A Sitch in Time: Present (1)

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By Quin Separable
(Kim Possible title appears with the Kimmunicator beeping then Work it Out begins to play. During this song, you see KIM POSSIBLE and her cheerleading squad practicing their routine. As the song ends, RON STOPPABLE runs out in a Mad Dog mask, howling.)
BONNIE: Who invited him back here?!
KIM: Bonnie, Ron is a member of the squad like it or not.
RON: You got it goin’ on Bonbon!
BONNIE: I chose not.
(BONNIE exits the screen. RON walks up to KIM.)
RON: Yeah, I think she’s warming up to me.
(Cut to KIM and RON walking outside.)
RON: First practice of the new school year and I was in the zone!
RUFUS: Booya!
RON: K.P., our future is bright. I predict that this year will be the best school year ever!
KIM: I guess it’s off to a good start.
RON: Good start? Kim, it hurricane rocks! I mean, we have all our classes together. All day together! It’s like a Pre-K flashback.
KIM: Without nap time.
RON: Ah, nap time. You don’t know what you got until it’s gone.
KIM: I have a feeling that the nap time void will be filled by Latin class. Which reminds me, we are taking Latin class why?
RON: Are you kidding? I can’t wait for Latin class! The salsa dancing, the salsa eating.
RUFUS: (licking his lips) Ah!
RON: I already know my research project: The Down Low on J. Lo
KIM: Ron, this is Latin as in the language. The dead language.
RON: No salsa?
KIM: No J. Lo.
RON: No big! We’re in it together and that’s what counts. Oh! Did I tell you that Mary Giereanu said "Hi" to me? To me! You know how this bodes?
KIM: Well?
RON: Yes. Well boding all around. Finally for once in my life all signs are good.
(KIM and RON walk out in front of RON’S HOUSE where KIM sees a "For Sale" sign.)
KIM: Ron, what’s with this?
RON: "For Sale"?
(A REAL ESTATE MAN walks up)
MAN: So sorry. There’s been a terrible mistake here.
RON: Whew! Because I thought that maybe -
(MAN puts a “sold” sticker on the sign.)
KIM: "Sold"?
RON: "Sold"?
MAN: Sold.
RUFUS: Sold?
RON: I’m moving?
(Cut to the inside of RON’S HOUSE. MR. and MRS. STOPPABLE are in the living with RON.)
RON: Why didn’t you tell me?!
MRS. STOPPABLE: Actually, sweetie, the sign was our way of telling you.
MR. STOPPABLE: We thought it would be easier this way (RON glares). . . for us.
MRS. STOPPABLE: You see, out of the blue I was offered a fabulous new job.
RON: But wait. What about dad?
MR. STOPPABLE: I’m an actuary. I can work anywhere people attach a dollar value to human life.
RON: But why do we have to move?
MRS. STOPPABLE: My new boss, Ms. Ogehs, said she wants me right there with her at the home office.
MR. STOPPABLE: It’ll be an adventure!
RON: Wait. Where is the home office?
MR. and MRS. STOPPABLE: Norway.
RON: Norway!
(Cut to BUENO NACHO. KIM and RON are sitting at a booth talking.)
KIM: It’s not the end of the world.
RON: Are you kidding? This will alter the course of life as we know it!
KIM: Exaggerate much?
RON: Ok fine, it’s the end of my world! The perfect school year just went down the tubes and the Possible - Stoppable team is right behind it.
(RUFUS makes a sound of water rushing out of a toilet.)
RON (to RUFUS): Nice.
KIM: What are you talking about?
RON: Rufus. He just sounded like a toilet.
KIM: No, no, the end of the Possible-Stoppable team?
RON: Think Kim. How are we going to make that work from different continents?
KIM: Well it’ll be tricky, but doable.
RON: You really think so?
KIM: Ron, I couldn’t save the world without you.
RUFUS: Whoosh!
RON (To Rufus): Ok, now, see, you’re just overdoing it.
