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By wallaceb
Barkin: Let's keep it moving, people! Stoppable, stow that gear.
Ron: Aye-aye, Mr. Barkin!
Boy: Hey!
Ron: My bad!
Kim: Ron!
Ron: Sorry, KP I am just totally psyched!
Kim: Tell me about it. It's been so long since I've skied without some crazed henchmen after me.
Rufus:: Whoo-hoo!
Ron: Naked mole rat good to go.
Kim: Ohh, look, Ron.
Ron: Alan Platt. He deserves our pity, KP
Kim: So sad.
Ron: The biggest trip of the school year...
Kim: And his parents are the chaperones.
Ron: Humiliation Nation.
Kim: Tragic. ...But better him than me.
Mrs. Dr P: Kimmie!
Kim: Mom? What's the sitch? Did I leave something at home?
Mrs. Dr P: Not at all, honey. Your friend Bonnie called us.
Mrs. Dr P: The Platts came down with the flu at the last minute.
Platts: Whoo-hoo!
Mrs. Dr P: So we grabbed our gear, dropped the boys at Nana's, and high-tailed it right over.
Kim: Wait! You don't mean...
Bonnie: Meet our new ski trip chaperones! Smiles!
Bonnie: You know, it just occurred to me, some people might find it humiliating to have their parents along on a class outing. Especially one with a big photo spread in the yearbook.
Kim: You did this to me on purpose, Bonnie!
Bonnie: You are so paranoid. I think your parents are... cute.
Ron: What you got there, Dr. P?
Mr. Dr P: My homemade snow board. I'm ready for shreddy.
Ron: Excuse me?
Kim: Dad's trying to act cool? I'm doomed.
Mrs. Dr P: Ooh, I know a fun travel game that Kimmie used to love on family trips.
Mr. Dr P: When she wasn't begging for a rest stop.
Ron: Incredible!
Kim: I know! Bonnie will pay for this.
Ron: No, I mean this. Check it out, KP we?re heading straight into the lair of the beast.
Kim: "The snow beast of Mount Middleton makes tracks"? Right. From the same hard-hitting journalist who broke the Frog Boy story.
Ron: I was personally touched by Frog Boy's struggle to fit into a world that can never truly accept him.
Kim: Ron, look at this picture. It could be anything.
Ron: That's why the Wonder is offering $5,000 for a clear photo of the beast!
Barkin: You don't really believe all that hooey, do you, Stoppable?
Ron: Well...
Kim: Thank you, Mr. Barkin. Some of us have real issues to deal with.
Ron: Like helping your parents with the sing-along?
Mrs. Dr P: Here we go!
Mr. Dr P: Join in, Kimmie! Did you know that Kim has a beautiful singing voice?
Mr. Dr P and Mrs. Dr P: 99 bottles of pop on the wall
99 bottles of pop
Ron: (joins in) You take one down, pass it around
98 bottles of pop on the wall
98 bottles of pop on the wall
98 bottles of pop
You take one down and pass it around
97 bottles of pop on the wall
Mr. Dr P: make sure you collect all your personal belongings.
Barkin: Ready to find that snow beast?
Ron: Mr. B? I don't get it. You said...
Barkin: Stoppable, do you want the whole class going after the 5 Gs?
Ron: Ohhh, I gotcha.
Rufus:: Ahem.
Ron: What about Rufus:?
Barkin: Tell you what, Stoppable, you help me get that photo and I'll cut you in for 2 percent. Now, how you divvy it with your hairless pal, that's your business.
Ron: Deal. Ha ha ha! Catch you later, K.P.!
Kim: Ron, where are you going?
Mrs. Dr P: That reminds me of the cutest Kimmie story.
Kim: Ohh!
Mrs. Dr P: So, we're on our first family ski trip, Kimmie's two years old and she takes off her clothes in the middle of the lodge.
Kim: Mom! Heh heh. Not now. Not ever!
Mrs. Dr P: Oh, honey, two year olds have been known to strut around stark naked. Am I right?
Bonnie: Absolutely. Please... go on.
