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Ron: Pudding! Why is pudding in my entree compartment?
Kim: I think cafeteria lady said it's er, turkey and vegetable...
Ron: Pudding?
Rufus: Mmm! Pudding!
Ron: Look at the senior table. There's no turkey pudding over there! They don't have to eat this slop!
Kim: True, cafeteria lady did not whip up that platter. That's fruits of the sea.
Ron: Oh, man! I'm all about fruits of the sea!
Kim: You can't sit at senior table before you're a senior. Certain things are sacred.
Monique: Kim, can I borrow your communicator?
Kim: Er, sure, Monique. OK.
Monique: You are clutch! Wade!
Wade: Hey, Monique! Just in time. Streaming the Clique report.
Ron: What are you doing?
Monique: Shh! This is crucial.
**Elsa:**Bonsoir, fashion victims!
Kim: Monique, tell me you don't heed Elsa Clique fashion advice!
Monique: Her word is law, Kim.
Kim: Why can't people have their own style? What makes her so smart?
Ron: Kim, she is on television!
**Elsa:**From Milan to Paris, poofy pink is making a stink.
Rufus: Pink, whoo-hoo!
Monique: Kim!
Kim: This is so weak! Nobody would wear anything that stupid in the real world!
Ron: Do you consider high school the real world?
Kim: Bonnie?
Rufus: Hmm?!
**Bonnie:**If you need me, I'll be at the senior table. Fruits of the sea.
Seniors: Bonnie!
Kim: Grrr!
Ron: Kim, it's not like it's a big mystery! Bonnie dressed for success.
Kim: Just because she wears some trendy outfit she gets to sit at the most coveted table in the whole caf?
Ron: I believe that's how it went down, yes.
Kim: But the senior table is seniors only. It's unwritten rule. You can't just buy your way in with pink poof! It doesn't...
Ron: Er, Kim...
Fenster: Thank you for coming, Kim Possible.
Kim: No big, Dr. Fenster. What's the sitch?
Fenster: This is a very sensitive security issue. My company has created a satellite with a laser powerful enough and accurate enough to destroy a target as small as this, from space. Goggles!
Ron: Uh, I didn't get...I don't have goggles, I don't have gog... Ahhhhh!
Fenster: Oh, yeah! On the money!
Ron: Aww! Missed it.
Fenster: Anyway, we called you because we have reason to believe someone is planning to steal our technology.
Ron: Good tip!
Drakken: I want that laser control! Shego!
Shego: Thank you.
Fenster: Hey, stop!
Shego: Later, Kimmie.
Kim: Let's jet!
Kim: Sorry, Shego. It's not that easy might as well just... Whoo!
Shego: I'm gonna cut you off there.
Ron: Kim!!
Rufus: Oh, no!
Shego: Bye-bye, Kim Possible. So, splat, already!
Kim: Thank you.
Ron: Oof!
Kim: Nice!
Shego: This... This isn't good!
Drakken: Arggh! Shego!
Ron: Looooo...ser!
Kim: Ron! Focus.
Ron: I am. I'm focusing on Drakken taking a major dive.
Rufus: Whoo!
**Rock star#1:**The Downloaded Awards rock! Yeah!
Rock star#2: Damien rock.
**Rock star#1:**Downloading is about the fans, yeah.
Rock star#2: Fans rock.
**Rock star#1:**Even though we don't get any money when you download.
Rock star#2: No money... rocks!
**Rock star#1:**No, mate, no money does not rock.
Ron: Sorry! Out of control here.
Kim: Hang on, I've got it.
Ron: Aargh! Hey, you're the fashion lady.
All: Oh, yeah!
**Elsa:**What a look! Who is that girl?
Ron: Oh, that's Kim. Kim Possible.
Kim: You know, the senior table isn't that great.
Ron: Except that it is bathed in the golden glow of ultimate popularity.
Monique: It does actually glow!
Kim: Yeah, well, thanks to Lenny from the stage crew.
Ron: Still it's impressive.
Kim: Whatever. It's just a table. Sitting there doesn't make you a better person.
Monique: That’s what gets me. You saved the world, frequently! You are obviously a better person than Bonnie.
Kim: Oh, stop, Monique. I'm no better than anybody else.
Ron: Except Bonnie.
Monique: Kim, get real. You saved the Downloaded Music Awards. That gotta mean something here.
Ron: Yet it doesn't and it vexes me so.
Drakken: Kim Possible always defeats me... and it vexes me so.
Shego: You?! I'm the one fighting her.