RUFUS: Mmm. Sorry.
(Next day. In front of RON’S HOUSE. A moving van is in front of the house and MR. and MRS. STOPPABLE are finishing loading their belongings in the van.)
MR. STOPPABLE (to his wife): You can’t pack bric-a-brac in the knickknack box.
MRS. STOPPABLE: Sorry, hon.
MR. STOPPABLE (closing the van door closed and jumping down): Well we’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best. (Calls to RON) Ronald, let’s move!
(Scene slides over to show KIM and RON standing on the front lawn.)
RON (choked up): Well, Kim, I guess . . . I guess this is it.
KIM (choked up): Yeah. Yeah, I guess.
(RUFUS sobs and blows his nose on RON’S shirt.)
KIM (handing RON a KIMMUNICATOR): Here. I had Wade whip this up for you.
RON (looking at the Kimmunicator): My own Kimmunicator.
KIM: Correction: Ronnunicator. You can call me or beep me . . . you know, if you wanna reach me.
RON: I’m not going to cry!
(RUFUS does instead.)
RON (choked up): Courage little man.
(Horn honks.)
MR. STOPPABLE: Let’s go Ronald. Four hours early for international flights.
(RON and KIM look at each other for a second, then hug.)
RON (sobbing as he walks away): Have fun in Latin class.
(RON walks into the truck and shuts the door. He turns and looks out the window and waves at KIM. KIM waves back. The engine starts and the moving van pulls away.)
KIM (sighs): Goodbye Ron.
(Cut to KIM’S HOUSE. KIM is in her kitchen studying Latin. MRS. POSSIBLE walks in.)
MRS. POSSIBLE: Are you taking Latin?
KIM: Ron’s idea. Heh. I wish he were here to suffer with me.
MRS. POSSIBLE: You miss him a lot, huh?
KIM: We’ve been tight for so long.
MR. POSSIBLE (walking into the room): How can you miss him? He calls every 5 minutes.
(Kimmunicator beeps. MR. POSSIBLE looks at his watch.)
MR. POSSIBLE: Right on schedule.
KIM: How’s the flight Ron?
RON (scrunched between a crying baby and a man sleeping): Nine house to Norway. (Woman folds down her seat) Ow!
KIM: Uh, focus on the movie. You’ll get through this. (Shuts Kimmunicator off.)
MRS. POSSIBLE: I know it’s going to be tough, honey, but a little distance won’t come between you.
(JIM and TIM come into the room, holding a plane.)
TIM: Come between who?
KIM: Me and Ron. He moved to Norway.
JIM: What?
TIM: Oh man this stinks.
JIM: We wanted Rufus to test pilot the Jiminator.
TIM: You mean Timinator, don’t you?
MRS. POSSIBLE: Boys, you know what I’ve said about rocket fuel in the house.
JIM: Aw mom-
TIM: This is totally safe.
(Rocket takes off, making a hole in the roof.)
JIM and TIM: Whoops.
JIM: Uh . . . hicka bica boo?
TIM: Hooshah!
(JIM and TIM run out of the room. The Kimmunicator beeps.)
KIM: Sup, Ron?
RON: The movie’s in Norwegian or French. I’m not sure. (Baby whips green goo all over RON’S face.) Ew. Ew! Ohh.
MRS. POSSIBLE: I get the feeling that keeping in touch with Ron isn’t going to be a problem.
(Cut to outside of KIM’S HOUSE at night. Kimmunicator beeps.)
KIM: Ron? It’s the middle of the night.
RON: Sorry K.P. Am I nine hours ahead or behind you?
KIM (yawning): I’ll let you know when I’m conscious.
RON: Kim, I gotta know. Has Mary Giereanu said you know like "hi" to anyone else?
KIM: Ron, nighttime. Sleep.
RON: Oh. ok.. Um, sleep tight K.P.
