Mother's Day

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By wallaceb
Mr. Dr P: OK, everyone ready?
Kim: Breakfast, check.
Jim: Card, check.
Tim: Present, check.
Kim: Why is the present buzzing?
Jim: Mom loves honey.
Tim: It's a mutant strain of honey bees.
Jim: Yeah, they make twice the honey of normal bees.
Kim: I bet they sting twice as much too.
Tweebs: Well, duh!
Mr. Dr P: Boys, I'm going to say no to the bees. Let's go with the flowers.
All: Happy Mother's Day!
Mrs. Dr P: Breakfast in bed! Oh, how nice.
Jim: We made you a card.
Tim: Dad made me give you these.
Mrs. Dr P: Weren't those in the hall table?
Kim: The tweebs wanted to give you mutant bees.
Mrs. Dr P: Gotcha. Thanks. Dr. Possible. No, I have a lobal at 10
Kim: Go, Wade.
Mrs. Dr P and Kim: Hey!
Mr. Dr P: When was the last time you two shared some quality mother-daughter bonding?
Kim: Well, There was that one time.
Mrs. Dr P: No, Kimmie, we had to cancel that, remember?
Mr. Dr P: My point, exactly. I want you two to take Mother's Day off and spend it together, no matter what.
Mrs. Dr P: What about Jim and Tim?
Jim: Honey time!
Mr. Dr P: Uh, we're gonna be busy bee keepers. Uh-aarrgh!
Mrs. Dr P: A day together.
Kim: Spanking.
Mrs. Dr P: It's... nothing serious, I'm sure.
Kim: Wade probably wants to tell me he got the hi-score on Thunder crash, again. What's the sitch?
Mrs. Dr P: Talk to me.
Mrs. Dr P: Neuro-emergency.
Kim: Drakken. Evil scheme.
Mr. Dr P: Oh!
Shego: This had better be worth it.
Drakken: Oh, it is, Shego. Behind this door is the most top secret substance known to man.
Shego: If it's so secret, how do you hear about it?
Drakken: Online chartroom. You really should spend more time on the Internet.
Shego: Ah, no, thanks. I've got a life.
Drakken: Hmm. Behold!
Shego: That's what we came for?
Drakken: This container holds all the self-replicating syntoplasma in the world!
Shego: Huh, must not be in big demand.
Drakken: It's super concentrated. Just add air and look out!
Shego: Look out for what?
Drakken: Stuff! You know bad stuff... but big bad stuff. Whoa-aah!
Shego: Don't know what it does, do ya?
Drakken: I do too, it's just I... I don't want to tell. It would ruin the...
Kim: Surprise!
Drakken: Kim Possible?!
Ron: And don't forget Ron Stoppable.
Drakken: Yeah, whatever. Shego, attack!
Shego: With pleasure. Uh! Yah! Ow!
Kim: Take it, Ron.
Ron: Got it.
Drakken: Nah! Quick, that weasel's got it! Hand it over. Ahhhhh!
Shego: Ahhhhh!
Drakken: This isn't over yet!
Kim: Go, Wade.
Wade: Sorry to interrupt. But Ron's mom is looking for him.
Ron: Aaah, me busted! I promised Mom I'd spend the day with her.
Kim: I made the same promise. Wade, are you at a restaurant?
Ron: Dude, you actually left your room?
Wade: Get real, I had brunch brought in.
Wade?s Mom: And some ham and some Cheddar cheese. Mm, that's a nice omelet! Oh, hi, kids! Kim, I hope you're doing something special with your mother today.
Kim: As a matter of fact, yes, I am.
Mrs. Dr P: Oh, hi, Kimmie. I'm a little busy.
Kim: We said we were gonna spend the day together, no matter what. Here I am.
Mrs. Dr P: That is so sweet. Well, then grab a clamp and stop that bleeding.
Ron: That's right; today's your day, Mom. Whatever you want, you got it.
Mrs. Stoppable: I want a clean garage.
Ron: Mom, I can't do the impossible. That's more of a Kim thing. Oh, oh! How about I glue macaroni's to a coffee can and then spray it gold?
Mrs. Stoppable: Ronald, if you wanna make me happy, clean this garage.
Ron: Yeeh!
Rufus: Oh, no.
Ron: Hey, there's my old Hacky Sack. Ahhhhhhh! Stack of boxes!
Drakken: This impenetrable mountain fortress is the one place we'll be safe to plan our next move against Kim Possible. The perimeter is fortified with pulse cannons and any
movement will be detected by these thermal motion detectors! Nobody gets in here without my say-so.
