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By wallaceb
Ron: Ah, Go City. If you can make it here, well, then, you know, you've made it here... which is pretty good.
Kim: I can't believe I cashed in a favor for this.
Ron: Kim, I promise this trip will be so worth it. Are you sure we're going the right way?
Kim: It should be on the next block.
Ron: What?! I had no idea we were that close. I mean, I'm not prepared. I thought I was, but... Okay. Okay. Okay. I think I'm ready.
Kim: Ron, it's just another Bueno Nacho.
Ron: Just another Bueno Nacho? I don't think so. This is the world's first Mucho Grande Bueno Nacho.
Kim: Whatever.
Ron: KP, the Mucho Grande is a bold experiment. It could represent the future of Bueno Nacho. It cloud be... the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.
Rufus: Wow!
Ron: The salsa parade. It's just as they described it on the Web site.
Kim: How festive.
Ron: Can it be true? They've finally made the dream a reality.
Kim: So there's nobody working the counter? You just do it yourself?
Ron: Yes. The transaction has been reduced to its most primal elements... man and menu. Special orders can get as wild as we want. There's no one to judge us now.
Manager: Is his name Stoppable?
Kim: You've heard of him?
Manager: Corporate sent out a memo. There are some special procedures I'm supposed to implement this point.
Kim: He's actually harmless.
Manager: Well, in honor of the Grand day opening, I'll look the other way.
Aviarious: Beware, hero, for it is I, Aviarius and revenge will be mine.
Ron: Revenge?
Kim: I don't even know this guy.
Aviarious: Condor, attack
Kim: I hope you're not one of the endangered ones.
Ron: Not the salsa parade!
Guy: Fear not, miss. Miss?
Kim: Up here.
Aviarious: Feel the wrath of Aviarius.
Kim: Agh!
Aviarious: Agh!

Kim: What was that?
Aviarious: Aviarius will not be defeated so easily. Victory will yet be mine. This is not over!
Ron: Well... That was weird.
Kim: Tell me about it. Hey. Where's the black-and-blue guy?
Manager: What...? What happened?
Ron: Don't ask us. That bird guy...
Manager: Aviarius.
Kim: You know him?
Manager: Uh, no. He just said his name a lot.
Ron: He did, didn't he?
Kim: So you have no idea what he wanted?
Manager: No clue. I don't know that brave superhero either.
Ron: Superhero? How do you know he was a superhero?
Manager: Wasn't it obvious? I mean, he had glowing body parts, for crying out loud.
Ron: Hmm. Good point. Okay. I've built up a powerful need for a Naco.
Rufus: Naco!
Manager: Oh, sorry, we don't serve Nacos here.
Ron: Well, this dream has certainly turned into a nightmare. Kim? Let's go home. Kim? Are you okay?
Kim: Yeah I just...
Ron: Okay, we've got to get you back to Middleton and get some Nacos in you, stat.
Kim: You know, ever since that visit to Go City, I feel different.
Ron: Same here. Can you believe the Mucho Grande Bueno Nacho doesn't serve the Naco? I mean, what is that about?
Kim: No, I mean inside. I've got this freaky feeling. And you know, it's probably... nothing.
Rufus: Mmm!
Ron: Rufus, we should wait for Kim.
Kim: Hey, guys.
Ron: Oh, yes. Here she comes.
Kim: You can't park in front of a fire hydrant.
Ron: Uh... KP, you're...
Kim: Super-strong? I know.
Manager: Miss Possible?
Ron: Dude, did you get transferred to this Bueno Nacho?
Manager: No.
Ron: Oh, did they fire you? Was it because of the whole "no Naco" policy?
Manager: No! If you don't mind, I need to speak with Miss Possible.
Kim: Okay. What up?
Manager: You have my super strength.
Kim: Huh?
Manager: Only a member of Team Go can open this door.
Kim: Okay. And?
Manager: The blue Go Team glow is no longer mine. Welcome to the Go Tower. Perhaps you have surmised, I am no ordinary fast food manager.
