Day of the Snowmen

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By wallaceb
Kim: Late! Late for school! Hello?! Why didn't anybody wake me up?
Mrs. Dr P: Honey...
Kim: I've already missed home room and...
Summer (on TV): Half of The Tri-City area has been walloped by a surprise blizzard. I'm standing on Main street where snow continues to fall, adding to the five feet of accumulation we've already endure over night. All major roadways and public transportation in the Tri-City area are closed. Area businesses are shut down and
school is cancelled until further notice.
Tim: Snow day!
Jim: Hoosha!
Summer: And as the snow falls, we'll track it, around the clock, 24-7 non-stop. I am Summer Gale and I am Blizzard Watch!
Mr. Dr P: I smell cocoa, I hear popcorn and I know what that means.
Kim's Dad and Mom: Possible family snow day!
Mr. Dr P: There's nothing like white-out blizzard conditions to force some serious family together-time.
Mrs. Dr P: Don't forget the oldest Possible family snow day tradition of all.
Mr. Dr P: Snowy the snowman! Fetch. Jim, Tim, just in time.
Mrs. Dr P: Come on, we're building Snowy.
Jim: We're kinda busy.
Tim: We're using our ionic heat particle beam to clear driveways.
Jim: Cha-ching! Power me up, Tim!
Tim: Agh!
Tim: Still needs work.
Jim: Bye, guys.
Mr. Dr P: Hey, Kimmie-cub!
Mrs. Dr P: Honey, give me a hand with Snowy's head.
Kim: Love to. Can't. Plans with Ron.
Ron: Woo-hoo-hoo!
Rufus: Woo!
Ron: Yeah! Morning, Doctors P. Kim, there's five feet of packed powder on Dead Man's Hill. Will you join me in my quest for the ultimate ride?
Kim: Love the sledging. Not sure about the questing. Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad.
Mr. Dr P: But don't you wanna...
Mrs. Dr P: Oh, well.
Ron: Well! That was a decent qualifying run!
Kim: Do those clouds look little greenish to you?
Ron: Who cares? Let's sledge!
Kim: Aren't your hands freezing?
Ron: Bueno Nacho extra hot five-alarm sauce. Just keep in my pockets, my hands stay toasty all day.
Kim: I thought they discontinued the five-alarm sauce.
Ron: Oh, they did. But I got these babies before "the man" got wise.
Kim: Huh?
Ron: Kim! Behind you! Zombie snowman! Phew! Glad that's over.
Kim: Or not.
Ron: An army of evil zombie snowmen!
Rufus: Agh!
Ron: Man, I always knew that's what would get me. OK, sick and wrong!
Kim: I am so not believing this! Go, Wade.
Wade: Kim, every snowman in the Tri-City area is coming to life and going on a rampage.
Ron: And they don't seem like jolly happy souls.
Wade: I'm not sure what's causing it but check this out.
Summer: This is Summer Gale and I'm reporting to you from the Middleton mall where we under siege from legion of zombie snowmen. Keep it here for continuing coverage of zombie snowmen watch. I am Summer Gale and... Ahhhhh!
Kim: Come on.
Summer: How's my make-up? I wanna roll again in five!
Jake: We could be experiencing some technical difficulties.
Ron: Back! Back, evil snow zombies!
Kim: Let's move, people!
Ron: Kim, let's jet! Ahhh! Hit it, Rufus!
Tim: Help! Anybody!
Jim: Kim, what's going on?
All: Ahhh!
Mr. Dr P: Gosh, Summer Gale! I mean you are Blizzard Watch! Smore?
Summer: No, thank you.
Jim: You wear a lot of make-up.
Tim: More than the younger weather ladies.
Summer: Such charming children.
Mrs. Dr P: OK, come on, boys. Let's whip up some hot cocoa.
Wade: Still nothing on what's causing the snowman effect. OK, the good news is I can use reverse thermal imaging to track the snowmen's movements.
Ron: I'm guessing that means there's also bad news.
Wade: The bad news is all the snowmen seem to be converging on a single location.
Kim: What location?
Wade: Your house.
Mrs. Dr P: Ahh!
Tim: Oh, man!
Jim: Back to the drawing board.
Kim: This is wrong.
Ron: OK, we're all boarded up.
Kim: I don't get it. Why are they after me?
Ron: Everyone's after you. You should be used to it by now.
Jake: Go ahead. Tell them, Summer.
Summer: Cork it, Jake.
Kim: Tell us what? Hold up. The mall, then here. They're not after me. They're after you.
Summer: Look, I wanted more airtime, alright? So I bought a weather machine.
Kim: To create the snowstorm of the century.
Summer: But I don't know what's going on with these snowmen. It's not my fault, OK?
Ron: Maybe the weather machine was faulty. Did you buy used?
Summer: Pre-owned. The salesman said it'd only been used once for some attack on Canada.
Kim: A weather machine needs a lot of water to create a storm this big.
Summer: I got the water from some lake. Wannasob... Wannacry...
Kim and Ron: Lake Wannaweep.
Summer: That's it.
Wade: Well, I don't have to tell you guys what that means. Toxic snowmen.
Kim: Here's the sitch. Summer says the weather machine is hovering over her TV station.
Mr. Dr P: Kimmie-cub, you need to get to that machine.
Kim: But Dad...
Mrs. Dr P: No buts. We'll hold up the zombie snowmen, dear.
Summer: Here, you'll need these.
Jake: I have a better plan. Let's just throw her outside be done with it. She's the one they want.
Mr. Dr P: Now hold it right there, mister! Either you're with us or with the zombie snowmen.
Jake: There's an army of them out there! We can't win! It's impossible!
Mr. Dr P: Anything's possible for a Possible.
Mrs. Dr P: And we're all in this together! Right, kids?
Kids: Right!
Kim: Dad, do you still have those G33 booster rockets you brought home from the lab?
Ron: Whoops.
Rufus: Ha! Huh! Hot sauce! Ha!
Ron: I hope you've got a plan B.
Kim: You wanted the ultimate ride, right?
Mr. Dr P: Yaaaahhhh!
Mrs. Dr P: The roof! Hurry!
Ron: Yeaaah! Whoa! I feel a heat wave coming on. Oops. OK, honest mistake, people.
Tim: We are now operational.
Jim: Time to make slushies.
Ron: Oh, come on.
Kim: My turn.
Mrs. Dr P: It's over.
Mr. Dr P: Look out! It's snowy!
Summer: How's my make-up?
Ron: Lake Wannaweep. Every time I think I'm out, she draws me back in.
Kim: Turn down the drama, Ron. Once we dump the water back into the lake, everything will be fine.
Ron: Will it, Kim? Place of evil. Place of evil!



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