(Kim shuts the Kimmunicator off and lays back on her pillow and closes her eyes. A few seconds later the Kimmunicator beeps again. KIM turns it on and WADE, the ten-year old supergenius appears split- screen with RON on the other side.)
WADE: Kim! I. . . (seeing RON) Oh hey Ron.
RON: Hey right back atcha!
WADE: How’s Norway?
(KIM looks annoyed.)
RON: Icy.
KIM: What’s the sitch Wade and can it wait until morning?
WADE: Sorry Kim. Robbery in process. Someone’s breaking into the Tri-City Museum.
KIM: I’m on it. (Starts to get out of bed)
RON: Me too. I’ll be right there.
KIM: (looks at the Kimmunicator) Ron, you’re half-way around the world.
RON: Kim, you said that we’d still be a team! So no matter what it takes, I’ll be there.
(Cut to Monkey Fist lowering down after a statue.)
KIM: Back off Monkey Fist!
MONKEY FIST: Oh super. The cheerleader.
KIM: Hey, at least I have human and hands and feet.
MONKEY FIST: Right. Too bad. I’d rather fancy a real challenge.
(Both fight. Monkey Fist jumps onto a skeleton of a dinosaur. KIM gets her grapple gun and pulls out one of the leg bones with it. The skeleton falls to the ground, trapping MONKEY FIST inside the skull.)
KIM: Say "uncle" monkey. Or monkey’s uncle I’ll accept either.
MONKEY FIST: Not likely.
(A gold ball lands at KIM’S feet.)
KIM: Golf ball. (Gasps and jumps back. The golf ball explodes.)
MONKEY FIST: I practically gift wrapped her for you. How could you miss?
DUFF KILLIGAN: The lassie will not stand still!
KIM: (to herself) Duff Killigan and Monkey Fist? Working together?
(Shadows loom over her and she jumps to avoid KILLIGAN and FIST. Another small fight scene.)
KIM: Two against one - how exciting!
(Knocks a glass bowl toward them which traps KILLIGAN and FIST.)
KILLIGAN: It’s not just the two of us!
KIM: Oh and I’m supposed to be surprised that Drakken’s behind me?
DR. DRAKKEN: Oh how does she do that?!
KIM: A ninja you’re not.
(SHEGO knocks KIM into a sarcophagus.)
DRAKKEN: Haha! But she is!
(Closes the sarcophagus.)
DRAKKEN (to SHEGO): Haha! High five! (SHEGO walks away from him.) Shego, high five? Uhh! Why you got to leave me hanging like that, yo?
SHEGO: (getting the bowl off FIST and KILLIGAN) I thought it would be nice if somebody here looked competent.
DRAKKEN: Don’t get lippy Shego.
SHEGO: Can we just get the monkey thing before her goofy sidekick shows?
FIST: Right. (Grabs the monkey)
DRAKKEN: Where is the buffoon anyway?
SHEGO: Who knows?
KILLIGAN: Who cares?
(Cut to the outside of the museum. The night fades into morning. Cut back inside the museum. RON runs in.)
RON: I'm here Kim! Kim?
KIM: (from inside the sarcophagus) Get me out of here!
RON: (backing away slowly) R-Rufus. Mummy. In there. Alive.
KIM: Ron!
RON: It knows my name! I'm cursed! (runs and hides behind a totem pole). I'm cursed!
(Ronnunicator beeps.)
RON: Huh?
(Turns on his Ronnunicator. Kim appears on the screen.)
RON: Hello?
KIM: (annoyed) Ron open the sarcophagus.
(RON smiles in embarrassment and walks over to the sarcophagus and opens it.)
RON: Sorry 'bout that K.P.
KIM (walking out): Yeah. Better late then never.
(A MAN walks into the scene.)
MAN: The idol! The Tempus Simia idol!
KIM: Yeah. Bad news on the headless monkey front Sir.
RON: 'Headless monkey'? Man, what'd I miss?
