A Sitch in Time: Past (2)

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By Quin Separable
(Cut to KIM’S house later that night. KIM is talking to RON via the Kimmunicator.)
RON: Sorry Kim. I thought you were gonna zig when you zagged.
KIM: Zig? I always zag in that sitch.
RON: Really? Oh man we are so outta sync.
KIM: Yeah no doubt.
RON: Well I guess that’s what happens when you live on opposite sides of the globe.
KIM: It’s not working is it? The save the world thing.
RON: I don’t think so KP. You, um (getting chocked up) you’d better go it alone.
KIM (getting choked up): Yeah. I guess I’d better. Still friends?
RON: Always. I’ve got something in my eye, Kim. I’m gonna talk to you later.
(The Kimmunicator shuts off. KIM falls on her bed . . . and onto her Latin book. She looks at it.)
KIM: "Tempus . . . time"? (flips through the pages.) "Simia . . . monkey". Tempus Simia . . .
DRAKKEN’S VOICE: We’ll meet again, in time.
KIM: Time monkey?!
(A whoosh comes from behind her. KIM slowly turns around to see a swirl )
KIM: Rufus?!
RUFUS: I am Rufus 3000. I have come for you from the future.
KIM: This just got so much weirder!
RUFUS 3000: Hicka bicka boo!
KIM: Huh?
RUFUS 3000: (slowly) Hick a bicka boo.
(KIM turns on her Kimmunicator.)
KIM: Wade, Rufus just zapped into my bedroom and he’s talking like the tweebs.
WADE: Kim, Rufus is in Norway . . . with Ron. Did you say Rufus is talking?
KIM: Yeah check this out.
(WADE scans RUFUS 3000.)
WADE: Uh, Kim. I don’t think that’s Rufus.
KIM: He’s totally Rufus. Except for the, you know, talking part.
RUFUS 3000: I am known as Rufus 3000. I come from the future.
WADE: Ok....
KIM: You’re from the year 3000?
RUFUS 3000: No. But I am one of 3,000 hyper evolved descendants of Rufus prime.
KIM: Wade, give me the super genius take on this.
WADE: I’m defiantly picking up time cooties.
KIM: Really?
WADE: No! There’s no such thing as time cooties.
RUFUS 3000: Actually, there are. And they really itch. But we must focus on the more important issue. The fate of the world.
KIM: Um, could you be more specific?
RUFUS 3000: It will be clearer if I show you.
(Opens a time portal. KIM gasps and drops the Kimmunicator.)
RUFUS 3000: Step forward.
(KIM walks in and falls into the future Middleton. Everything is in black and green.)
KIM: No way. Drakken did it? He took over the world?
(She’s pulled back and falls into her bedroom.)
KIM: How does that happen?
RUFUS 3000: The Supreme One took power with cruel swiftness. No one knows exactly what happen. We believe that time travel is the key. Somehow the Supreme One tampered with your past.
KIM: Time travel? The time monkey!
RUFUS 3000: Exactly. Tempus Simia.
KIM: But what can I do?
RUFUS 3000: History tells us that you were the only one to have defeated the Supreme One in the Pre- Tempus era.
KIM: But if the Supreme One has the time monkey in the future . . . or the past . . . or . . .wow. Aah! Brain pain.
RUFUS 3000: Time travel does that.
KIM: All I know is that I’m stuck in the now and I’m fresh out of time monkey!
(RUFUS 3000 pulls out a huge wrist watch -type thing.)
RUFUS 3000: This is a crono-manipulator
(Puts it on her wrist.)
KIM: Big enough?
RUFUS 3000: Beats strapping a monkey to your wrist.
KIM: True.
RUFUS 3000: This is your tick to time travel. Use it in victory!
WADE: Cool. Mind if I scan the specs?
RUFUS 3000: No! The time stream has been polluted enough! In fact, I must return to my own time before I corrupt the past even further. Also, I’m making cookies.
KIM: Cookies?
RUFUS 3000: Well fighting an evil overlord works up a fierce appetite.
WADE: I hear that!
RUFUS 3000: Kim Possible, the fate of the future, humanity, and the planet earth itself rests in your hands.