Drakken: That's true. It is you she always defeats.
Shego: What your point?
Drakken: We simply need to tip the odds in your favor.
Shego: How?
Drakken: Suppose you outnumbered her... Suppose that was an army of you against one of her.
Shego: Oh, no. Again with the cloning?!
Drakken: One little strand of hair should do it.
Shego: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Back up, Chief. Now, you can not have my DNA. I have a no-cloning clause in my contract, remember?
Drakken: That was then, this is now.
Shego: Yeah? Yeah? This is me saying I quit.
Drakken: Shego, wait. Don't go! Ooh, I think I got a paper cut.
Rock stars: Stadium rock!
Designer: Ugh! Not a single outfit worth stealing.
**Elsa:**There is only one thing worth looking at on this tape.
Designer: Oh! It speaks to me!
**Elsa:**It will speak to the world.
Kim: I got here as fast as I could. What's the sitch?
Monique: You should see for yourself.
Kim: Monique! Is this some stupid ploy to get me in at the senior table?
Monique: Not even! It's Kim style. And it is bomb on bomb!
Kim: Kim style? You do mean my style.
Monique: You belong to the world now.
Kim: I'm the new pink poof?!
Ron: Hey, Kim. I... Oh, sorry. I thought you were...
Rufus: Over there.
Ron: Oh, there she is. She's wearing her mission clothe She must need us. Kim, what's up?
Girl: Do I know you?
Rufus: Oooh!
Ron: I know... I'm scared, too.
Ron: Kim, is that really you?
Kim: Man!
Shego: Aargh!
Boy: Mommy!!
Waiter: Miss, telephone call.
Shego: Oh, thanks. Forget it!
Drakken: But you don't know what I'm going to ask, dumpling.
Shego: Does it involve cloning?
Drakken: No! Not at all! Well, OK, maybe little. Shego!
Kim: No, guys, I don't know.
Ron: Kim, this time you are in! This is your look, you created it.
Monique: Everybody's wearing it. It's way beyond cheerleader cool.
Kim: That doesn't mean anything.
Ron: Oh, sure it does! This is save-the-world cool! And how cool is that?!
Monique: It's your new frontier!
Kim: Yeah... Yeah!
Kim: Hey, Bonnie, nice outfit.
**Bonnie:**Thanks... And nice try but you really can't pull this look off.
Kim: But... it's my look!
Drakken: Who needs Shego and her DNA? I have options! I have henchmen! To clone anyone of you would be a crime against humanity that even I am incapable of.
**Rock star#1:**Do you wanna rock?!
Drakken: Get a haircut. Ooh, the Style File. Perhaps this season blue skin is in.
**Elsa:**As I predicted, the new look inspired by high-tech teen, Kim Possible, is sweeping the world.
Drakken: Aargh! An army of Kim Possibles! ...Wait. An army of Kim Possibles. Of course! Who better to defeat Kim Possible than Kim Possible?!
Girls: Gimme an M! Gimme an I! Gimme a D!
**Bonnie:**You did that on purpose!
Drakken: Come on, come on. Stupid robo-drone.
Henchman#1: Er,... how do you know that's the right locker?
Drakken: Who's the evil genius here, huh? Observe! See? Perfect match. Ah? First time's a charm. Just one, thin Kim Possible hair. At last, an unbeatable fighting force will be at my command. I shall have an army of Kim Possible clones!
Henchman#1: Er, Doctor D, if we can't handle one Kim Possible, how we gonna handle a bunch of them?
Henchman#2: We're doomed!
Drakken: I hope you've been saving your money, dolt! My Kim clone will be engineered with the lightning fast reflexes of a king cobra...the invincible strength of a rogue elephant... and that killer instinct of... Commodore Puddles.
Henchman#2: Not Commodore Puddles!
Henchman#1: So little, yet so evil.
Drakken: Rest assured, gentlemen, my Kim clone will be a wild animal. Ooh, she's done! Mmm... You brought me the wrong DNA!
Henchman#2: But... But we didn't...
Drakken: wait. Actually, I think we can work with her.
Kim: What you got over there?
Ron: Wh-What the..?
Kim: The one you're trying to hide.
Ron: No, you can't!
Kim: Yes, I can!
Kim: Oh, Ron, not you, too!
Ron: It's Kim-for-him.
Kim: My look is now boys' clothes?!
Monique: What's next? A line of clothes for pets?!
Ron: Actually, Rufus...
Kim: No! No! Please, no!
Rufus: Mmmn!
Kim: I liked you better naked. Urgh! I'm going home.