Ron: Shouldn't we have mules or sherpas or something? When I snow hike with Kim, we get sherpas.
Barkin: You're not traveling with the pep squad today, son. Up here, you gotta earn your 2 percent.
Barkin: Wait a minute. You hear something?
Ron: Teeth chattering? Knees knocking? Bladder sloshing? That's me!
Barkin: Shh! Listen!
Barkin and Ron: Snow beast!
Barkin: Get a move on, Stoppable!
Ron: It's on! It's on!
Barkin: Over there!
Ron: Wait! It changed direction! Aah!
Barkin and Ron: Whoa!
All: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
Ron: Rufus! Rufus, you OK?
Rufus:: Mm-hmm.
Ron: Where's Mr. Barkin?
Barkin: It got away.
Ron: It's coming back.
Ron and Rufus:: Ahh!
Barkin: Calm down, Stoppable. It's a woman.
Amy: Thanks for noticing.
Barkin: Well, you know, you're obviously, you know, female.
Ron: Whew! We thought you were the snow beast.
Barkin: Not that you look beastly in any way, ma'am.
Amy: Oh, please. Don't tell me you believe that silly fairy tale!
Ron and Barkin: No, no. no, no
Amy: I'm Amy Hall. Pleased to meet you, Mr....
Barkin: Barkin. Steve Barkin.
Amy: Say, Stevie...
Barkin: I prefer Steve.
Amy: That makes two of us. Roar! Ha! Anyhoo, I got all turned around up here. Would you mind leading me back to
the lodge?
Barkin: Actually, we...
Ron: Would be tickled pink.
Amy: Pink is my favorite color!
Barkin: Excuse us. What about the photos?
Ron: The photos can wait, Mr. B. You got a lady on the line. Come on, Steve.
Barkin: Stoppable...
Amy: Steve, the lodge awaits us!
Ron: Mr. Barkin, babe magnet.
Barkin: Drop it, Stoppable. Ma'am... please follow me.
Amy: To the ends of the earth, Stevie.
Bonnie: So you built your own snowboard, Dr. Possible?
Mr. Dr P: Yeah. You'd be surprised what you can cobble together with odds and ends from around the space center.
Bonnie: I'd love to see it in action.
Kim: Whoa! Slow down there, Dad.
Mr. Dr P: Kimmie?
Kim: Yours is so much cooler than everyone else's. You don't want to bum out the other guys, do you?
Mr. Dr P: Gosh, Kimmie, I don't want to bum anybody out.
Kim: Good, Dad. Real good.
Bonnie: Is everything OK, Kim? You seem kind of stressed.
Ron: Kim! Whoaaa!
Bonnie: Aah! Oh! You did that on purpose!
Kim: Now whose paranoid, Bonnie? It was an accident.
Ron: Ahh...
Kim: Oh, I owe you one.
Ron: Ahh, it was nothing. Aah!
Kim: Find your snow monster?
Rufus:: Uh-uh.
Ron: Shh! How much do you know?
Amy: I'm gonna buy y-o-u a mug of hot cocoa, Stevie.
Barkin: That's really not necessary. I need to get back to the slopes.
Amy: With mini marshmallows.
Kim: Hey! An Otterfly!
Amy: That's right! You collect Cuddle Buddies?
Kim: Well, I've seen them at the mall. No big.
Mrs. Dr P: Seen them? Kimmie went wild for those little things.
Amy: I'm the past president of the Cuddle Buddy Collectors Club. It's so nice to find a fellow cuddler!
Bonnie: You two must have so much in common.
Amy: You meet the nicest people at cuddle functions, don't you?
Kim: Well, I've never gone.
Amy: So, Kimmie, who's your fave? Mine's Otterfly obviously.
Kim: Well, it was a long time ago.
Mrs. Dr P: What was that one you would never let me wash?
Kim: I don't...
Mrs. Dr P: Pandaroo, that's it. You still sleep with that little guy, don't you? Ohh, so cute. Little Pandaroo.
Ron: Kim?