KIM: But no pressure.
RUFUS 3000: Hoosha! (Jumps into the time swirl.)
(Cut to DRAKKEN’S lair.)
SHEGO: Guys - guys- guys- guys, yeah we got the time monkey. Woohoo, yay for us, but we need a plan, a smart plan.
DRAKKEN: Sidekicks are to be seen and not heard, Shego. to FIST and KILLIGAN We need a plan, a smart plan.
FIST: We’re listening.
DRAKKEN: I have run a computer analysis of Kim Possible’s life and have calculated the exact day when she will be most venerable.
SHEGO: Sounds smart.
DRAKKEN: We must go under cover using the juvinator.
SHEGO: Juvinator? What’s a Juvi-
(DRAKKEN is now a toddler)
SHEGO: Ok just got dumb!
(TODDLER DRAKKEN hits MONKEY FIST and DUFF KILLIGAN with the beam. They are now toddlers.)
**TODDLER KILLIGAN:**gasps I’m a wee laddie!
**TODDLER FIST:**Drakken, why on earth are we toddlers?!
**TODDLER DRAKKEN ** Because our target is Kim Possible’s first day of preschool! (Evil laugh)
(Cut to MR. and MRS. POSSIBLE with TODDLER KIM outside the preschool. TODDLER KIM’S hand is on her mother’s stomach.)
**TODDLER KIM:**Ooh! I felt my baby sister kick!
MRS. POSSIBLE: Now Kim, remember, it might be a baby brother.
MR. POSSIBLE: Might be two.
MRS. POSSIBLE: Don’t even joke.
**TODDLER KIM:**Mommy, I want to stay with you and daddy and my baby sister.
MR. POSSIBLE: Now Kimmie - cub, if you did that, you’d miss out on your first day of preschool.
**TODDLER KIM:**Maybe I don’t wanna go.
MRS. POSSIBLE: Kimmie, we know you’re first day of preschool might seem a little scary -
MR. POSSIBLE: But as soon as you make a friend, you’ll see what a super time you’re in for!
**TODDLER KIM:**What if I can’t make a friend?
MR. POSSIBLE: Kimmie-cub, there’s something you must never forget.
**TODDLER KIM:**Always say “please and thank you”?
MR. POSSIBLE: Yes that, but I also want you to remember that anything is possible for a Possible!
MR. POSSIBLE: That’s my girl.
(TODDLER KIM and MR. POSSIBLE walk into the school. Cut to RON’S room in Norway. He and Rufus are looking at a photo album.)
RON: Remember when I became the Middleton Mad-dog?
RUFUS: Oh yeah.
RON: All the other cheerleaders thought it was stupid but Kim, my friend Kim - well, actually she thought it was stupid too.
RUFUS: Uh, uh huh.
RON: But Kim came around eventually, I think. (Turns the page) Perhaps the greatest day of my life. The Bueno Nacho Grand opening. Kim gave me a ride.
RON: I didn’t know how to ride a two wheeler yet and you can’t take your trike to a restaurant opening, it’s just not done.
RUFUS: Oh yeah.
(RON turns the page.)
RON: Ah preschool. That’s where Kim and I first met. Right after nap time. There I am (points down to the picture) There’s Kim.
(KIM is on the opposite side of RON holding her hand up. RON looks up thinking. You hear a rumbling and see ripples going across. RUFUS looks down at the same picture and starts to chatter at RON. RON looks at the picture. It has changed. TODDLER RON is now holding up his hand and TODDLER KIM is being bullied by TODDLERS DRAKKEN, FIST, and KILLIGAN.)
RON: What the heck?
(Cut back to the day care. They’re getting ready to take the picture. TODDLER FIST is pulling TODDLER KIM’S hair. TODDLERS DRAKKEN and KILLIGAN are bullying TODDLER KIM.)
TEACHER: Ok everyone say ‘cheese’.
CLASS: Cheese!
(Picture is taken and TODDLER KIM runs away from TODDLERS FIST, DRAKKEN, and KILLIGAN.)
