Car Alarm

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By wallaceb
Kim: Gotta meet Ron a Bueno Nacho, it's Ok If I borrow the car? Thanks
Mrs. Possible: Sorry Kimmie I have to drive Jim and Tim to soccer practice. Unless you want to?
Kim: Oh no, I’m Not gonna be the tweebs taxi driver, I'll walk first. Ba-bye
Mrs. Possible: I'll give you 5 dollars.
Kim: Not listening.
Mrs. Possible: 10.
Kim: Walking away.
Mrs. Possible: 20 Firm.
Kim: Tough love mom, Tough love. You, ah? Bonnie has her own car?
Bonnie: Hey Kim, Don't you just heart my new ride? Oh you’re still walking? How underclass for a senior.
Kim: Is that a door ding?
Bonnie: What? Where? I don’t see any....
Ron: KP! Check out my rocking new horn.
Bonnie: Oh now I see the ding, your boyfriend. Ha-ha later losers.
Ron: Oh and look it squirts bubbles too, Hop on you can ride in style.
Rufus: Bubbles.
Kim: I so need to get my own wheels. 2.6 liter V8 Engine 9 speed sequential Transaxle Transmission and most Importantly Bonnie will be Jellin'.
Ron: Sticker Shock, Kim have you seen how much?
Kim: Your right to pay for this I’d have to like baby-sit like 10,000 Saturdays.
Ron: And sell a Kidney.
Mr. Possible: Hello Ronald, So Kimmie cub find anything you like?
Kim: Yeah but nothing I can afford
Ron: Hey, it's ok you don't need a car. We've got my scooter
Rufus: Um-huh.
Mr. Possible: The bubble horn?
Kim: The bubble horn.
Mr. Possible: I think I can help. Here it is your new car.
Kim: Wow I don't believe it, your giving me your car?
Ron: Sweet.
Mr. Possible: Yep she’s all yours. Oh wait not this, one that one.
Kim: What a piece of...
Mr. Possible: History.
Kim: What century?
Mr. Possible: My old Roth S.L. coupe.
Ron: You mean a Sloth? I've heard of these.
Mr. Possible: Yep my very first car ahhh they don’t make them like this anymore.
Ron: Not after the recall.
Mr. Possible: It means allot to keep her in the family I hope you like it.
Kim: It's uh... It's great, Thanks dad.
Mr. Possible: It Just needs a little work treat her right and you'll be driving this car for years.
Kim: Years?
Ron: Oh come on it might not be that bad you know lets take a look under the hood.
Ron: Ah Crow get em' off me get em' off me!
Kim: Oh Even If I do get this heap running I couldn't actually be seen in it.
Ron: Now there in my hair Ow with the scratching.
Jucre: So anyway my mother wanted me to be an orthodontist but that was her dream not mine my dream was to be a super villain and then of course...
Drakken: All the prisons in all the world and I get stuck with the blabbermouth.
Jucre: You you’re a real super villain with the blue skin and the hot temper and everything coarse you got caught too so now here we are equals.
Motor Ed: Ah yea! Motor Ed is in the big house seriously.
Drakken: At last the Riot.
Motor Ed: Yo Cuz it's me Eddie.
Drakken: Ah ha ha I knew I could count of family freedom is at hand no more lockdown, no more prison food and no more yackity blah from you Lucre.
Motor Ed: Later Drew Seriously.
Drakken: What?
Shego: Later losers.
Jucre: Listen if it's any consolation on the whole counting on family front I'm Still waiting for my mother to post my bail.
Shego: Well this has been fun. Atually it hasn’t I’m gone.
Motor Ed: Whoa! Hey Now green I gave you your freedom and a sweet ride.
Shego: Wha wha wha so you think I owe you?
Motor Ed: Seriously?
Shego: How shall I put this yeah that’s not the way I roll,
Motor Ed: Here me out Hey I'm not Cousin Drew I am Motor Ed I respect my green ladies appetite for destruction seriously dude I do.
Shego: Your lady?
Motor Ed: Woo! man I love that green Magic.
Ron: Give it more gas…more... more.... give it more... ok, wait your outta gas. It's not so good on mileage is it?
Kim: Go, Wade.
Wade: Kim I just got word that... Are you sitting in a sloth?
Ron: A bon-diggity Vintage Vehicle my man.
Rufus: Um-huh.
Wade: But what about...
Ron: The recall? Yeah were not talking so much about that.