Mrs. Lipsky: Drew, is that you?
Drakken: Mother?
Mrs. Lipsky: Oooh! What is all this stuff? Is this for your radio show?
Shego: Radio show?
Drakken: That's right... radio show. I've got to get back to my callers. Um, hello, listener. Erm... my advice to you is to get in touch with your feminine side, yes. Ohhh.
Shego: OK, I'm confused.
Drakken: And that's perfectly OK. Those feelings are normal. Mother doesn't know I'm a super villain. She thinks I'm a radio talk show doctor.
Mrs. Lipsky: My Drew helps people with their problems. He's such a good boy and smart too.
Drakken: Yes, that's right, mother, and Dr. Drakken is busy with his show at the moment.
Mrs. Lipsky: Drakken's a stage name.
Drakken: Mm-hm, so thanks for stopping by.
Mrs. Lipsky: Is this any way to treat your mother on her day?
Drakken: What day?
Mrs. Lipsky: Mother's Day!
Drakken: Mother's Day? That's today?!
Mrs. Lipsky: You didn't forget, did you?
Drakken: Noooo. What kind of son would forget Mother's Day?
Mrs. Lipsky: Mmm, not my Drew.
Kim: I had no idea how major your job is. I mean it's, it's... well, it's brain surgery.
Mrs. Dr P: Oooh, you were a big help in there, Kimmie, and you didn't faint once.
Kim: Oh, I was too busy throwing up.
Shego: So, your mother has no idea you're trying to take over the world?
Drakken: She'll know when I succeed, won't she?!
Mrs. Lipsky: Drew, what does this button do?
Drakken: No, don't touch it! You'll destroy us all! I, um... I mean, Mother, erm... you have to be in the union to touch this stuff, yes.
Mrs. Lipsky: Oh, well, I don't want to get anybody in trouble. I'm going to make coffee.
Drakken: I've just learned that the self-replicating syntoplasma is being transported to a secret location by high-speed train. By calculating the proper intercept vectors and
implementing split-second timing, we'll meet up with the train here and then it will all be mine!
Mrs. Lipsky: Aren't you a little old to be playing with your Peter Puffer-Puff toys?
Shego: She's got a point, Choo-choo boy.
Drakken: Nnnh!
Mrs. Lipsky: Don't you think it's time you settled down and met a nice girl?
Shego: Oh, um... ick!
Kim: OK, we have all day together. So, what'll it be, bike ride?
Mrs. Dr P: Manicures?
Kim: Wade?!
Mrs. Dr P: What?
Kim: Wade, you're cutting into mother-daughter time.
Wade: Sorry, Kim. I just intercepted a transmission.
Kim: Hold it, now you're at the beach?!
Wade: And soak up all those UVs? No way! This is just my holocube.
Wade?s Mom: Whooo! No wonder this child never leaves his room.
Wade: Anyway, the syntoplasma is being moved by high-speed train and I'm tracking Drakken coursing in same coordinates.
Kim: Trackin' Drakken. Great. OK, better get Ron.
Mrs. Dr P: Ahem!
Kim: Mom?
Mrs. Dr P: We promised to spend the day together, no matter what.
Kim: Uhhhh! I know we promised to spend the day together.
Mrs. Dr P: No matter what.
Kim: But this could get dangerous. I need Ron.
Mrs. Dr P: Well, today you don't have Ron. Today you have Mom.
Kim: N-N-No, but you don't understand.
Kim: Oh, no, not the puppy dog pout!
Kim: Hmm! Oh, alright, come on.
Mrs. Lipsky: What a lovely day for a picnic. Drew, you spoil me.
Drakken: Nothing's too good for my mother. Everyone follow me.
Mrs. Lipsky: Ooooh, a nature hike.
Shego: Did we really need to bring all of this food?
Mrs. Lipsky: My little boy needs a healthy meal to keep him strong. Isn't that right, Drewbie?
Drakken: Yah!
Shego: Drewbie?
Drakken: Mother, we agreed. No Drewbie. I'm a big boy now, remember?
Mrs. Lipsky: Oh, but you'll always be my Drewbie. Now, give Momma a great big huggie!
Drakken: Uh, not in front of my... radio crew.
Mrs. Lipsky: Drewbie, are you sure you know where you're going?
Drakken: Yes, Mother, this is a global positioning device. I know exactly where I'm going.
Shego: Er, Dr. Drakke...
Drakken: Ahhhhhhhh!
Shego: Hmm, never mind.