MAN: The Tempus Simia idol reported to dark, mystical powers. Centuries ago the head was taken to a far corner of the globe and hidden away forever.
RON: Must have been one ugly monkey.
MAN: Many believe that if the Tempus Simia were ever made whole it could be used for unspeakable-
RON: Monkey-shines?
MAN: Evil.
KIM: Evil. Naturally.
RON: And Monkey Fist has it!
KIM: And Drakken and Killigan.
RON: No way! The villains teamed up and I missed the whole deal? So much for the bright future.
KIM: So not the drama Ron. We can make this work. I’ll see what I can dig up on this Tempus Simia thing and you’ll . . . well . . .
RON: Will be in Norway.
(RON walks out. Cut to outside of the school with the bell ringing.)
KIM: Okay, quiz time. Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan are working together to...
RON: (on Kimmunicator) It’s a rule the world thing.
WADE (on other half): Gotta be.
KIM: So what’s the power of the monkey?
RON: Easy. Everybody fears monkeys.
KIM: No that’s just you, Ron.
RON: I’ll stick to my theory!
KIM: Ok, they’ve gotta be looking for the head right? Wade can you hack into the Global Justice spy satellites?
WADE: In my sleep.
KIM: Then take a nap, and scan for Drakken.
WADE: On it. (disappears off the screen.)
KIM: So, Ron, how’s it going? I’m kind of worried about you.
RON: Worry not K.P.! Ron Stoppable can adapt.
KIM: Yeah. What’s that you’re eating?
RON: Lamb and cabbage stew.
KIM: Lamb and cabbage...stew?
RON: Yep. Norway’s second most popular dish. Right behind meat cakes.
KIM: Right. Everyone loves meat cakes.
RON: Oh yeah. I got the mad love for da meat cakes!
KIM: Sounds like you’re adjusting.
RON: Oh ya. That’s Norwegian . . . or French.
KIM: Great. Ok, I gotta run Latin class. I - oh sorry. I know how much you wanted to take that.
RON: Latin shmatin! I got lamb and cabbage!
(KIM looks at him for a moment, then shuts off the Kimmunicator. RON spits out the stew.)
RON: I need Bueno Nacho.
MRS. STOPPABLE: More meat cakes honey?
RON: No! No meat cakes no meat cakes!
(Cut to a jet flying. Inside, DRAKKEN, KILLIGAN, and FIST are watching the headless monkey. SHEGO is flying the jet.)
DRAKKEN: Nothing’s happening! Why is nothing happening?! Something should be happening shouldn’t it?
FIST: Patience. When the idol is near it’s head, the Tempus Simia will clap.
(They watch the idol again.)
DRAKKEN: There is not such thing as mystical monkey power.
FIST: You wouldn’t know mystical monkey power if you held it in your tiny little hands.
(DRAKKEN and KILLIGAN look at his hands.)
KILLIGAN: Aye. They are wee small digets.
(The monkey claps.)
SHEGO: Uh guys -
DRAKKEN: I’ll let my wee fingers do the talking. Mr. Skirty Pants!
(Idol claps again.)
SHEGO: Guys.
FIST: Can you two buffoons take this outside?
KILLIGAN: At 30,000 feet?
FIST: Precisely.
(Idol claps again)
SHEGO (annoyed): Guys!!
SHEGO: The monkey clapped.
(The idol claps a few times)
FIST: We’re getting close.
DRAKKEN: Monkey power rules!
(Cut to KIM opening her locker. She looks at a picture of her, RON and RUFUS. She sighs. MONIQUE comes and shuts the locker.)
MONIQUE: You, me and Bueno Nacho and we’re gonna grande size it girl!
(Cut to Bueno Nacho. MONIQUE is eating like RON. She wipes the cheese off her face with her sleeve then belches.)
MONIQUE: So, Ron enough for you?
KIM: Thanks Monique but there’s no substitute.
(Kimmunicator beeps. KIM answers it.)
KIM: What’s the sitch Wade?