Kim: Minding here? So what’s up?
Wade: So get this, Motor Ed just busted Shego out of prison.
Ron: Shego and Drakken?
Wade: Nope just Shego.
Kim: Motor Ed and Shego why would they be working together?
Ron: well I mean weirder things have happened. Eh look at us.
Kim: True But there’s a Major diff between Weird and wrong on all levels.
Wade: Once I get a fix on there location ill let you know, In the mean time you can work on your, ummm...
Kim: Car it's called a car Wade.
Wade: Uh technically I'm not so sure.
Jim: Hicka-Bicka-Boo?
Tim: whoosha!
Kim: Out this is a no tweeb zone
Jim: Out ok but...
Tim: don’t you wanna here our offer first?
Kim: Offer? Ummm not interested.
Tim: We can get your car running.
Ron: Hmmm you know they did build a space craft out of a lawnmower, a toaster and well you know rocket part but still I mean it worked kinda.
Kim: What’s the catch?
Jim: You just have to give us rides.
Kim: So not going to happen i can fix this on my own now go on shoo!
Jim and Tim: Huh.
Ron: Uh are you 100 percent on this KP?
Kim: I'm Kim Possible... I can do anything. I think... It… It just gets worse.
Ron: Wah wait I wasn't even helping how did this happen?
Jim: So ready to deal?
Kim: Mmmm Never!
Ron: KP be reasonable.
Rufus: uh, uh-huh.
Kim: Fine.
Tweebs: Hoosha!
Kim: What's this?
Tim: Contract.
Jim: In exchange for our services you'll...
Kim: I know, Give you rides... where ever you what, when ever you want?
Tim: Or you could not be driving at all.
Tweebs: Woah-hoo, Oh yeah hoosha!
Kim: Hey, no Gloating.
Jim: Page 6, subparagraph 3, Gloating is to be allowed.
Ron: Whoa they got you with a neener clause, Oh yeah there good.
Kim: Hmm. Well?
Jim: Congratulations.
Tim: It's a Car.
Ron: It's... It's...
Kim: Beautiful, I..I..I don't know what to say?
Jim: Contractually, you have to say thank you.
Kim: Thank you.
Tim: Now Pop the hood.
Ron: Oh no no no I remember what happen last time. Ahh oh man there all there ahh!
Jim: Dual Quad transverse Rotary design with gyro stabilization.
Kim: Which is tweeb for?
Tim: This thing kicks.
Jim: Now let’s go.
Kim: Go? Go where?
Tim: Kimberly Ann Possible who shall be known as the car monkey.
Ron: Could you not call her that.
Kim: Thank You Ron.
Ron: ho no not for you it's for me still got some monkey issues ha ha go ahead.
Tim: The car monkey shall transport Jim and Tim anywhere they request.
Tweebs: Hoosha! Let’s roll.
Kim: We've been to the mall, the movies, the candy Cade, can we just go home? I've got things to do.
Tim: Nope, there’s some place we haven't been yet.
Kim: Oh please don’t say....
Tweebs: J.P Berymores Pizza party-torium.
Ron: Boo-ya love the bear.
Kim: Not helping. How long does it take to eat brunt pizza?
Ron: You know if aaaaa you let us go In I can show you.
Kim: No-wha! Oh No not the puppy dog pout. Oh, ok But you go in, you get the tweebs and you get out .
Ron: Done and done.
Kim: That's it, Parties over, lets go.
Tim: Good Timing.
Jim: We just matched the high score on space squids.
Ron: Oh, never get to have any fun.
Kim: Oh boys, there all tweebs. Go, Wade.
Wade: Someone just jacked into the space centers mainframe and downloaded information on something called the Kepler.
Kim: Kepler? That’s the project my dads working on.
Mr. Possible: Well with it's Prototype booster, the Kepler will be the fastest man made object ever created. Ah well I guess she'd be worth stealing
Kim: You don't seem to worried.
Mr. Possible: Honey the Middleton space center uses the best security measures If there ever was a break in I'd...
Shego: Know about it?
Mr. Possible: Exactly, Oh.
Kim: Shego shouldn't you be behind bars?
Shego: I got an early parole, only hear to say Hi.
Kim: Hiy... huh? yah.
Motor Ed: Hey Red how’s it shaking?
Kim: you tell me squirrel head, I can't believe your actually teamed up with this looser.
Shego: look, I'm not proud of it but sometime you gotta do what you gotta do.