Drakken: Ow! Agh, agh, thorns! Rocks! Ooooh! Ahc... I'm OK!
Mrs. Lipsky: Oh, my, that is a pretty spot.
Mrs. Dr P: Aren't we going a little fast?
Kim: We've gotta catch this train.
Mrs. Dr P: I know, but...
Kim: Relax, Mom, I do this stuff all the time. Nothing to it. Sorry, if I scared you.
Mrs. Dr P: Are you kidding? That was awesome! I had to get your father try this.
Kim: Great idea.
Ron: Uh!
Rufus: Whoa! Uhhh!
Ron: Well, that's a start.
Rufus: Uh!
Ron: Oh, man! Huh?! So, Mr. Garden Gnome, we meet again. It's been a while. This time you're on my turf and I'm taking out the trash!
Voice: Ron...? Ron?
Ron: I'm sorry, Mr. Gnome. I didn't mean to call you trash.
Voice: Ron, it's me, Wade.
Ron: Don't play me, gnome.
Wade: I'm using this porcelain figure as a receiver. Kim's on Drakken's trail.
Ron: Hey, to get me out of cleaning the garage, I am so out of here.
Ron: I am so staying here.
Drakken: The train will come from this direction and then... Bam! Avalanche. Then we take the syntoplasma.
Mrs. Lipsky: Drew Lipsky? What have I told you about playing with your food?
Drakken: My food is not a toy. It's for my tummy to enjoy.
Shego: Here comes the train.
Mrs. Lipsky: Open the station.
Drakken: Quick, the sonic disrupter. Oh, it's just the way I like it, with chopped gherkins. Mmm.
Mrs. Lipsky: What's that?
Drakken: It's for man-in-the-street interviews.
Shego: And um, where's the street?
Drakken: Zip the lip, Shego.
Mrs. Dr P: Kimmie, do you see that?
Kim: Drakken. Come on. It's on auto.
Mrs. Dr P: So, it'll stop before we hit that?
Kim: That's my hope. I think I broke the brakes. Something has to slow this down.
Mrs. Dr P: Kimmie, we're going faster.
Kim: Let's see if Wade can help. Wade, you're hot-linked into a controls of speeding train that needs to stop now.
Wade: I'm on it.
Wade?s Mom: Honey, you built this facial gizmo yourself. Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Wade: Glad you like it, Mom.
Wade: Oh, bad news. Looks like the brakes broken.
Kim and Mrs. Dr P: We know.
Wade: It gets worse. There's a rockslide ahead.
Kim and Mrs. Dr P: We know.
Wade: OK, the train has an advanced power source. With a little rewiring, I think we can divert an energy blast from the engine to tunnel through the rock.
Mrs. Dr P: Kimmie?
Kim: I can't reach these two wires in the back.
Mrs. Dr P: This is just like the spinal juncture. We need a surgeon's touch.
Drakken: Aagh! Only one person could have done that! Kim Possible.
Mrs. Lipsky: Oh, is she one of your friends?
Drakken: Mmm, er, it's a complicated relationship, Mother. Come, we have to catch that train.
Mrs. Lipsky: This Kim must be some special girl, huh? Looks like you missed your chance with my boy, honey.
Shego: Oh, yeah, you're right. How will I ever live with myself?
Kim: You rock, Mom!
Mrs. Dr P: Just my bizzo with the chizzo surgical skills, girl.
Kim: Mom, you're already cool. Don't push it.
Drakken: Kim Possible, looks like you have reached the...
Kim: End of the line?
Drakken: I hate when she does that. And so Kim Possible and her... sister, Hmm?
Mrs. Dr P: Is he hitting on me?
Kim: Nah, sidekicks really confuse him.
Drakken: Ahem! Would the tied-up please pay attention to the tier-upper? You have been a bee in my bonnet for far too long. Prepare to meet...
Mrs. Lipsky: Drew?
Drakken: ...My mother.
Mrs. Lipsky: Ooh, why are they tied up like that?
Drakken: Um, it's a very delicate stage of their treatment.
Mrs. Lipsky: Ohhhh.
Shego: Peter Puffer-Puff's approaching the giant gorge.
Drakken: You're loving this, aren't you?
Mrs. Lipsky: I could use a coffee, this is train have the dining car? Drewbie, are you listening to me?
Drakken: Mother!
Kim: Drewbie?
Shego: Precious, isn't it?
Mrs. Dr P: Well, I used to call you Little Bubble Butt.
Kim: Mom! Not in front of Shego and Drakken!
Mrs. Lipsky: See, Drewbie, it's not just me.