WADE: I’ve tracked down Team Drakken.
KIM: Where to?
WADE: Deep in the Australian Outback.
KIM: Better tell Ron. What time is it there?
(RON appears split screen on the Kimmunicator.)
WADE: Bedtime apparently.
RON: You know as cold as Norway is, it’s even colder at 2 AM.
(RUFUS’ teeth chatter)
KIM: It’s summer in Australia.
RON: I’m there Kim. Next stop Austria!
KIM: No no! Australia.
RON: Right! Save me some strudel.
(The Kimmunicator shuts off.)
KIM (sighs): He’ll never make it. Maybe I need a plan "B".
(KIM looks at MONIQUE)
MONIQUE: Me? I’m plan "B"? Kim, I don’t think I can.
(KIM does the puppy-dog pout. MONIQUE shields her eyes.)
MONIQUE: You’re puppy-dog pouting now aren’t you.
KIM: No, not at all.
(MONIQUE moves her hands to see KIM puppy dog pouting.)
MONIQUE: Ah! You got me.
KIM: Booya!
(Cut to Australian Outback. A MAN let’s KIM and MONIQUE out of his truck.)
MAN: Right sheilas. You’re on your own from here.
KIM: That’s cool.
(KIM puts on a helmet.)
KIM: Wade set us up.
(Grabs a skateboard - looking "charm" off her backpack. She throws it to the ground and it becomes a land surfer. MONIQUE does the same, but the wind catcher doesn’t open. She leans down.)
MONIQUE: Hey, mine isn’t - Ah!!
(It opens flinging MONIQUE back. KIM helps her up.)
KIM: Maybe a little less Ron-ish.
(Suddenly you see KIM jumping off the small cliff on her land surfer. MONIQUE follows.)
MONIQUE (unsure): Uh, ok.
(Yells the whole way down.)
(Cut to a shot of the jet. DRAKKEN is holding the monkey and it’s clapping.)
DRAKKEN: Warmer, warmer.
(It stops clapping.)
FIST: Ooh, colder.
(The monkey begins to clap again.)
KILLIGAN: Warmer warmer!
(Claps really fast.)
DRAKKEN: Ha! I’m white hot! The head must be under here.
(KILLIGAN walks over to the huge boulder and grabs it at the base.)
KILLIGAN: All right, on three. One, two, three! (Tries to move the boulder. DRAKKEN and FIST look at him like he’s an idiot.) I can not do it alone!
FIST: (looking around): Hmm. Ahh. There. A mystical monkey doorknob.
DRAKKEN: Hoist me up Killigan, I’ll turn it.
KILLIGAN: With those wee bairny hands? Ha! Dream on blue boy!
(MONKEY FIST uses vines to get up by the doorknob.)
DRAKKEN (sulkingly): Hmm. Mutant showoff.
(FIST turns it and a hidden door in the rock opens. KILLIGAN starts walking inside.)
DRAKKEN (grabbing him): Why do you get to go first?
KILLIGAN (grabbing DRAKKEN by the belt): Why do you?
(MONKEY FIST lands on top of their heads.)
FIST: Waffle away gents. I’ll be getting a head.
KIM: Excellent formation boys. (Runs into them. FIST, DRAKKEN, and KILLIGAN fall to the ground) You’re landing needs a little work.
DRAKKEN: Kim Possible?!
FIST: Why do you always act so surprised?
DRAKKEN: Hmm. I don’t know.
(MONIQUE is coming.)
MONIQUE: Watch out!
(Her land surfer hits a rock and she goes flying face-first right at DRAKKEN’S feet. DRAKKEN looks at her.)
DRAKKEN: Who’s she? Where’s the buffoon?
MONIQUE: I’m Monique. I’m really just filling in.
(SHEGO flips over to her.)
SHEGO: Nice to beat you.
MONIQUE: My face needs space!
(KIM grabs MONIQUE and pulls her behind a rock.)