Motor Ed: I got the goods let's roll.
Kim: Put that rocket down.
Motor Ed: Sorry time to fly.
Ron: You’re not going anywhere.
Motor Ed: Oh not me you seriously.
Kim: Whoa!!!! Wade need a landing solution.
Wade: Do you still have that hair jell I gave you last week?
Kim: Yeah.
Wade: It's actually a special compound expands when exposed to air.
Kim: Gr gah!
Wade: It also adds Body.
Kim: Mmm. No mocking the hair!
Ron: Ha are you kidding me you know I know the basic Boyfriend rules Kim, Your new hair cut is fabulous and those slacks are very flattering.
Kim: Thanks for the sensitivity.
Jim: Sorry but where contractually obligated to mock.
Kim: Ok Just get it over with.
Tim: It's no fun if you help.
Shego: Whoa, whoa, whoa what are you doing?
Motor Ed: Cutting down on wind Resistance, Seriously.
Shego: Um-huh except the wings are what makes it fly.
Motor Ed: It's all part of my way wicked awesome plan.
Shego: Yeah about that, Ummm...
Motor Ed: Can't talk working. Here's the blueprints see if you can find a place for a new cup holder.
Kim: Ok here's the deal I may have to drive you to school but that doesn’t mean I have to be seen with you so duck or walk
Tweebs: Aw.
Kim: Now! Ron, not you. Ok It's Bonnie so stay down, Showtime. What’s Hot B?
Bonnie: Oh You have a car K? Begged, Borrowed or Stolen?
Kim: You wish this is all mine.
Bonnie: Oh taking it in for the recall?
Tim: Nun-uh!
Jim: we customized it ourselves and it can blow the doors off of any car anywhere anytime.
Tim: And Kim had to drive us anywhere we want.
Bonnie: So it's a babysitter car... ha ha ha.
Kim: The only ride you’re going to need will be to the hospital.
Wade: Kim.
Jim: Phew... saved by the Wade.
Wade: I got the specs on the Kepler from your dad, If it reaches It's top speed within the earth atmosphere the shockwave will flatten everything in it's path.
Tweebs: Nice.
Ron: Yeah, ummmmm I Mean who'd be dumb enough to try that.
Kim: Motor Ed.
Shego: Huh... the Kepler specs are pretty impressive, ‘coarse it’s all in how you use it.
Motor Ed: It's so gonna Rock, seriously.
Shego: I think maybe I can get onboard with this I... It looks like a race car, you tricked it out?
Motor Ed: You say tricked out like a bad thing, you know your chassis could use a little tricking out too heh heh.
Shego: excuse me what’s wrong with my chassis?
Motor Ed: Woah Woah I'm talking about your disguise.
Shego: Disguise?
Motor Ed: It's part of the plan.
Shego: Ok, but no flames.
Ron: We've been driving around for an hour now and haven't seen anything, Naco Stop?
Rufus: Um-huh Um-huh.
Kim: No time, we’ve gotta find mullet head before he puts the peddle to the metal.
Rufus: Ohhhh...
Ron: Uh Kim Its the...
Kim: Ron I said no.
Ron: Yeah but KP....
Kim: I don't care how hungry you are.
Ron: It's... it's the...
Kim: The Kepler? Why didn't you say something?
Ron: I forgot what it was called.
Jim: Did you see that?
Ron: It's as fast as a rocket!
Tim: Hicka-Bicka-duh!
Rufus: Oh.
Jim: Take us home.
Kim: That Is It, I may have signed that silly contract but first I’m stopping Motor Ed.
Tim: Not in this your not.
Kim: What?
Jim: We have to supercharge the Engines.
Tim: Nobody blows our doors off.
Jim: This is personal.
Tim: And check it, the Roth S.L. Coupe...
Jim and Tim: 2.0!
Rufus: Woah hoo.
Shego: Ugh, could you possibly drive any slower?
Motor Ed: The faster the ride, the slower the glide babe.
Shego: Oh, please.
Motor Ed: Hey you’re supposed to be chewing gum.
Shego: Gum?
Motor Ed: Seriously It pulls together your whole you know disguise.
Shego: There fine now can you tell us the rest of this awesome plan?
Motor Ed: Ahhh No Spoilers, Whoa what's that? Seriously?
Kim: You sure we can catch them?
Tim: With our modifications...
Jim: Just watch.
Shego: Great, Kimmie gets a car and now she's everywhere, like bacteria. Gha!