Kim: Bonnie knows about Pandaroo. Hope is lost.
Ron: That's harsh. Can I borrow the kimmunicator?
Kim: Your concern touches me.
Ron: Wade, what's the snow beast sitch?
Wade: I've got no historical sightings, no local legends, nothing.
Kim: You pulled Wade in on this?
Ron: Only if he delivers.
Wade: What were you talking about?
Ron: Not about the Weekly Wonder reward if that's what you're thinking.
Wade: Barkin already has me down for 10 percent.
Ron: Ten?!
Wade: If I deliver.
Ron: Fine. Just call me if you find anything.
Kim: Keep it. Wade might want to share some beastie breakthrough.
Ron: You want to come with me and Barkin to track it?
Kim: Don't you get it, Ron? This weekend is now strictly damage control. If I don't stay on top of my parents every minute, I'll never be able to show my face in school again! I'm in Humiliation Nation!
Barkin: Let's move Stoppable, before that Amy woman force-feeds me cocoa again.
Ron: Ahh!
Rufus:: Oof!
Ron: I think we're getting close.
Barkin: Something moved.
Ron: It didn't sound beast-sized.
Barkin: Oh, it's just a dog. Hey, pup. What are you doing way out here? Cheese and crackers!
Ron: Now, that's a mixed breed!
Ron: Ahh! Snow beast?
Amy: No! You naughty, naughty beastie. You shouldn't have run off like that. You had Mommy all worried.
Ron: Amy, in the nick of time, you tamed the beast! You saved me!
Barkin: Why did it listen to her?
Ron: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Barkin: Why did she say Mommy?
Amy: Ooh, you're a clever one, Stevie. Get the camera!
Barkin: Hey, that's mine!
Ron: She wants the reward! Or not.
Barkin: Ohh!
Ron: Don't be a pig. Urrgh...
Barkin: gasp Huh? Unh!
Amy: Take them to the lab!
Ron: Let me go! Let me go!
Wade: Ron? Mr. Barkin? I'll get Kim.
Platt: Nice outfit, Dr. Possible. It's, like, retro chic.
Mr. Dr P: Groovy.
Kim: Ugh!
Mr. Dr P: I was making small talk. Forgive me if that's out of bounds.
Kim: What do you mean?
Mrs. Dr P: We'd better be going, dear. We wouldn't want Kimmie to be in Humiliation Nation.
Kim: You heard me?! Ohh, smooth move, Kim.
Wade: Kim!
Kim: Wade?
Wade: We've got a situation.
Amy: Ohh, you can't just go gallivanting all over the mountain. Imagine what people must think.
Barkin: What is this place?
Amy: Just my homey little genetics engineering lab. Let me show you my favorite part.
Barkin: Sweet mother of pearl.
Ron: Uhh...
Rufus:: Hmm?
Amy: Every Cuddle Buddy ever made!
Barkin: That's a lot of plush, lady.
Amy: I collected them all, but it wasn't enough? Cookies
Ron: Uh, question!
Amy: Yes?
Ron: What's up with the monsters?
Amy: I wanted more. To go where no Cuddler had gone before. Life-sized living Cuddle Buddies!
Barkin: That's quite a leap.
Amy: Not if you're one of the world's foremost biogenetics! They called me D-N-Amy. They said I was mad at the Cuddle Con. Ha ha! Gingersnap?
Barkin: Lady, you are...
Amy: Special?
Barkin: You are sick... and wrong!
Amy: You're just a meanie, Stevie! But I can fix that.
Kim: Wade, try searching the Cuddle Buddy website. They profile all major Cuddlers... uh, collectors.
Wade: How'd you know that?
Kim: I logged on a few times, OK? They're a good investment.
Wade: Good call, Kim.
Kim: She's a biogenetics?
Wade: That's not all. She was kicked out of her university for unorthodox splicing experiments. Her nickname was DNAmy.
Kim: An out of control geneticist. I should have paid more attention to Ron's crazed snow beast talk. We need to hurry. Wade, is there a satellite that can scan the mountain for geological anomalies?