Ron: Duh. You're the man who tried to kill the Naco.
Kim: Ron, I think he's referring to his superpowers, which somehow I now have. Look, mister, uh...
Manager: I am... Hego.
Ron: Black-and-blue super dude. That explains a lot... though not everything.
Kim: Ron, drop the Naco thing.
Kim: Well, Hego, I guess... Hego. Can't be. Does the name Shego ring a bell?
Hego: You know of my sister?
Ron: Oh, yeah, we're on a first-name basis. Actually, does she have a last name?
Kim: She works for my arch foe, Dr. Drakken.
Hego: Hmm. Never heard of him.
Kim: Well, then we're even, 'cause I've never heard of your bird guy.
Hego: Aviarius, the dark master of the winged world.
Ron: Uh, can we get back to Shego for a minute? Your sister?
Hego: And at one time a fellow hero.
Ron: Shego good?
Hego: She and I and the rest of our family, we were Team Go. Good times. Good times. We kept Go City safe from evil, but the more we fought evil, the more Shego liked it.
Ron: The fighting?
Kim: The evil.
Hego: Right. Once Shego went bad, it was never the same. The team broke up... All of our fantastic powers idled.
Ron: So, how'd you get your powers?
Hego: It began when we were children. Lady Fate came a-knockin', and she knocked hard.
Kim: What was that?
Hego: A glowing, rainbow-colored comet that gave each of us special powers. I knew it was destiny. We were meant to use our powers to help the world. Of course, now, the Go Team glow of super strength belongs to you. Please, take your rightful place.
Ron: Mmm... Comfy.
Hego: Not you.
Rufus: Ah...
Hego: And that's not his seat. Look, this just isn't how things are done in the Go Tower. There are certain procedures and protocols.
Kim: Hego, I say we find Aviarius, get that power-draining thing and switch your superpowers back to you.
Ron: Oh, KP, use your super strength again. Come on, please?
Kim: Fine.
Ron: You know what? Keep the powers. They rock!
Hego: Those powers are a great responsibility.
Ron: And they totally rock!
Hego: Oh, come on. You know the drill use your Go Team glow.
Mego: I don't have my Go Team glow anymore, you big dolt.
Kim: Aviarius stole your power?
Mego: Yes! Who are you?
Kim: Kim Possible.
Ron: What was your power? Ooh, ooh, were you like some kind of fire guy?
Mego: No!
Ron: Purple... Purple. Did your powers involve bruising in some way?
Mego: No!
Ron: Hmm.
Hego: He's a shrinker.
Ron: Oh, really? Well, I'm sure that shrinking can be very useful.
Mego: You better believe it can.
Rufus: Hi.
Mego: Why is there a bald rat in my chair? Beat it. Oh, shut your cheese hole. I can't believe I lost my powers. You have no idea how horrible it is, how empty I feel.
Hego: Actually, Mego, I do know. I, too, lost my powers.
Mego: Uh, Hego, let's focus here. On me.
Kim: We need to figure out where Aviarius is going to strike next.
Hego and Mego: The twins!
Aviarious: Greetings, Team Go. You have something I want and I have something you want.
Wego: You'll never get away with this, Aviarius. Never. Like he said. Hey, it's the Go Tower. There's Hego and Mego.
Both: Hi, guys!
Aviarious: I will not rest until all of the powers of Team Go are mine to control. Surrender the super strong girl, or you'll never see the twins again.
Kim: So, you know where Aviarius is?
Hego: Oh, yes. That's his lair. He calls it...
Ron: The Nest?
Hego: Yes.
Ron: Man, you know, this guy needs to dig deeper.
Kim: So, where is the mountain, the Himalayas?
Hego: No, that's the peak of Go Mountain, just outside of Go City.
Kim: Convenient.
Hego: I found that a long-distance relationship with a foe never works. It's a strain on everyone.
Kim: Hego, how did you defeat Aviarius in the past?
Hego: Teamwork. Or as I like to call it, Go-Operation.