Motor Ed: Woah-hoo!
Kim: Huh? Ok, one for the tweebs.
Wade: Guys, remember you cant let the Kepler break it's threshold speed.
Ron: What’s the threshold speed?
Wade: Oh you'll know it when you see it.
Shego: See now why are these dice fuzzy? It makes no since, I... watch it, she gaining.
Motor Ed: Shotgun Babes don’t to get to criticize a dude or his dice, seriously.
Shego: Shotgun babe?
Mr. Possible: The Kepler! Oh looking good, nice speed, sweet paint job. Slow down Kimmie cub and uh pick up some milk on your way home.
Ron: Are we slowing down?
Kim: No, there speeding up and where topped out.
Jim: Uh-uh, that was just first gear.
Kim: Ok that’s two for the tweebs.
Motor Ed: Whoa!
Shego: Don't worry about them get on with the plan I'm tired of waiting.
Motor Ed: Whoa the dude decides what to do you don’t get to boss me around. Oh you got on your lipstick on your teeth, right there.
Shego: Oh, I hate that, thanks.
Kim and Ron: Ahhhh!
Ron: Finally a chance to test my theories on zero-G Naco eating.
Rufus: Mmm...
Ron: Ah Still Good, Food of the future.
Kim: Ok even if I do catch them how and am I going to stop the Kepler?
Wade: If you cut the power from the feed it will disengage the quathem drive.
Jim: That I’ll cause...
Tim: A cascade one power drop.
Tweebs: Brilliant!
Wade: Thanks guys appreciate the peer review positive feedback.
Kim: Ehem, sorry to interrupt you little geek fest but how do I do this?
Wade: There a panel on the outside of the Kepler, remove it to get to the cut off line.
Kim: So I...I just have to jump on to a speeding rocket?
Wade: Pretty much.
Kim: Ron, take the wheel.
Wade: Wait, before you go.
Ron: I had nothing to do with this.
Wade: Ron there Magno-rings They’ll help you hang onto the side of the Kepler.
Ron: ha ha ha ha Right that’s what I though they were for, heh.
Motor Ed: Whoa Reds hitching a ride, Time to show her what this baby can do seriously.
Shego: Finally.
Motor Ed: I'm going to hit the big red button.
Shego: This is what I’ve been waiting for, let’s go hypersonic.
Motor Ed: Oh ho ho you know it.
Shego: The shock wave will cause massive damage dooming the world to chaos. You are the man with the plan.
Motor Ed: What?
Shego: the... the hypersonic blast. Your... your plan.
Motor Ed: That’s not it.
Shego: It's not, what is?
Motor Ed: To cruise cross country at hypersonic speed with a hot babe by my side, It's on my list of things to do before I croke, Next up Alaskan Cruise man.
Shego: SO wait you mean I hear because I'm an ornament?
Motor Ed: Not the fuzzy dice are an ornament, you are an accessory.
Motor Ed: Ahhh seriously.
Kim: Wade I’ve found the panel.
Wade: Good because the quathem drive has been engaged and no ones driving.
Kim: Why is this never easy? Whoa!
Ron: Um, Guys tell me you put a grappler beam into this thing.
Jim: Where waiting on parts to come in.
Ron: Oh not now this is just so random.
Bonnie: Ahh!
Kim: oops.
All: No!!!
Kim: This better work.
Shego: Ugh.
Motor Ed: Bummer, But you've got to respect Reds Road Skill, She knows how to cruse. Whoa she babe you've gotta do something with your looks seriously.
Shego: Shut it
Motor Ed: Owww Hey.
Kim: I got to admit the sloth may not be perfect, but it came through in the end, sorta like you guys.
Tim: Not to worry.
Jim: We can fix it and add more modification.
Kim: And a new contract?
Tim: Not this time, we've got another client for that.
Bonnie: So what’s a Car Monkey?
Jim: Oh you'll see.
Kim: What’s Hot B? Got your car fixed huh?
Bonnie: I am so done with your Brothers.
Jim: Quiet car money.
Tim: Take us to Mr. Fudgies Ice cream-o-rama
Bonnie: No.
Jim: Sorry it’s in the contract.
Tim: that you signed.
Bonnie: Don't Care.
Tim: But...
Bonnie: Out. Later.
Bonnie: Ahh!
Kim: Grappling beam?
Jim: Yeah the parts came in this morning.
Kim: Cool Hop in ill drive you guys to Mr. Fudgies



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