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By wallaceb
Ron: Oh, alrighty then.
Monique: Eh, just lost my appetite.
Kim: Same here. Ron… face stuffing… why?
Ron: Er, there is no why in double cheese pizza day.
Rufus: Cheese!
Kim: But it is cardboards caf pizza.
Ron: Cheese on cardboard is still cheese.
Monique: Gotcha there.
Ron: Ready for thirds?
Rufus: Me, me, me, me, me.
Ron: Can you hold the crusts this time? Eh, the dream is over. Wha!? Ahhh! Ghost!
Monique: Cafeteria lady cut you off again?
Ron: Yes, but that is not why I’m wigged.
Kim: Hmm too much cheese.
Ron: Whoa KP, first there is no such thing as too much cheese. And second, those aren’t the usual mystery meat screams ladies. See! See! That’s just… that’s just not right.
Kim: Okay, agreed, whatever it is, it’s writing something.
Monique: In mystery meat gravy!
Kim: R-O- N, uh-oh!
Ron: Please tell me it is writing Ron Reager? Please tell me it’s writing Ron Reager? You know that kid who’s always cutting gym? This could be about that.
Reager: Dude.
Ron: Reager?
Reager: It’s about you.
Ron: Ahhhh!
Kim: Come on Ron, you can’t just ditch school and never go back.
Ron: Oh yea well, it works for Ron Reager.
Kim: What ever you saw today couldn’t have been a ghost. I mean, what kind of ghost communicated with mystery meat gravy?
Ron: Eh, that’s the real mystery. Whoa! Ahhh! It’s back!
Kim: Ron, shadow?
Ron: Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh yea! Cus it’s my… ahhh!
Kim: See you tomorrow. I’ll have Wade check out your gravy ghost.
Ron: I’m not taking any chances buddy. Buddy?
Rufus: Hello.
Ron: Why do we even have a cat door? We don’t own a cat! Alright, we’re safe.
Ron and Rufus: Ahhh!
Yori: Stoppable San.
Ron: Yori?
Yori: I am sorry if I startled you.
Ron: That? No, I was just practicing my… screams of courage.
Yori: The Yamanochi School needs your courage once more. I come to you in a time of great need. Sensei is missing. In his empty courtiers we found this.
Rufus: Monkey!
Ron: I’m going to go out on a limb and say Monkey Fist! Better ell Kim.
Yori: Have you forgotten your solemn vow? Never to reveal what took place during your visit to Japan.
Ron: Oh right, the thing with the vows and not telling about the secret Ninja School huh? Whoaaa! It’s? It’s? Sensei?
Sensei: Stoppable San.
Yori: Sensei is using his powers to contact you.
Ron: Oh yea, sure you know why pick up a phone when you can just terrify!?
Yori: It is as I feared. Monkey Fist seeks revenge. You proved your bravery once by saving the Lotus Blade, now you must do the same for Sensei.
Ron: Well, if I can’t ell Wade or Kim, how am I supposed to track Monkey Fist?
Yori: You are too modest a hero. Do not worry. The Yamanuchi School has many graduates who can assist.
Wade: Don’t know what to tell you Kim, after watching the cafeteria security tape, I can’t explain what happened yesterday either.
Kim: Did you analyze the gravy sample?
Wade: Yep.
Monique: And?
Wade: You don’t want to know… not until after graduation… from college.
Monique: I say we trust hi on the gravy.
Ron: Got the nachos, plenty of Diablo sauce and cinasnackies.
Rufus: Yummy.
Kim: Sneaking Bueno Nacho into school?
Ron: Hey KP, no just picked up a few snacks for um, um field trip.
Kim: Field trip?
Yori: Everything is ready Stoppable San.
Ron: Yori!? Ha! Ha! Yori this is Kim and Monique.
Yori: Ah, Kim Possible, I have heard much.
Kim: Really, I haven’t.
Ron: Oh sure KP, you know Yori from seventh period history? No no no she, she’s an old pal from Camp Wannaweep. We’ve never meet actually. What do you want? Who are you stranger I do not know?
Kim: But you just said her name was Yori?
Ron: Yori, well it’s a common name you know in Japan. Well I-I-I-I gotta go bye.
Kim: Weird.
Monique: Secret girlfriend weird?