KIM: Maybe I should handle Shego.
KILLIGAN (hitting a golf ball): I’ll play through then. Fore!
(He hits a golf ball at MONIQUE’S feet.)
MONIQUE: You hit golf balls? That’s your villainous schtict. My dad does that.
(KIM runs over to the golf ball and kicks it away. It blows up in mid air.)
MONIQUE: Golf balls that explode?!
KIM: Welcome to my world.
SHEGO: (grabbing KIM): Yeah can we focus here, Kimmie?
(KIM blocks SHEGO’S punches. MONKEY FIST slides at her, but KIM jumps up into a nearby tree. FIST follows her, and they fight in the tree. KIM is knocked at the edge of the branch. It collapses under her weight, but KIM grabs the leaves and lands safely on the ground, in front of SHEGO. FIST lands on top of SHEGO. They both throw punches at KIM who dodges them. FIST jumps behind KIM and grabs her from behind. KIM kicks SHEGO away from her and then rolls around on the ground, knocking FIST off.)
MONIQUE (watching): I think I need to train some more. Like 20 years more!)
(FIST lands with his rear in the air, which then KIM kicks sending him flying toward the door to the boulder. He runs inside. SHEGO ignites her hands.)
MONIQUE: Um, Kim, her hands are glowing.
KIM: Yeah avoid those.
SHEGO: Raah!
(KIM and MONIQUE duck. SHEGO’S hand goes toward the boulder that MONIQUE’S hiding behind. SHEGO’S hands break it and MONIQUE pops up in the hole and whimpers. KIM runs away and SHEGO chases her. MONIQUE backs up and a golf ball lands at her feet. She jumps away as the golf ball explodes.)
KILLIGAN: All par for the course, lassie!
(He hits one after another. MONIQUE is running. She runs into DRAKKEN.)
(MONIQUE screams. Scene switches to KIM and SHEGO battling. KIM jumps over SHEGO who lands face-fist under a tree. SHEGO uses her hands to cut the tree at the base. It falls and the branches trap KIM. SHEGO laughs as she runs toward the jet. MONKEY FIST emerges from the room.)
FIST: Triumph!
(He has the head of the monkey. He jumps on the cliff and the jet comes and takes him away. KIM squeezes through the branches and goes over to MONIQUE.)
MONIQUE: Ok, I liked the land surfing part. But the fighting the freaks part, yeah I could live without.
RON: K.P.! (he is parachuting and lands ready.) I made it! (Looks around) Did we miss them again?
KIM: Yeah.
RON: But this time -
KIM: Bad guys 2, good guys zero.
(Cut to a cafeteria in Norway.)
RON: Guten Tagy, Bergit. Today I’d like to order off the menu. Are you familiar with the naco?
BERGIT: Lamb and cabbage stew. Next.
(RON goes and sits at a table. He and RUFUS look at the stew, but won’t eat it. The Ronnunicator beeps.)
RON: Saved by the bell. (Turns on Ronnunicator) What’s the sitch. (To RUFUS) That felt kinda cool!
KIM: Wade turned up some dirt on the Tempus Simia idol.
RON: Great. So what’s it do?
KIM: Still a mystery. But we do know there’s a temple of the Tempus Simia in Central Africa.
RON: You think we’ll find evil incorporated there?
KIM: That’s where they have to put the head on the monkey.
RON: Yeah this ancient magic stuff it’s always so complicated!
KIM: I’m sure the monkey monks had their reasons.
(A blonde GIRL walks up behind RON and listens)
RON: Scuse me. Private talkie. Do you mind?
(The GIRL leaves.)
KIM: Rude enough?
RON: I am so over blondes Kim. No novelty value whatsoever here!
KIM: Ok. Meet me in Africa?
RON: This time I swear I won’t be late!
(Scene changes to RON driving a slow vehicle. RUFUS chatters at him)
RON: I am flooring it!