Wade: Match. Hoping we might find a hidden scientific lab?
Kim: If it's not asking too much.
Wade: You're on a roll. Artificial reinforcements in a large cavern to the north.
Kim: I'm there.
Ron: Wait! Why punish Rufus:? Barkin's the one you're mad at!
Barkin: That's it, Stoppable! You can kiss your 2 percent good-bye.
Amy: We could have been so cute together, Stevie! Well, now you'll find out what it's like to be genetically fused with a hairless rodent!
Barkin: Huh? You are one twisted sister! Ahhh! Ahh!
Rufus:: Oof!
Barkin: Ahh!
Cat: meooow
Kim: Ahh!
Kim: Oof! Oof! Oof! Oof! Oof! Ahh! Let them go, DNAmy, or I'll... Pandaroo? Super star edition? They only made 12 of these! Ooh!
Amy: You like Cuddle Buddies, Kimmie, wait till you see my genetic zipper in action!
Ron: Rufus! You're a mutant!
Kim: Gross.
Amy: Naked mole man! My greatest splicing success yet!
Kim: Hey, snowy! Looks like your mommy's got a new favorite. She doesn't care about you. You're just another collectible to her.
Amy: Stop it! Stop it this instant!
Ron: Hey...
Kim: Shh!
Amy: There's room in my heart for all of you!
Ron: Thanks, KP. We gotta get Rufus: back.
Kim: And Mr. Barkin.
Ron: Right. Him too.
Amy: No! These materials are unstable!
Wade: According to my readings, the whole place is gonna blow!
Kim: Mr. Barkin, no!
Ron: Rufus:, I know you're in there, buddy. It's me! Mole man: Ohh...
Ron: That's my Rufus:! Rufus:, you're OK!
Rufus:: Mm-hmm!
Ron: And you're wearing Barkin's clothes.
Kim: Then what's Mr. Barkin wearing?
Barkin: Stoppable, I need pants! Let's evacuate, people!
Kim: Just once, I wish the bad guy's lair didn't have to blow up.
Amy: No!
Kim: You have to leave!
Amy: No, no. Not without my Cuddle Buddies!
All: Ahhh!
Ron: We made it!
Rufus:: Yay!
Kim: Great. Now I've got to find my parents to apologize.
Barkin: You might not get the chance.
All: Avalanche!
Barkin: We'll never outrun it!
Kim: No way!
Mr. Dr P: Get ready. No time to stop!
Mr. Dr P: Hang on. This could get gnarly.
All: Ahhh!
Mrs. Dr P: There they are!
Ron: Awesome ride, Dr. P!
Barkin: Ahhhh!
Ron: Woo-hoo!
Student: Way to go!
Student: Cool!
Student: That was amazing!
Student: I could never do that!
Kim: Dad, you're amazing.
Mr. Dr P: Oh, no big. Aww.
Amy: Come see me, Stevie!
Kim: Mom, I am so sorry.
Mrs. Dr P: Don't worry, honey. Your father and I were teenagers once. Sometimes we forget what it's like.
Bonnie: Isn't this a sweet moment?
Bonnie?s Mom: Bonnie!
Bonnie: Mom?!
Bonnie?s Mom: Pumpkin! Mmm!
Bonnie: Mother, what are you doing here?
Bonnie?s Mom: I heard you kids needed more chaperones so I just rushed right up.
Bonnie: But you can't!
Bonnie?s Mom: Now, Bon-Bon, don't go flying off the handle.
Ron: Bon-bon?
Bonnie?s Mom: If everything isn't just so, little Bon-Bon goes straight to pieces. Ha ha ha! Ohh!
Bonnie: But why? Who called you?
Mrs. Dr P: There's too many kids for just us to handle, and I figured if Kimmie got to enjoy having her parents around, why not you, too, Bonnie?
Bonnie?s Mom: This is going to be such fun! You have to introduce me to every single one of your little classmates. Ha ha!
Kim: You rock, Mom.
Mrs. Dr P: You rock, too, Kimmie.



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