Kim: No, he’d tell me. I mean, why wouldn’t he?
Monique: Cus you’d go all jelled.
Kim: Jell?
Monique: Green eyed.
Kim: So, I’ve always had green eyes.
Monique: Jealous, you’re jellin’
Kim: I am not jelling.
Monique: Huh-hu.
Kim: It’s just that my weirdar is going off that’s all.
Monique: And, you’re jelling.
Kim: So not! Go Wade.
Wade: I did some checking like you asked about Ron’s girlfriend.
Kim: Friend.
Wade: Who’s a girl.
Kim: Wade?
Wade: Okay, okay, friend.
Kim: So what are the stats?
Wade: There aren’t any. I can’t find anything about her at all.
Kim: No, that can’t be, there’s gotta be something, school records?
Wade: I’ll do a global scan, give me a half hour.
Yori: Lord Money Fist was last seen in South America.
Ron: Right there, in the amazing rain forest.
Yori: Always with the American style jokes Stoppable San, of course it is the Amazon Rain Forest.
Ron: Right, and it’s amazing.
Yori: We think it may be where Monkey Fist is holding Sensei.
Ron: OH man, all the flights to South America are booked.
Yori: Do not concern yourself.
Ron: Gah! Secret ninja tickets?
Yori: Yes, your ninja graduates are here to help.
Ron: Well, could they help carry some of the bags?
Yori: Again with the American style joking, naturally, it will be your honor to carry them.
Ron: Right, right, I remember, my honor.
Kim: Chem class Wade, little busy.
Wade: I did some more digging on Yori.
Kim: Go.
Wade: I’ve scanned all public and private school records, nothing.
Kim: Okay, how hinkey is that?
Monique: Um, Kim, eyes and the binki here.
Wade: And get this, flight records show that Yori and Ron went to South America.
Kim: I knew something was up. I’m on my way.
Monique: Kim! Ahhh!
Kim: Red’s um… a good look for you.
Monique: That’s right girl, you better run!
Yori: According to the map, we should be very near.
Ron: Whoa, wha! Oh good! Then it will be my honor to collapse from exhaustion. What? This is my honor nap?
Yori: Rufus San is right. There is something in the jungle.
Ron: What, I don’t see any… Monkey! The knuckle dragon ying to knuckle headed yang.
Yori: You have found a sign post that leads to Monkey Fist’s hidden headquarters there.
Ron: Oh, stupid monkey headed statue.
Kim: Thanks for the lift Ricardo.
Ricardo: De nada sinerita Possible, after all you saved my chicken farm when you dried up that mud slide.
Kim: No big, one of the reason I carry a cordless hair dryer. Go Wade.
Wade: Okay, Yori doesn’t go to any known school, so I checked into the unknown.
Kim: And I thought I could do anything.
Wade: Does the name Yamanuchi mean anything?
Kim: That school in Japan that Ro went to last year?
Wade: Turns out it’s a super secret school.
Kim: I knew he crushed on someone while he was there.
Wade: That wasn’t what I…
Kim: What? You think I’m jelling? I’m not jelling. Why would I jell?
Wade: Right… anyway, the school was founded by a warrior who carved a monastery from a mountain using only a sword.
Kim: Well, if you want to do things the hard way.
Wade: And here’s the kick. The sword uses mystical monkey power.
Kim: Ron has mystical monkey power. You don’t suppose…
Wade: Monkey Fist has tried taking the power from him before.
Kim: So you think Yori is working for Monkey Fist?
Wade: Did I say that?
Kim: No, I did. It’s a theory.
Wade: It’s kinda jumping to a conclusion.
Kim: Well, that’s what theories are right?
Wade: Man, you are Jelling.
Kim: Eh, now that’s conclusion jumping.
Ron: That is way beyond wrong.
Yori: Monkey Fist might be near. We must be careful as we proceed.
Ron: Oh right sorry. Don’t tell me, it will be my honor to go first?
Rufus: Hu-oh.
Ron: Hu-oh? What hu-oh? Hu-oh. Ahhh! Poison monkey teeth!
Yori: It is a trap!
Ron: Oh EW! Whoaaaa!! Ahhh! Whoa! Whoa! Whaaaa! Well, at least… nothing.
Yori: Oh Stoppable San, you make danger comical with your American style baffonery.