Ron: Ha-ha, good one! Yeah! I'm starting to see why Shego split.
Kim: And we're going to have to get her back.
Shego: No, no, no, really, I'm listening. Go on.
Drakken: This rare mutagenic agent that you stole for me will unlock the key to...
Kim: Knock, knock.
Drakken: Kim Possible?! Since when do you glow?
Shego: Like Hego.
Hego: Greetings, sister.
Mego: Hey, Shego. You know, you missed my birthday. A call, a card... any acknowledgment would be nice.
Drakken: Uh, I believe some introductions are in order here.
Ron: I'm Ron Stoppable. We've met before, but you never seem to remember my name.
Shego: Can you excuse us, Dr. D?
Drakken: Shego, as long as you're going to live under my roof, you'll follow my rules. And rule number one; no secrets. Whatever is going on... is obviously a private matter.
Later, gator. You know, I do think of us as a kind of evil family, and families stick together. So if you need me... I'll be there for you.
Shego: Looks like all of my least-favorite people in the world have gotten together to form a club. Why?
Kim: Aviarius.
Hego: It's great to have you back on the team, sis. Here's my plan.
Shego: You, don't talk.
Mego: Seriously, Hego, give it a rest. The whole team leader thing is so old.
Shego: Yeah, you... same as him. All right, let me see if I got this right. Possible and I are the only ones with power?
Ron: Uh, what about the power of imagination? I believe we all have that.
Hego: That's true. I'm starting to like this fella. He's a positive thinker.
Shego: And you people wonder why I quit?
Mr. Dr P: Kimberly Ann Possible!
Kim: Hi, Dad.
Mr. Dr P: You know how I feel about circus folk.
Kim: Actually, they're a team of superheroes. Their arch foe is out for revenge and...
Ron: Sir, we'll get them back to the circus pronto.
Mr. Dr P: See that you do, Ronald.
Shego: What are we doing here?
Kim: We needed to meet someplace Aviarius doesn't know about to make our plan.
Hego: Well, the Go Tower is the ultimate fortress of goodness.
Kim: Don't think so. You've got a giant view screen that your arch foe can appear on whenever he wants. He talks to you, you talk to him. You don't think...?
Hego: That he could use that technology to spy on us while we were planning our heroic efforts? Blast! The fiend! How come no one never mentioned this before?
Shego: Because it was obvious.
Kim: Everybody, listen up. Here's what we should do...
Mego: So it wasn't just Hego's strength. She also got his super-bossiness.
Shego: Ugh! There is no way I can do this. Five minutes with my brothers and I'm ready to claw my own eyes out.
Kim: Shego, I have brothers, too. I know how annoying they can be, but you can't walk out.
Shego: Why not?
Kim: Because if you don't help, I'll tell the world that you used to be a good guy.
Shego: You wouldn't.
Kim: I've got a Web site and I'm not afraid to use it.
Shego: My reputation would be shot.
Kim: Wade, I need a top-to-bottom tech scan on Go Mountain.
Wade: You got it, Kim. Kim, is Shego in your kitchen?
Shego: Just do your computer thing, nerd linger.
Ron: Has she always been this cranky?
Hego and Mego: Oh, yeah.
Aviarious: Soon, the powers of Team Go will be mine. At long last, control of Go City will be mine! And after so many years, vengeance will be mine!
Wego: Mine, mine, mine. He sounds like Mego.
Kim: You know, I do not recommend that.
Aviarious: Good to know for when I have Hego's power.
Shego: Not going to happen.
Aviarious: Ooh, the complete set is within reach.
Mego: See? Shrinking comes in handy.
Hego: Super strength is so much better.
Wego: Thanks.
Hego: I rest my case.
Mego: Oh, put a sock in it.
Ron: Uh, guys? I'm with the big guy. Mad love for the super strength!
Aviarious: And it must be mine! Heat-seeking hummingbirds fly!
Kim: Hummingbirds?
Ron: Oh, no!