**TODDLER KIM:**Cut it out!
(They high five. The teacher comes over to them)
TEACHER: What do we have here? Three bad little boys. (Looks at KILLIGAN) You are a boy right?
TEACHER (to FIST): Young man, where are your shoes?!
**TODDLER FIST:**I, uh, lost them.
**TODDLER DRAKKEN ** I’d check around the monkey bars! (Laughs)
(Cut to later in the afternoon. All the children are in nap time. Everyone is sleeping except TODDLER DRAKKEN and TODDLER FIST.)
**TODDLER FIST:**That was a most productive morning.
**TODDLER DRAKKEN ** Indeed. Pig-tail pulling, dolly stealing
(Hear KILLIGAN snoring. FIST reaches over and taps him)
**TODDLER FIST:**Killigan!
TEACHER (comes up): Does somebody here need a time out?
**TODDLER DRAKKEN ** Oh no teacher, we’ll be perfect little angels. (In low voice) Until we hit the play ground. Then we will crush Kim Possible’s spirit!
(TODDLER KIM is awake and hears what TODDLER DRAKKEN says. Cut to SHEGO watching the trio from across the street in a parking lot.)
SHEGO: Ugh! How long can it take to crush the spirit of a 4 year old?
(A time stream swirl appears and KIM jumps out.)
KIM: This is low even for you Shego!
SHEGO: No, not my idea! I'd go lower.
KIM (getting into a fighting stance): You like time travel? Allow me to knock you into the next century.
SHEGO (getting into a fighting stance): Allow me to make you history!
(The two begin to fight. Slides back to reveal TODDLER KIM playing with a ball and laughing. She goes to throw it when TODDLER MONKEY FIST grabs it while he's in the tree.)
**TODDLER KIM:**Huh? Hey! Give it! It was my turn!
**TODDLER DRAKKEN ** Oh it was your turn. We had no idea. (holds out the ball) Here.
TODDLER KIM (reaching for the ball): Thanks.
TODDLER DRAKKEN (pulls the ball away before she can get it): Psych!
(The three stand next to each other menacingly.)
TODDLER RON: Leave her alone! It’s her turn! Taking turns is the basic foundation of preschool! The jungle law of daycare is behind us! We have structure, we have rules!
(TODDLER KILLIGAN pushes TODDLER KIM. TODDLER DRAKKEN throws the ball at her and the three gang up on TODDLER RON. TODDLER KIM starts to walk away.)
TODDLER RON: I’m warning you! I have an imaginary friend, he’s huge! Rufus!
(TODDLER KIM is mad.)
**TODDLER KIM:**Hey bullies!
(They turn. TODDLER KIM does a backflip toward them.)
KIM: Hiyah!
(In the middle of the word, the scene changes to KIM jumping down at SHEGO who is on the ground. SHEGO gasps and moves. SHEGO ignites her hands and goes after KIM. SHEGO slashes at KIM a couple times, but KIM dodges. SHEGO slashes through a street light pole. It falls into a building, hits a mattress, then bounces back toward SHEGO. Cut to TODDLERS DRAKKEN, KILLIGAN, and FIST running. TODDLER DRAKKEN uses the juvinator to turn the three back to their original age.)
DRAKKEN: Shego! Help!
KILLIGAN: The wee lassie’s a savage!
(DRAKKEN stops suddenly, causing FIST and KILLIGAN to run into him. DRAKKEN looks down and sees SHEGO rubbing her head.)
FIST: Oh no, she’s here!
DRAKKEN: The little brat?
FIST: The big brat.
KIM: Hey guess what’ Free swim in the time stream is over!
SHEGO: Mission not accomplished I presume.
KILLIGAN: I had a lovely nap.
DRAKKEN: We’re regrouping.
FIST: Fear not, gentlemen. (Holds up the time monkey) Time is on our side.
KIM: Drop it!
(She jumps down at them. A time stream swirl appears underneath the villains and the jump in. It disappears just as KIM reaches the ground. She falls face-first into the ground.)
KIM: Uhh! Ow!
(Another time stream swirl appears behind KIM. RUFUS 3000 appears behind her.)
RUFUS 3000: Kim Possible, have you stopped the Supreme One?
