A Sitch in Time: Future (3)

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By Quin Separable
(steps into a time stream swirl. KIM and PRE-TEEN KIM jump to try to stop SHEGO but miss. Another time stream swirl appears and RUFUS 3000 steps out.)
RUFUS 3000: Kim Possible, the Supreme One has once again escaped into the time stream.
KIM: No Shego did. The Supreme One's right here.
(Scene quickly shows DRAKKEN. He picks at his ear. Scene switches back.)
RUFUS 3000: Where? I don't see her.
KIM: Her? I thought the Supreme One was Drakken!
RUFUS 3000: Certainly not. Behold the face of evil . . . the face of the Supreme One!
(time stream swirl appears and inside we see the FUTURE SHEGO.)
RON: Shego!
KIM (realizing her mistake): Oops.
(They look at the swirl with SHEGO?S face in it a few more seconds.)
KIM: Shego is the Supreme One? Well, you could have mentioned that!
RUFUS 3000: I thought it was obvious.
RON: Uh huh, sure, but just run it through for Kim's sake.
(KIM glares at RON.)
RUFUS 3000: Wasn't it clear that Shego was the only one smart enough to take over the world?
KIM: Uh, well, I guess it always seemed more like a guy thing.
RON: So Shego has the time monkey and she?s all powerful twenty years from now. So short turn everything?s hakuna right?
RUFUS 3000: Not necessarily. The time stream is in flux.
KIM: I?m tired of playing defense. I?m taking the fight to Shego.
RON: You?re going to the future?
KIM: Yeah.
RON: Ok, ok. From here on out, we?re in this together, K.P.
RUFUS 3000: But the danger to the time stream - it?s impossible.
KIM: Impossible? Check my name!
RON: Ah, she?s got ya there buddy.
RUFUS 3000: Sighs Very well, proceed.
(KIM opens a time stream swirl. RON walks over to it and puts one of his legs into it.)
RON: (laughing) Hey look! I?ve got one foot in the future! Ha ha ha - Uh!
(KIM pushes him in.)
KIM: Let?s warp, or whatever you call it.
(KIM goes in. RUFUS 3000 is the last to enter in and the time swirl disappears.)
PRE-TEEN RON: Confused?
PRE-TEEN KIM: Oh yeah.
PRE-TEEN RON: Good. I thought it might just be me.
(Cut to Middleton of the future. Everything is green and black. KIM, RON, and RUFUS 3000 enter through a time swirl. Around them people gasp.)
KIM: (looking around) So this is Middleton of the future.
RUFUS 3000: Actually it?s now called Shegoton.
RON: Dark, but with style.
KIM: Yeah, bleak chic.
RUFUS 3000: Quickly. The eyes of the Supreme One are everywhere.
MAN: You there! Why aren?t you toiling for the glory of the Supreme One?
RUFUS 3000: Told you.
RON: Oh, dude, I am so toiled out.
MAN (into his wrist communicator): We?ve got a lippy Norwegian and some gerbils. Code five.
RUFUS 3000: Naked mole rats, please.
MAN: Send security drones! Tag and bag!
(Four little flying robots come flying toward them. RUFUS 3000 starts to fire at them.)
RUFUS 3000: I?ll hold them off as long as I can.
(KIM and RON run away as RUFUS 3000 shoots the robots. A couple more are chasing them. One shoots and hits RON?S hat.)
RON: Ahh! My folkehatt!
(One shoots at KIM. KIM grabs a hanging piece of cloth and uses it to spin herself around. She kicks one of the security drones and it crashes into the other one. They explode. RON reaches down for his hat. It disintegrates in his hands.)
RON: Be honest, does the costume work without the hat?
KIM: Ron, it didn?t work with the hat.
(They run by a store.)
KIM: "Club Shego"? Ugh! More like Club Ego! Oh well, when in Shegoton, blend in.
RON: Kim, you put the "neat-o" in "Incognito"!
(They walk inside.)
RON: Ok, which is the guy?s side?
(Cut to them walking out of the store.)
KIM: This is a fashion nightmare! At least it?s not a bad fit.
RON: Really? ?Cuz mine?s kinda riding up. I think I picked from the girl?s side.
(RUFUS laughs)
RON: Ok, K.P., what?s our next step?
KIM: We find Shego.
(Cut to another scene outside. KIM and RON are standing and looking at a huge stone statue of SHEGO.)
KIM: Somebody loves herself a little too much!
RUFUS: Yuck!