Drakken: Mmm, I think I smell coffee. You look for that dining car now.
Mrs. Lipsky: You want I should bring you a cup?
Drakken: Thank you, no, Mother.
Drakken: Now, then, when we reach the gorge, I'll be...
Mrs. Dr P: Dropping you off?
Drakken: Another lippy Possible, grr! Come, Shego. Let's get what we came for.
Kim: Nicely done, Mom.
Mrs. Dr P: And kinda fun, too.
Kim: I know, isn't it? OK, these ropes aren't budging.
Mrs. Dr P: Laser scalpel. You never know. Oh, it's alright, I'm a doctor.
Kim: I have to say you make an outstanding sidekick.
Mrs. Dr P: Anything for my little bubble?
Kim: Mom!
Drakken: Finally, the most secret substance in the world is mine.
Mrs. Lipsky: Drew, you lied! There's no dining car on this train. Is that what I think it is? A thermos of coffee. Oh, such a good boy. I'll go get the pie from our picnic basket, OK?
Drakken: Huh?
Kim: Lose something?
Drakken: Grrr!
Kim: Mom, catch.
Mrs. Dr P: Oh, hey, I caught it.
Kim: Great, just don't...
Shego: I'll take that.
Kim: ...lose it.
Drakken: Ach!
Mrs. Dr P: Oops, I guess that's not what Ron would have done.
Kim: You've never actually seen Ron in action, have you?
Shego: Let it go!
Kim: Hand it over!
Mrs. Lipsky: Pie and coffee, everybody! Come and get it!
Drakken: Mother? Oh, doodles.
Mrs. Lipsky: Drew Lipsky, you know I don't like that doodle talk.
Mrs. Lipsky: Urh, that's not coffee.
Kim: Everyone out.
Mrs. Lipsky: If you ask me, this part of your treatment seems a bit extreme, but... my son's a doctor.
Kim: We've got company.
Drakken: OK, we're out of here.
Shego: Right behind ya.
Mrs. Lipsky: Drew Lipsky, what have I told you about leaving the room without saying goodbye? Sorry about my Drewbie, he's not usually rude. Goodbye and good luck with your treatment.
Mrs. Dr P: What would Ron do now?
Kim: Probably cry, or run. Wade?
Mrs. Dr P: Interesting. I think it responds to electrical impulses.
Kim: Talk about it later. Come on, Mom. The more it eats, the bigger it gets.
Mrs. Dr P: That's just like your brothers. Can't stop eating junk.
Kim: Jump!
Drakken: I know we parked the hovercraft up here somewhere.
Shego: Yeah, but at that end of the train.
Drakken: Oh, swell! The gelatinous mass ate it! Do you know how much that thing cost? It wasn't cheap. Fine, we'll keep the train, lose the passengers.
Shego: What about your mother?
Mrs. Lipsky: I went back for the pie.
Drakken: My mother! I forgot about her!
Mrs. Lipsky: Oh, Drew Theodore P. Lipsky, were you trying to leave me back there?
Drakken: No, of course not. It was a special test, a jump test. Yes, and you passed.
Mrs. Lipsky: Oh, I did?
Drakken: Yes, happy jumpy Mother's Day! Shego, take 'em out.
Drakken: Farewell, Kim Possible.
Mrs. Lipsky: Oh, it's so nice to see my son the doctor helping people.
Mrs. Dr P: We're running out of train.
Kim: I can try shocking it again but it's so big now.
Mrs. Dr P: Wait, don't shock it. Talk to it.
Kim: Mom, it's an out-of-control matter-eating monster.
Mrs. Dr P: I know. But its reactions to current are similar to the electric impulses in the brain.
Mrs. Dr P: This should.... not do that.
Kim: Can't you tell it to take a nap? Oh!
Mrs. Dr P: Kimmie! Come on, come on! Let?s see if this sequence calms him down. Theta waves, I did it! In the zone!
Kim: Gross, it's drooling.
Mrs. Dr P: Not exactly the way I thought we'd spend the day.
Kim: But we spent it together.
Mrs. Dr P: No matter what.
Kim: So, what do we do with this guy?
Scientist: I don't know how to thank you, Kim Possible. The self-replicating syntoplasma can be very dangerous.
Kim: Not a problem, especially once you know how to talk to it.
Scientist: Where is the syntoplasma now?
Ron: It kept on eating. We had to feed it something. Plus Mom gets a nice clean garage and I didn't even break a sweat.
Kim: What's with the garden gnome?
Ron: Whatever you do, don't make eye contact.



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