Homecoming Upset

Basic Information

Description: Kim gets jealous when Ron and Bonnie are named homecoming king and queen.

Director: Steve Loter

Writer: Michael Newton

Producer: Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle

Studio: Rough Draft Korea Co

Executive Producer: Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle

Air Date: August 11, 2007

Season: Season 4

Production Number: 4-15, 415

Homecoming Upset Screencaps


Regular Cast: Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle, Tahj Mowry, Raven-Symone, Kirsten Storms

Guest Cast: Bill Baretta, Donald Faison, Jeff Bennett, Brian George, Nestor Carbonell, Phil La Marr, Phil Lewis, Candi Milo, Brian Posehn, Patrick Warburton


This episode contains a very unexpected plot twist.

This is the homecoming episode talked about on the RS.net board some time ago.

Ron had no choice in the kiss. It was all bonnie.

**End of spoilers supplied by YamiDymlos **

Kim and Wade go for the mission to find the missing scientist while Ron is looking for a new boyfriend for Bonnie.

Bonnie is on book signing and Cousin Larry made an appearance. Bonnie rejects him in 5 seconds.

Ron and Bonnie go to something like the city of Spain. Ron gives Bonnie her tiara and they went into the museum. People mistake her for the real Queen.

The scientist was not a kidnapped. He was hired by SSJ to find a shallow, mean and perfect girlfriend for SSJ. And guess what SSJ paired up perfectly with Bonnie

Kim and Ron was about to kiss in the dance but it was interrupted by you know who.

In the ending credit, Bonnie does not believe that she has had like yearbook photo with Ron. And she also asked SSJ that he is not going to college

**The following spoilers were supplied by YamiDymlos **

Ron and Bonnie Do Kiss in this episode

Kim's shirt Looks like the one in StD. The breast part is modified. There is like seashell in The little mermaid Hair style same as Std
On a side note, Monique got a new outfit. With Rose imprint on it

Kim is officially 17 years old (She mention that she need 12 years to get a kiss from Ron)

-Ron is expert with balloons. He makes a crown balloon a lot in the Fire support department (it is for charity)

Bonnie has been dumped by Brick and she needs a person for the Homecoming dance. She was very upset about it

Ron called Brick, (his voiced was not heard) but Ron hinted that Brick got smarter when he went to college

Kim becomes very jealous in this episode partly because

-Kim is not the Homecoming queen
-In a tv interview, Bonnie said her and Ron are the perfect couple.
Kim in front of her locker computer screen she growls.
-At the Fire department charity support one of the fireman asks Ron what is wrong with the cooking and Ron hurries to assist the fireman ignoring Kim totally. Kim got a bit upset
-An old lady said Bonnie and Ron are the perfect couple. This upsets Kim even more
- During taking a picture, Ron took the fire hose. Bonnie purposely bumped into Ron causing him to turn on the water valve and splash KP. As if it was saying "I do not want you KP".


Kim: What is the SITCH going on here?

Kim: No Kidding, It took you 12 stinking years to kiss me.

Bonnie: I cannot believe there is gonna be a picture of me and you in the yearbook. That's like photographic evidence that we associated.

Ron: You know some of us learn and grow from our little adventures.

Bonnie: Whatever Loser.

Ron: (After talking to Brick): You know college has really made him smarter. He's completely moved on.

Kim: We got to see a beautifull city, Had a semi romantic boat ride, and it put an end to the queen kissing"

Ron: "Na, Wait, You know that I didnt"

Kim: "It's ok, I get it"


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