RON: I don?t know guys, you?ve gotta give Shego her props. I mean this is one slick citadel of doom. Motion detectors, laser cannons, and my favorite touch- a Parana filled moat.
KIM: A moat. So retro.
RON: Yeah but you know, I?m a sucker for the classics.
(RON trips over something. RUFUS falls face-first into something familiar.)
RUFUS: Ow! (Realizes what it is.) Aah!
RON: No.
(Scene gets bigger to reveal a destroyed Bueno Nacho.)
RON: It can?t be!
(RUFUS brings him a pack of Diablo Sauce.)
RON: In her mad quest for power, she destroyed Bueno Nacho. You?ll pay for this lady. Oh yes, you will pay!
(Two security drones come at them)
KIM: Ron, maybe now?s not the time.
(They start to run, but the two drones shoot out a net that catch them both.)
KIM: Uhh!
RON: Ohh!
(The next shot is of the drones carrying KIM and RON through the air using those nets.)
RON: Um, ?scuse me, scary orb thing where are you taking us?
ORB: The attitude adjustment center.
KIM: Isn?t that the high school?
ORB: Prepared to be drained of all individuality and spirit.
RON: Yep, high school.
(Cut to inside the center. KIM, RON and many other people are walking in trying to find seats.)
WOMAN: Welcome to the attitude adjustment center. That?s right file in. Fill all the seats. I see some openings in the front row.
(KIM and RON sit in the back. The door behind them closes.)
WOMAN: Hi. I?m Bonnie Rockwaller.
RON: Bonnie? She?s working for Shego?
KIM: That fits.
RON: (whispering): Kim I think that?s Brick Flagg.
KIM: Wow. It is.
RON: Man, he let himself go.
(BRICK is now a bald, fat guy.)
KIM: Shh!
FUTURE BONNIE: Ok, let?s start. Does anyone know why you?re here?
(A MAN raises his hand.)
FUTURE SHEGO: Yes you, soulless worker drone number 5889
MAN: Well, I think it - Ahh!
(He falls into a hole in the floor courtesy of FUTURE BONNIE)
FUTURE BONNIE: Exactly. You?re here because you think. And we all know that?s not allowed. The Supreme One thinks for you. Let?s watch an instructional video. Lights!
(The lights turn off. A video monitor appears. The title says: "The Supreme One and You." FUTURE DRAKKEN appears on the screen.)
FUTURE DRAKKEN: The Supreme One started with a simple dream - to rule the world (aside) of course it was my dream first. Ahh!
(His collar shocks him.)
FUTURE SHEGO: Eyes on me! You know, I started out as an underestimated sidekick trying to make the stupid schemes of others succeed.
FUTURE DRAKKEN: My schemes were not stupid! Ahh, the burning!
(FUTURE SHEGO had pressed a button to make his collar shock him again.)
FUTURE SHEGO: Ooh. But with the help of a time traveling monkey idol, I went solo with an evil scheme of my own. And it worked! So, know it?s my world - you?re just living in it. Back to work!
(The video ends.)
RON: Not the feel good film of the year.
(RUFUS comes up and whispers something to him.)
RON: That?s true. The music was good.
FUTURE BONNIE: So, who still questions the infallible leadership of the Supreme One? Wait! Don?t answer. We?ll just mind scan you.
(A couple of flying drones scan the people?s heads using a beam of light. When they get to RON and KIM, RON laughs.)
RON: Ha ha ha! It tickles!
(KIM gasps.)
FUTURE BONNIE: Our scans have picked up two trouble makers in the back row.
RON: I wonder what they do with troublemakers.
(Metal clasps go around their wrists, trapping them to the desks.)
RON: Hey hey hey! The high school never had to resort to this sort of thing!
(A collar from behind each of their chairs come out and go toward their necks.)
KIM: Or that sort of thing.
FUTURE BONNIE: Obedience collars. You?ll learn to love them - not that you?ll have a choice.
RON: I?ll pass. I?m not big on the bling bling.
KIM: Ron, I don?t think it?s optional.
(A loud crash comes from beside them. FUTURE BONNIE is sent sprawling to the floor.)
(Two men with plasma guns break in.)
MAN #1: Eat hot plasma Supreme One stooges!
MAN #2: Vive la resistance!
RON: Hey, Norwegian.
RUFUS 3000: Naked mole rats - attack!
(A swarm of naked mole rats come out of the same hole the two men did. Some jump on FUTURE BONNIE.)
FUTURE BONNIE: Aah! Get them off of me! They?re so gross!
