fist: C-cut that out!
Hannah:: Page!
Yono:: Allowing me.
Ron: Han! Go-o, Han!
Monkey Fist: What are you--? No.! Go away! Wha--? W-woah.
Ron: Alriiight! Hey! Eh! Ehhhh! Aww!
Monkey Fist: What are you--? Oh no.....
Hannah:: Hah!
Monkey Fist: Umph! Oooooooh.....
Yono:: You have defeated he who has unearthed me, and now as agreed, he will find his destiny following the path of the Yono:!
Yori: Oh!
Ron: Ow!
Kim: Ron? Ron!
Ron: Kim! Way to go, Han! You totally saved the day!
Kim: And she couldn’t have done it without her Flippy loving big brother.!......Uh, where’s Monkey Fist?
Ron: Path of the Yono:............Path of the Yono:.
Sensei: : We owe you a great debt, Stoppable-san.
Yori: And Kim Possible.
Kim: And don’t forget little Han.
Yori: We could never forget little Han.
Ron: Yeah, she’s kind of hard to miss.
Mr. Stoppable: Hey, kids, we’re home!
Mrs. Stoppable: I hope Hannah: wasn’t too much— trouble?!
Mr. Stoppable: Ronald. Did you carbo-load your sister?
Ron: No. Dad, Han is a super world-saving ninja baby.
Mrs. Stoppable: Wait, you knew this?
Mr. Stoppable: And you didn’t tell us?
Ron: This is my way of telling you.



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