KIM: Not. And they escaped with the time monkey.
RUFUS 3000: Well, have a cookie. They’re peanut butter. (Hands KIM a cookie)
KIM: Thanks.
RUFUS 3000: I will return to the future and scan the time stream. (Walks toward the swirl) We must determine where the Supreme One will strike next. Can I drop you off in the early 21st century?
KIM: No thanks. (RUFUS 3000 walks into the time swirl) I’ll just wait here in the good old days.
(Slides over to TODDLER KIM and RON talking. TODDLER RON is picking up the ball.)
TODDLER RON: Did that one kid have opposable toes?
(Hands TODDLER KIM the ball.)
**TODDLER KIM:**You’re weird, but I like you.
(KIM is leaning against the fence watching them. Cut to a street. A time swirl appears and DRAKKEN, SHEGO, FIST, and KILLIGAN walk out of it)
FIST: Where are we Drakken?
KILLIGAN: It reeks of Middleton.
DRAKKEN: Indeed. The Middleton of the not too distant past. To be precise, the day KimPossible.com went online.
KILLIGAN: Aye. Back before the bubble burst.
(Cut to inside of KIM’S house. PRE-TEEN KIM is on her computer doing her website and talking to PRE-TEEN RON at the same time.)
PRE-TEEN KIM: It’s so cool that we both got new computers.
PRE-TEEN RON: Your’s is new? Man, I got stuck with my dad’s old one.
PRE-TEEN KIM: Ooh. Sorry. Hey can you get online?
PRE-TEEN RON: Uh huh. I’m researching hairless pets.
PRE-TEEN KIM: Your dad’s allergies huh?
PRE-TEEN RON: My parents finally said I could get a pet, but no fur. And you’d be surprised at how many mammals have fur.
PRE-TEEN KIM: I’m making my own website.
PRE-TEEN RON: What for?
PRE-TEEN KIM: Baby sitting jobs and stuff. You know, helping people out.
PRE-TEEN RON: How ?bout a hairless cat?
PRE-TEEN KIM: Way too freaky! Ok, type in "KimPossible.com".
PRE-TEEN RON: Loading . . . loading (hit?s computer) "Kim Possible, she can do anything." Yeah, you know it sounds a little braggy.
PRE-TEEN KIM: It?s like a commercial, Ron. It?s supposed to be braggy.
(See SHEGO watching from the window. She jumps over to the other villains.)
SHEGO: She just set up her website.
FIST: So what is your plan Drakken? Do enlighten us.
DRAKKEN: When young Kim Possible goes on her first mission, we?ll make sure she fails. This time her spirit will be crushed!
KILLIGAN: We tried crushing her spirit. Can we nae simply crush her?
FIST: I?m with the mad golfer on this one.
(DRAKKEN uses the juvinator to turn himself into a pre-teen.)
PRE-TEEN DRAKKEN: No, no listen! We?ll infiltrate her life as fellow pre-teens!
SHEGO: Lame!
(SHEGO uses the juvinator to turn PRE-TEEN DRAKKEN back. She throws it over her shoulder.)
DRAKKEN: Shego, have you forgotten the talk we had about hurting with our words?
SHEGO: Listen, you?re better off with their approach. If you can find a way to crush Kimmie, her spirit won?t really be an issue.
FIST: The legends of a long-gone mystical sect speak of a being that would be exactly what we need. (Opens a time swirl) If you need me, I?ll be in the Third Century Satsuma Providence.
DRAKKEN: Is this another monkey temple?
FIST: Not at all. Gorilla.
(He walks through)
KILLIGAN: So what was the lassie?s first mission?
DRAKKEN: Something about an eccentric billionaire collector.
(Cut to mansion.)
MAN: Mr. Paisley, I assure you this security system is the best money can buy. No thief could survive the laser web.
MR. PAISLEY: So my flamigoat will be safe?
MAN: Yes, Mr. Paisley. You?re extensive and vaguely disturbing collection of plush is 100% secure.
MR. PAISLEY: Because the flamingoat is the rarest...
BOTH: Of the Cuddlebuddies. Only ten were made.