(Cut to RON ski downhill. He trips and rolls down the hill, making himself into a giant snowball. Cut to RON riding a slow camel.)
RON: Giddy up already!
(Scene changes again.)
RON: Oh come on! You’re slower than the camel!
(He’s riding an elephant. Cut to KIM cutting her way through a forest. You hear RON scream and he falls right in front of KIM.)
RON: Ow.
KIM: Ron?
RON: Sorry I’m late. This elephant totally coped a tude with me.
KIM: Ron, it’s cool. You’re right on time.
RON: Wow.
KIM: The Tempus Simia temple is just over that ridge.
(Cut to inside of the temple. DRAKKEN and KILLIGAN are playing rock paper scissors.)
DRAKKEN: One, two, three. Ha! Rock beats paper.
KILLIGAN: Are you daft, paper beats rock. Everyone knows that.
DRAKKEN: Oh come now, that doesn’t even make sense! How can flimsy paper possible beat the raw density of stone?
FIST: It is time! Our moment is at hand!
FIST: Pardon me for making you wait a few minutes to dominate the world, but the magic won’t work unless the head is reattached precisely at noon.
DRAKKEN: Why is this ancient magic stuff always so complicated?!
KILLIGAN: Toss me the monkey noggin.
FIST: What?! No! Using mystical monkey power was my idea! The honor should be mine!
DRAKKEN: No, mine!
SHEGO (sitting below and trying to read her paper): (mutters) I am stuck with the freak stooges! Hey guys! Why don’t you work as a team, and put the stupid head on together?!
DRAKKEN: But I hate sharing.
KILLIGAN: No sharing.
FIST: Then we shall not share . . . together.
(They all grab the head and grunt as if they are trying to pull it away from the other. SHEGO sighs. The sun beam gets closer to the stand.)
FIST: Less than a minute now.
KIM: Sorry can’t wait that long. I have a Latin test and, wow, I’d really hate to miss that.
DRAKKEN: You don’t stand a chance Possible! It’s three against one!
SHEGO: Excuse me?!
DRAKKEN: Ok. Two against four if you count the sidekicks.
SHEGO: Honestly why do I bother?
(Get Up On Your Feet Now begins to play as SHEGO launches herself toward KIM. KIM kicks the monkey head out of MONKEY FIST’S hands. RON catches it.)
RON: Boo-yah!
(SHEGO and DRAKKEN block the exit. RON throws the head back to KIM who catches it.)
KIM: Nice toss!
(MONKEY FIST tries to grab it from KIM. She throws it back to RON. DUFF tries to grab it from RON, but he throws it back to KIM. MONKEY FIST tries to grab it but again KIM throws it. FIST and KILLIGAN both try to grab it, but they knock into each other. RON catches it. DRAKKEN is standing there so he throws it to RUFUS. RUFUS spins it on his nose, then kicks it underneath DRAKKEN back to RON. SHEGO tackles him, but RON throws it back to KIM.)
RON: You know, in this light you’re kinda cut.
(SHEGO grunts angrily and runs off. FIST runs to the stand.)
FIST: Hurry!
(KIM runs with the head, avoiding SHEGO and DRAKKEN. She throws it to RON. RON catches it. KIM’S running.)
KIM: I’m open!
RON: Got’cha KP!
(SHEGO comes after him. RON tosses it toward KIM. KIM runs to get it, but KILLIGAN swings his golf club, forcing KIM to duck. KILLIGAN hits the head to MONKEY FIST, who’s waiting. He puts the head on. The song ends and a beam throws KIM and RON back. A swirl appears behind FIST in which all the villains walk into. DRAKKEN grabs the monkey and faces KIM.)
DRAKKEN: So long Kim Possible. We’ll meet again . . . in time.
(Evil laugh. KIM runs toward him, but DRAKKEN jumps into the swirl before she reaches it. The swirl disappears and KIM falls. She stands back up and looks.)
KIM: We - lost.
RON: We seem to be doing that a lot lately.



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