Aviarious: Release the Flamingo of Doom!
Shego: Say what?
Ron: That is the second-biggest flamingo I have ever seen. KP!
Shego: Need a little help?
Kim: Are you offering?
Shego: I just don't want to lose to a giant flamingo, okay?
Kim: You hit him high.
Shego: And you hit him low.
Aviarious: You ladies talk too much.
Hego: Go Team, go!
Ron: Oh, the red power lets you make copies of yourself!
Rufus: Ooh! Cool!
Aviarious: Yes, I have it all!
Ron: We still have one thing on our side.
Rufus: Yeah.
Ron: The power of imagination.
Ron: Yeah, okay. All right, you're right. We got nothing.
Shego: See, this is why I hate family reunions.
Aviarious: From now on, Team Go is a no-go.
Kim: I don't care how many powers this jerk has. We can take him.
Shego: Yeah, maybe. But we need a distraction.
Ron: Whoa! Sowa! Whowa!
Aviarious: Foolish boy.
Ron: Ha! Who's the fool now?
Ron: Me, I'm still the fool.
Aviarious: No!
Shego: Sucka!
Hego: Sis, you did it.
Wego: Awesome!
Mego: Finally. Now give me my powers back.
Shego: Or...
Kim: Or what?
Shego: Or I could have all the powers.
Aviarious: Condor, attack!
Shego: Oh, yes, this works.
Aviarious: Well, I tried.
Kim: Shego, I thought we were in this together.
Shego: Oh, come on. Don't you know me better by now? I mean, seriously.
Ron: She's right. Keeping everyone else's power for herself and using them for evil... yeah, that's got more of the Shego vibe.
Hego: No, I don't believe it. You may be a cranky smart mouth, prone to excessive violence, but deep down, you are still a member of Team Go... a hero.
Shego: Hego, I quit your stupid team years ago and after I quit, I went to work for a guy who wants to take over the world.
Kim: It's true.
Hego: But deep down...
Shego: I am evil. Have I made myself clear?
Mego: Super bad.
Wego: Yeah, totally evil. Evil.
Aviarious: Oh, I could have used all the powers at once?
Ron: I'm happy to be the distraction.
Kim: Ron, it would take a huge distraction.
Shego: Dr. Drakken?
Drakken: That's right, Shego. Kim Possible's computer kid told me how you were at the mercy of a villain. Where is this Aviarius?
Aviarious: Here he is.
Ron: Dude, Drakken knows who I am.
Drakken: Yes, the name escapes me, but I do know the air of buffoonery.
Shego: Dr. D, I've got everything under control here. Hey!
Kim: Maybe not so much.
Hego: Go Team, go!
Shego: Get us out of here, fast.
Drakken: Can do. And don't worry, Shego. You can thank me later.
Hego: Looks like this bird is ready for his cage.
Aviarious: Do you have to say that every time you capture me?
Ron: I don't understand. How can you not have the Naco on the menu?
Hego: The Naco didn't test well.
Ron: Test? What test?
Hego: Ten randomly-selected customers? taste-tested current and future menu items. The Mexi Mushroom Wrap... huge.
Ron: Wraps? That's the future of Bueno Nacho? Ugh! Let me talk to these people.
Mego: I'm the one who's been saying, all along, we never should've quit.
Wego: Being back together... has been fun.
Mego: That's what I'm saying. But we should reconsider who the team leader is. If you ask me...
Wade: Boy, it sounds like it got ugly. Do you really think Shego would have gone through with it?
Kim: We're talking about Shego? But I got to say it was pretty easy to get that power staff from her.
Drakken: I mean, really, you practically gave it to her.
Shego: Whatever.
Drakken: Now that know the whole story, I think you secretly wanted to lose.
Shego: What?
Drakken: That's right. You wanted your brothers to get their powers back. You don't really have it in you to betray them.
Shego: Are you saying that I am going soft?
Drakken: As a marshmallow. Shego, I take it back! You re not a softy! Shego!



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