(MR. PAISLEY grabs the remote from the MAN.)
MR. PAISLEY: Ooh. How does it work, do I press the red button?
MAN: No! Not the red button!
(MR. PAISLEY hits the red button and they both are surrounded by the laser web both in awkward positions. The remote falls to the other side of the room.)
MAN: The laser web is lethal. Don?t move a muscle, don?t even flinch.
(MR. PAISLEY?S foot starts to fall against one of the lasers.)
(The MAN grabs his leg and holds it up.)
MR. PAISLEY: Mr. McHenry, how do we turn it off?
MR. MCHENRY: We would need the remote for that. (MR. PAISLEY looks at the remote that is on the other side of the room.) Don?t panic! Let me think! I?ve got it! Team Impossible!
MR. MCHENRY: Team Impossible, super secret commando squad. This is what they train for!
(Takes off his shoe so he can type in their web address and the shoe gets fried.)
MR. MCHENRY: Just have to access their website...
(Starts to type and instead of typing "www.Impossible.com", he types in "www.KimPossible.com". Cut to cheerleading tryouts in the gym.)
PRE-TEEN BONNIE: Tryouts! Hate ?em. Whose next?
PRE-TEEN BONNIE: Tin teeth? I gave her a routine, no girl can do.
(PRE-TEEN KIM gets ready to start the routine. E is For Everybody begins to play and PRE-TEEN KIM does the very difficult routine. She finishes and has done everything. The two cheerleaders next to PRE-TEEN BONNIE clap.)
PRE-TEEN BONNIE: Fine. You make the squad barely!
(PRE-TEEN RON bursts into the gym.)
PRE-TEEN RON: Kim! You got a hit on the site, a major hit!
PRE-TEEN KIM: Ugh! Baby sitting the Turner twins again?
PRE-TEEN RON: No danger major.
PRE-TEEN RON: Someone needs your help like now!
PRE-TEEN BONNIE: Kim, we?re just starting practice!
PRE-TEEN KIM: Oh I know. I?m sorry. I?ll never ever ditch again. I swear!
(They run out. Cut to the mansion. A car drives up.)
PRE-TEEN KIM: Thanks Mrs. Mahoney for driving us all the way to Upperton.
MRS. MAHONEY: It?s the least I could do since you rescued Tabby from that tree.
PRE-TEEN KIM: No big! See ya!
(They get out and MRS. MAHONEY drives away.)
PRE-TEEN KIM: You sure this is the right address, Ron?
PRE-TEEN RON: Yep. Someone?s trapped in there.
PRE-TEEN KIM: I don?t know. This seems like the kind of stuff the police should handle.
PRE-TEEN RON: Truth in advertising Kim! You?re website says you can do anything.
PRE-TEEN KIM: Now it sounds braggy. (Sighs) Ok., first step: getting inside.
PRE-TEEN RON: Hey, I?ve got a little something that might help.
(Pulls out a naked mole rat.)
PRE-TEEN KIM: What is that?
PRE-TEEN RON: A naked mole rat. I just got him yesterday at Smarty Mart.
PRE-TEEN KIM: A naked mole rat?
(BABY RUFUS yawns)
PRE-TEEN RON: I named him Rufus. It?s cute huh?
(DRAKKEN, KILLIGAN, and SHEGO are watching from behind a tree.)
KILLIGAN: Where is Monkey Fist?
SHEGO (aside): I?m working with a man named ?Monkey Fist?. My evil career is so in the toilet!
(Cut back to PRE-TEEN KIM and RON.)
PRE-TEEN RON: Say, Rufus buddy, you think maybe you can open these gate for us?
(BABY RUFUS walks over to the gate lock)
PRE-TEEN RON: Naked mole rats, pets of the future.
(BABY RUFUS gets into the lock and opens it.)
PRE-TEEN KIM: A naked mole rat? Gross, but handy.
PRE-TEEN RON: You wanna hold him?
PRE-TEEN KIM: I?ll pass.
(They walk through the gates and to the mansion. DRAKKEN, SHEGO, and KILLIGAN follow. Cut to the inside of the mansion. PRE-TEEN KIM and RON are looking at MR. PAISLEY and MR. MCHENRY.)