Ron: Hello? Monkey Fist? It’s empty. You know what, I’m done with all the monkey stuff. A little holler goes a long way.
Yori: There is no sign on Sensei.
Rufus: Awe.
Ron: Oh, hey, I don’t worry, we’ll find him, there’s gotta be a clue around here somewhere. Like um… this! It’s a piece of straw. How bout that huh? Um… cup, Fran, lamp, spider. Ahhh!
Yori: Stoppable San! Your antics have found the clue we have been needing.
Ron: A map?
Yori: For a zoo.
Ron: Rufus? Do you see what I see? Cheroots.
Rufus: Cheroots!
Yori: Money Fist must have Sensei there. Where better for a monkey man to hide than with other monkeys?
Ron: Um, this zoo is all the way in Arizona, how we gonna…uh-hu, yea it’s nice for these guys to pick us up, but where were they when we were fighting off all the monkey teeth?!
Kim: Okay, I’m down. Looks like Monkey Fist’s tree house.
Wade: Kim, I re-triangulated my tracking on Ron and.
Kim: Don’t tell me.
Wade: Yea, sorry he’s not there. Looks like he’s headed somewhere in the American south west.
Kim: Oh, what? Is this Yori girl dragging him around the world?
Wade: Hmm, sounds familiar.
Kim: Keep tracking, I’m on my way.
Yori: It appears closed.
Ron: Closed, it’s out of business. Ah! No Cheroots.
Rufus: Oh, oh-oh.
Ron: Why’d we even come here? Other than saving Sensei of course. Notice it’s always monkey house, never monkey home. That says a lot.
Yori: What does that say?
Ron: I don’t know, just pointing it out that’s all.
Yori: Something’s inside. Your bravery is needed. It will be you’re…
Ron: Yea, yea I know the honor drill. Ahh! Stay back! Time for some smack monkey. Oh wait! Ow! Ow! I’m gonna need those back!
Yori: Stoppable San?
Kim: Ron!
Ron: KP, what are you doing?
Kim: rescuing you. Nice try.
Ron: Whoa, are you freaking over my friend Yori?
Kim: I ma not freaking! I am not jelling.
Yori and Ron: Jelling?
Ron: What’s jelling?
Kim: Never mind jelling. Your “friend” Yori is working with Monkey Fist.
Ron: Ha! No, she’s just my… she… what was the last thing I told you?
Yori: You may tell her.
Ron: Really? You sure?
Kim: She’s sure. Spill.
Ron: Well, Sensei the master of the Yamanuchi School, which is a secret ninja school by the way, is missing and we think Monkey Fist is behind it.
Kim: Ninja school? Well that explains the magic sword.
Ron: The Lotus Blade? Oh that is so last season KP, you gotta get current.
Yori: Stoppable San is a great hero. During his visit to Yamanuchi, he saved the Lotus Blade, and defeated Monkey Fist.
Kim: Ron? Stoppable San?
Ron: Dig it KP! I’m a hero. Master of the mystical monkey power a-wha!
Yori: Again we call upon his bravery to help find Sensei. We think he may be held in this zoo.
Kim: Okay, I’m in. let’s start.
Rufus: um… ahhh!
Ron: Monkey Fist!
Monkey Fist: Ahhh! You? What are you doing here?
Yori: We’re here for Sensei.
Monkey Fist: That relic? What value could he possibly mean to me?
Ron: But if you, you didn’t capture Sensei, who did?
Rufus: Ahhh!
Ron: Whoa. Big monkeys.
Kim: Apes.
Ron: Don’t you mean yipes?
Kim: NO, Apes, they’re apes.
Ron: Yipes!
Monkey Fist: You fools, you led them right too me! I was hiding.
Ron: Hiding? From what?
Monkey Fist: From that.
Ron: Hey, nice place. Dungeon motif, very Goth.
Monkey Fist: This is all your fault!
Ron: Oh, you know what, don’t even start! After sharing a crate through the jungle, I’m in no mood for your monkey toons.
Kim: Everybody chill.
Yori: We are not alone.
Sensei: You are correct Yori.
Yori: Sensei! I am... relieved to see that you are well.
Sensei: To truly be well, one must also be free.
Ron: I got your message Sensei. But the writing in gravy, I-I I would have used catchsup.