(They tie her up. RUFUS 3000 free KIM and RON.)
KIM: Love your timing.
(She looks at the two men who are shooting the security drones.)
RON: Wow. Those dudes are buff.
KIM: What?s the dilly on them?
RUFUS 3000: You do not recognize them?
MAN #1: Hick a bicka boo?
MAN #2: Hoosha!
KIM: (gasps) The tweebs?!
FUTURE JIM: Welcome to the future big sis!
FUTURE TIM: More like little sis.
KIM: Little brothers are now big brothers.
RON: Time travel - it?s a cornucopia of disturbing concepts.
KIM: Wait, I have some questions about this.
FUTURE JIM: No time now. We gotta jet. In the Kimminator Mark XII!
(A jet flies into the wall.)
KIM: Wow.
RUFUS 3000: Hurry. The Supreme One will soon return with greater force!
(Cut to inside of the Kimminator Mark XII.)
FUTURE TIM: Strap in.
FUTURE JIM: ?Cuz the Kimminator flies baby.
(The Kimminator flies off. RON and RUFUS didn?t strap in and fly backwards.)
KIM: Kimminator?
FUTURE TIM: Kimminator Mark XII.
FUTURE JIM: We kept fighting about the name.
FUTURE TIM: So we named it after you.
KIM: You guys are so sweet. Mature works on you. Wait! What about mom and dad?
FUTURE JIM: Up there.
KIM: On the moon?
FUTURE TIM: Hooshah!
(Cut to moon shot. FUTURE TIM?S voice is going over the scene.)
FUTURE TIM: Mom and dad led the great lunar migration after the Supreme One turned earth into such a drag.
FUTURE DAD: Hon, I?m home.
FUTURE MOM: How was the Sea of Tranquility?
FUTURE DAD: Traffic was terrible.
(Cut back to the Kimminator.)
KIM: Didn?t they even miss me?
FUTURE JIM: Oh yeah. But, dad always said:
(Cut back to moon)
FUTURE DAD: Well, at least Kimmie?s just lost in the time stream and not staying out late with some boy.
(Cut back to the Kimminator.)
RON: What about my parents?
(Cut back to the moon.)
FUTURE MR. STOPPABLE: I?m an actuary, I can work anywhere.
(Cut back to the Kimminator.)
KIM: Ok, so where are going now?
FUTURE TIM: Our secret headquarters. It?s in a remote location where no one ever goes.
RON: Upperton?
FUTURE JIM: Now it?s called North Shegoton, but yeah, that?s the place.
FUTURE TIM: There, you?ll meet our leader.
(Cut to the headquarters.)
FUTURE WADE: Kim, Ron! Man, am I glad to see you guys.
KIM: Wade?
RON: We finally get to see you in person, and you?re a giant!
FUTURE WADE: What can I say, I had a growth spurt.
(FUTURE WADE hugs KIM and RON very tightly.)
RON: Why is everyone in the future so ripped?
FUTURE WADE: Fighting an evil dictator will do that to you.
RON: Fine, but just don?t think I?m a puny, man, ?kay? Waah! I got mad Fu skills!
FUTURE WADE: (laughs) Ron, don?t do that. You crack me up man!
(FUTURE WADE gives RON a friendly punch on the shoulder, but it sort of hurts RON.)
RON: Heh heh. Ow.
KIM: So, Wade, what?s the sitch?
FUTURE WADE: It?s been a long time since I heard that.
(Cut to them looking at a hologram-type thing.)
FUTURE WADE: The Tempus Simia idol. Shego used it to play the time stream. We need it to set everything right.
KIM: Take that away, Shego?s future is history.
RON: Can?t we just break it?
FUTURE TIM: The chaotic effect of unleashing the chronal energies might snap the time stream back to normal.
KIM: Might?
FUTURE TIM: Or it might unravel the fabric of time and space and destroy the universe.
FUTURE JIM: Even mom and dad on the moon.
KIM: Ok, let?s just start with getting it away from Shego.
FUTURE WADE: We tried to get in, but every mission ended badly.
KIM: Then we?re due!
FUTURE WADE: Same old Kim.
RON: Anybody seen Rufus?
(Cut to RUFUS and RUFUS 3000 along with the other descendants of RUFUS in an amputheater type thing.)
RUFUS 3000: Rufus Prime, please share your wisdom.
RUFUS 3000: What is the meaning of life?
(RUFUS thinks)
RUFUS: Hmm . . .cheese!
(Everyone begins to clap.)
RUFUS #1 (to another RUFUS): You owe me a buck!