PRE-TEEN RON: What are those red things?
MR. PAISLEY: Yes, we would like to have them shut off please.
MR. MCHENRY: Paisley, you can relax. Team Impossible is here.
PRE-TEEN RON: Uh, yes that?s us! (To KIM) Good name, we could use that!
PRE-TEEN KIM: Just tell me what I need to do!
MR. MCHENRY: Get that remote! But avoid the beams at all costs!
(It?s Just You starts to play. PRE-TEEN KIM walks back a few steps, takes a few breaths then runs and does a series of flips through the laser web. PRE-TEEN RON watches as PRE-TEEN KIM almost hits the web.)
(PRE-TEEN KIM regains her balance and continues to flip. She finally makes it to the remote and hits the red button with her foot. The song ends. MR. PAISLEY and MR. MCHENRY falls over.)
PRE-TEEN RON: Booya Kim!
MR. MCHENRY (getting up): A cheerleader?
PRE-TEEN RON: That?d be Kim Possible, she can do anything! Look us up online, we?re world-wide baby!
(Behind them)
SHEGO: It?s over. Hair hands blew it!
KILLIGAN: He has the power of time travel, and he?s late!
(FIST comes behind them from a time swirl.)
FIST: Calm yourself Killigan. I have returned and I?ve brought a little piece of the past with me.
(Rock foot steps out of the time swirl. Cut to PRE-TEEN KIM. She?s looking at Mr. Paisley?s flamingoat.)
PRE-TEEN KIM: Is that a flamingoat? But that?s the rarest cuddlebuddie. They only made -
BOTH: Ten.
PRE-TEEN KIM: This so blows my pandaroo out of the water. I never thought I?d even see one of these. Now my life is complete.
(From behind.)
DRAKKEN: Perfect. So you won?t mind if we end it!
(Rock gorilla breaks through the wall.)
PRE-TEEN RON: Giant monkey! Ahh!
(The gorilla slashes at them and they both jump.)
PRE-TEEN RON: That is sick and wrong!
MR. MCHENRY: Mr. Paisley, I suggest we hide.
(They run off.)
FIST: Kim Possible, meet the Stone Guardian of Satsuma. Or should I say meet you?re doom! evil laughter
PRE-TEEN RON: (running around like an idiot) Ahh! Giant monkey!
(PRE-TEEN KIM jumps out of the way of the stone "club".)
PRE-TEEN KIM: What did I ever do to you?
DRAKKEN: Nothing yet, but you will.
FIST: Yes, in time you shall hand each of us humiliating defeats.
KILLIGAN: Aye. And it?s a deep hurt.
(A time swirl appears and KIM jumps out.)
KIM: Buckle up boys, the hurt is on!
DRAKKEN: Kim Possible?!
KILLIGAN: Times two!
PRE-TEEN RON: (still running around) Ahh! Giant monkey!
(The rock gorilla tried to smash them but KIM and PRE-TEEN KIM both jump away.)
BOTH: Uhh!
PRE-TEEN KIM: Anybody want to explain any of this to me?
KIM: I?m you from the future.
PRE-TEEN KIM: Ok, this is a 9.7 on the weirdness scale.
KIM: Oh you?ll get used to it trust me. (Sees the gorilla) Look out!
DRAKKEN: Well Monkey Fist, I must admit, I had my doubts.
KILLIGAN: Aye. Me too.
SHEGO: This actually seems to be working.
(A hand behind SHEGO grabs her and pulls her back. SHEGO sees another version of her.)
FUTURE SHEGO: Listen closely.
SHEGO: I can't believe it. I have told Drakken a thousand times: 'No clones'!
FUTURE SHEGO: I am not a clone.
SHEGO: You're not?
FUTURE SHEGO: I'm you from the future.
SHEGO: (rubbing her head) Ohh! I hate time travel.
(Cut to PRE-TEEN KIM and KIM fighting the giant rock gorilla.)
PRE-TEEN RON: Am I the only one who sees the giant monkey?!