Kim: You’re the ghost that Ron saw at school.
Sensei: It was my wish to warn Stoppable San to stay away. That he was in great danger. But I failed. Even the strangest oak one day must fall.
Monkey Fist: Oh, spare us your senseless babbling. We have to find some way out of here.
Ron: Oh, come on, why you always gotta be hatin’ Sensei’s got nothing but love. Sall good, sall good.
Kim: Sorry to agree with Monkey Fist, but we should probably try to…
Ape: Escape? I won’t allow that. Not ever!
Monkey Fist: I demand to know what it is that you want. With him!
Ron: Me? Nah! You!
Ape: Enough! It was an easy plan. Monty hid from me, I used Sensei as the bate. Making it appear that Monkey Fist was responsible. I knew that only his arch foe could lead me to him.
Ron: Check me KP. I’m an arch foe.
Monkey Fist: You’re not an arch foe, you’re an arch bummbler.
Yori: But Stoppable San did defeat you.
Ron: On several separate occasions. A thank you.
Kim: What exactly is going on here?
Ape: What is going on is that I have what I want.
Monkey Fist: Unhand me you brutish thugs.
Ape: Since I have no need for the rest of you, I’ll say good bye.
All: Ahhh!
Ape: And as for you Monty.
All: Ahhhh!
Kim: Gotcha. Where’s Sensei?
Ron: Gone.
Kim: Oh, I’m sorry.
Sensei: It is good to see that you are all safe.
Kim: What? How?
Ron: Oh right I forgot. Sensei can do that mystical floaty thing. Okay, now he’s just showing off. So you want to tell me again exactly why we’re going back.
Kim: Cause it is the right thing to do.
Sensei: A weed that never grows does not need to be cut down.
Ron: Hmm, yea that’s a good gardening tip. So why are we doing this again?
Yori: What Sensei is saying is that even though Monkey Fist is bad, he has not done us wrong this day. It is our honor to save him.
Ron: Oh, we’re rescuing the bad guy.
Kim: Yea, but it sounds better the way he says it.
Monkey Fist: What is it that you want?
Ape: It’s simple. I want…
Kim: Let him go.
Ron: Yea, that’s right, we’re back. And we’re saving the monkey.
Rufus: Boo-yaa!
Ape: Get them!
Monkey Fist: Let go!
Ron: Ahhh! Ahhh! KP!
Kim: How about a lift?
Yori: It would be my honor.
Ron: Ahhh!
Monkey Fist: Ahhhh! No!!
Kim: DNamy?
Ron: This goes beyond sick and wrong. Its wrong sick!
Amy: See sweetens? Just like I gave you monkey hands and feet, I gave myself gorilla arms and feet. All for you! Monkey pudding and pie!
Ron: Dude, I think you’re on a date.
Monkey Fist: That’s impossible; it was purely a professional relationship.
Amy: You keep saying that, but I know you don’t mean it. Oh come here!
Monkey Fist: No! Get back! Stay Away!
Amy: No fair hiding. You’re my newest little cuddle buddy. Oh come here!
Kim: Wrong sick.
Ron: That’s what I’m saying.
Yori: Stoppable San, again you have proven your bravery.
Sensei: Thanks to you and Kim Possible, I may return to the Yamanuchi School.
Kim: Sorry if I harshed on you earlier. So what exactly is the sitch between you and Stoppable San?
Yori: A Bond of honor.
Kim: Yea great but I...
Yori: Stoppable San until the day we again meet.
Ron: He-he-he-he yea. That was um, Japanese for good bye.
Yori: Oh Stoppable San, you and your American style of misunderstanding of girls.
Sensei: Now it is time for us to go.
Rufus: Bye bye
Ron: Wait… so Yori liked me liked me?
Kim: You really don’t understand girls do you?
Ron: No I don’t! I mean why can’t girls make it more obvious? She was being all ninja about us. How am I supposed to know what’s going on?
Kim: well, you got me.
Ron: Why can’t the ladies just say how they feel?
Amy: Come on cuddle monkey. You can’t run from momsey for ever.
Monkey Fist: Noo!
Kim: Let’s go home.
Ron: Right, but how?
Kim: Come on.
Ron: Yea, it will be my honor to walk.



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