Ron: Sorry, KP. Just trying to ride the wave.
Kim: Which is fine, except it's my wave! And I'm the only one not riding. Sorry. Oh, as if I didn't have enough problems. Let's move!
**Bonnie:**Kim Possible, you are such a loser. I mean, you wear that same stupid outfit like, every day.
Kim: Bonnie, it's really you! No one would insult me like that!
**Bonnie:**Er, what are you doing?
Kim: Er, er... sorry! I just, er...
Rufus: Aagh!
Ron: How many Bonnies are there?! This is intensely weird!
Kim: Yeah, one Bonnie is more than enough, thank you.
Ron: No, I mean we're standing in soda.
Kim: Oh!
**Bonnie:**I'm sticky!
Monique: Maybe I should take Bonnie home.
Kim: Yeah, good idea.
Ron: How can this be sticky and slippery at the same time? What's going on in there?
Kim: I don't know. It sounds like she's... melting. Eew!
Ron: Oh, that is sick and wrong! Eew, you touched it!
Kim: Ron, shau! Wade, I'm beaming you an analysis of what's inside this
Wade: Fun. This is beyond freaky!
Kim: How far beyond?
Wade: Syntho-chemical-duplicate beyond.
Kim: A clone?
Wade: No, it's not a true clone.
Ron: An imitation clone? I hate it when the villains cut corners!
Kim: So we're talking Drakken here?
Wade: Definitely. I picked up a big energy signature just like one of Drakken's lairs. But it's moving.
Kim: Then, so are we.
Drakken: How many places can there be for Kim Possible to hide in this boring slice of suburbia. I wouldn't be here at all if everyone had done their jobs. It's slipshod, is what it is!! Oh, How I miss Shego! I wonder if she misses me. What are you sitting here for? Find Kim Possible! Now! Huh?! Isn't this precious? The prey has come to me. Hmm! Well, what are you waiting for? Get me Kim Possible's DNA!
Kim: My DNA? I think not!
Ron: If you want Kim style, pay retail.
Drakken: Hmm? I don't think so. Get them!
Kim: Ron, the cloning machine.
Ron: I'm all over it, KP. Isn't there a self-destruct button somewhere? Any ideas, Rufus?
Rufus: Uh-uh, got me.
Ron: We'll save you, Kim!
Rufus: Uh, how? Hi-yaa!
Ron: Whoa!
Rufus: Hi-yaa! Hi-yaa!
Drakken: Not them, you idiots, the redhead!
Kim: Ooh! Eek! Come on, Ron.
Ron: Kim, we can't just let Drakken steal our DNA.
Kim: I think we just did.
Drakken: At last, I have Kim Possible's DNA. Er, which beaker contains Kim's DNA, again?
Henchman#1: Er...
Drakken: Ah, this is it. Now an unbeatable fighting force will be at my command. My Kim clone!
Clone Rufus: Rrr-rrr-rrr-rrr!
Drakken: Grrr...! Ah!
Ron: No one mass-produces Ron Stoppable!
Kim: Now you know how Kim style feels.
Ron: Yeah? How?
Kim: Oh! Just distract them so I can get back in there.
Ron: Oh! Can't those Rons be the distraction?
Drakken: Mmn! I like it!
Kim: Make it count, Wade.
Wade: An analysis of Drakken's clones show they're unstable.
Kim: Tell me something I don't know!
Wade: I mean chemically unstable. A mixture of hydrogen, oxygen a carbon dioxide will melt them.
Kim: I'm a little short of a chem-lab the moment. Wait! The dumpster! Hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Soda!
Ron: It's me, myself and I!
All: Ahhh!
Ron: Aagh... Aagh!
Kim: Lemonade! Oh, boy! Eew! What a mess.
Ron: Kim! Ahhhh...
Drakken: No! This is not fair... not fair at all! Shego! Shego! You've come back.
Shego: What have we learned?
Drakken: No cloning!
Shego: Get in.
Drakken: Who's he?!
Monique: Kim style is red-tagged to move.
Kim: Red-tagged?
Monique: 75 percent off.
Kim: Really?
Monique: Yeah, the fad has passed.
Kim: Guess I'll just have to wait to a senior to sit at the senior table.
Monique: Yeah, but Ron's got it going on.
Kim: Our Ron?!
**Elsa:**We are all terribly excited about this new look for the new season. Whether you're chomping on Chimeritos or just hanging with your peeps, this ensemble says "Boo-yah!"
Rufus: Mmn-hmm!



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