(Cut back to SHEGO and FUTURE SHEGO)
FUTURE SHEGO: Listen, we don't have a lot of time. Ok, actually we do, well, we will.
SHEGO: When you wanna make sense, just let me know.
FUTURE SHEGO: Grab the time monkey.
FUTURE SHEGO: You need the time monkey.
SHEGO: Can't I just use yours?
FUTURE SHEGO: No this is mine! Ok, well actually it's your's too -I mean. . . well, it's the one you're gonna steal so technically -
SHEGO: If you need me, I'll be in there watching Kim Possible lose.
FUTURE SHEGO: Trust me, this whole rock gorilla deal is gonna go south. So when it does, make sure you get that time monkey!
SHEGO: Run through this again for me.
(Cut back to KIM. KIM narrowly escapes being crushed by the rock gorilla.)
FIST: Kim Possible can not win this battle.
RUFUS 3000 (coming out of a time stream swirl): Wrong Ape-man! Help has arrived! (RON walks out behind him wearing a weird outfit.)
RON: What is going on?
RUFUS 3000: Kim Possible needs you! (He walks back into the time swirl)
DRAKKEN (FIST and KILLIGAN are laughing): Oh please! The buffoon!
FIST: Oh what possible help could the sidekick be?
(RON walks over to KIM.)
KIM: Ron! What are you wearing?
RON: My mom signed me up for a folk dancing class.
PRE-TEEN KIM (to PRE-TEEN RON): That?s the future you.
PRE-TEEN RON (to RON): What?s with the stupid hat?
RON: It?s uh, it?s uh a future hat.
(ROCK GORILLA roars in RON?S face.)
RON (holding up his hand): Dude, personal space.
(The ROCK GORILLA tries to smash them with his fist. KIM pushes RON out of the way.)
RON: Ahh!
PRE-TEEN RON: The future me isn?t afraid of monkeys! I get brave!
PRE-TEEN KIM: You?d have to be to dress like that.
(KIM and RON are running from the ROCK GORILLA. RON is screaming. Chase scene continues for a while. KIM kicks the ROCK GORILLA. It tries to hit them with his "sword" but KIM pushes RON out of the way. He slides to the remote for the laser web.)
RON: Ooh, what?s this?
(KIM is still outmaneuvering the ROCK GORILLA.)
RON: Wonder what the red button does.
(KIM gets to where RON is standing. He pushes the red button.)
(The laser web comes out, tearing through the rock gorilla. It falls in pieces on the floor. RON pushes the button again.)
RON: Wow, cool.
PRE-TEEN RON: Booyah! You rock!
RON: No my young friend, you rock!
(RUFUS pokes his head out of RON?S pocket to see what is going on. At the same time BABY RUFUS does the same.)
(RUFUS faints. Cut to outside of the mansion. Police are everywhere. KIM is talking to PRE-TEEN KIM and RON is talking to PRE-TEEN RON.)
PRE-TEEN KIM (to KIM): Nice to know the braces work.
KIM: Yeah as long as you don?t try to kiss Walter Nelson.
PRE-TEEN KIM: Locked braces?
KIM: It was an embarrassing ride to the orthodontist.
(Cut over to PRE-TEEN RON and RON talking.)
PRE-TEEN RON: So, what does the future hat do?
RON: Nothing. It?s just a hat. Ok, look, Listen to me. In the future you will change your hair and become a babe magnet. Keep that look!
PRE-TEEN RON: Ok, but what about the hat?
RON: Forget the hat!
MR. PAISLEY: Officers, take them away.
(POLICE are leading FIST, KILLIGAN, and DRAKKEN away)
FIST: But you can?t leave us here in the past!
KILLIGAN: Aye, we?ll face years of deja vu!
DRAKKEN: This will throw the time stream into chaos!
OFFICER: Yeah, like I haven?t heard that one before.
(Scene slides over toward a cop car. SHEGO emerges from behind it.)
SHEGO: Hm, going to prison sure sounds like a waste of time (holds up the time monkey) of course, with this I can waste all the time I want.
KIM and DRAKKEN: The time monkey!
SHEGO: Later losers!



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