(Cut back to the planning room.)
FUTURE TIM: We?re run the scenarios. Aerial assault . . .equals major catastrophe.
(A couple of jets are shown on the hologram-type thing. Lasers shoot at them and the jets are destroyed.)
FUTURE TIM: And the ground assault . . . worse.
(A couple of men are shown running toward the same place. They are shot at with lasers and destroyed.)
KIM: Then we?ll go lower.
(Cut to sewers.)
RON: The sewers? Aw man! There?s a whole rainbow of smells down here!
RON: Wade, don?t you have like a matter transporter or something? Can?t you just beam us into Shego?s palace?
FUTURE WADE: Sure, but your insides might wind up on the outside.
FUTURE JIM: It would be a great chance to meet your spleen.
RON: How would I even know it was my spleen?
(Cut inside Shego?s palace. KIM opens the vent-thing for the sewers.)
KIM: So far, so good.
RON: Oh really? Tell that to my shoes! Aah!
(FUTURE WADE moves him out of the way as the rest come up.)
FUTURE WADE: According to my readings, the idol is in the center of the palace.
FUTURE FIST: Not that you?ll ever see it!
KIM: Monkey Fist! You?re working for Shego too?
FUTURE FIST: Well, I don?t get a paycheck if that?s what you mean, but there are some benefits. I?ll consider this one of them.
RON: You?re way outnumbered dude!
(Lights turn on to reveal MONKEY NINJAS.)
RUFUS 3000: Rufus Prime, will you lead us?
RUFUS: Hiya!
(The naked mole rats attack the monkey ninjas and they fight.)
RON: You will never see a stranger sight.
FUTURE JIM: Move it or lose it guys!
(Cut to them walking in a hall)
FUTURE WADE: This way.
KIM: How close are we?
FUTURE WADE: Real close. Just down this hall.
FUTURE KILLIGAN: Sorry. You?ll not be getting by me, laddies!
KIM: Duff?
FUTURE KILLIGAN: Aye, but now they call me . . . Robo-Duff, the world?s deadliest golfing cyborg!
(DUFF is now half machine, half man.)
KIM: Wow, now that?s a mouthful.
RON: And really, how many other golfing cyborgs are there? It cannot be a crowded field.
FUTURE KILLIGAN: Aw, shut yer yap, boy! Your doom is before ye! My cyborg-robotic enhancements have taken more than a few strokes of me game. Fore!
(Starts hitting exploding golf balls.)
FUTURE KILLIGAN: Ha ha ha! Who?s laughing now lassie?
RON (hiding behind a wall with KIM): He?s more robot than golfer now.
FUTURE JIM: Get ready to bolt Kim.
FUTURE JIM: We?ll handle Robo-Doof!
FUTURE KILLIGAN: Robo-Duff, not Doof!
FUTURE TIM: Says you!
FUTURE WADE: Let?s go boys. Game time.
(KIM and RON run off and enter the center of the palace. They see the Time Monkey.)
KIM: Oh!
RON: Hey!
KIM: There it is. The Time Monkey!
RON: Grab and go KP!
FUTURE SHEGO: Ah-ah-ah! I knew my past would come back to haunt me one day.
KIM: Shego. Ready when you are.
(She gets into a fighting stance.)
FUTURE SHEGO: Sorry Kimmie. The Supreme One always delegates. Dr. D. You?re on!
KIM: You?re gonna have Drakken fight me?
RON: As a last line of defense, that?s weak sauce!
FUTURE DRAKKEN: Who you callin? ?weak??
(FUTURE DRAKKEN appears. He is more ripped than WADE was.)
RON: Now see, everybody in the future is ripped!
KIM: What happened to you?
FUTURE DRAKKEN: Diet and exercise.
FUTURE SHEGO: And some genetic manipulation. The future is a wonderful place!
FUTURE DRAKKEN: (Throwing RON) Outta my way buffoon!
RON: Uhh! Ow! Hey!
(He?s trapped under some cloth. Cut back to KIM and DRAKKEN. He tries to smash her with his hands twice, but she moves.)
KIM: Uhh! Uhh!
(They run around in a fight scene.)
FUTURE SHEGO: Fighting. You know, it?s fun to watch.
(They both come at each other kicking. The scene changes to the naked mole rats and RUFUS fighting the monkey ninjas and MONKEY FIST.)
FUTURE FIST: Advance my monkey minions! Show no mercy!
(A monkey ninja goes flying past him.)
FUTURE FIST (to RUFUS 3000): All right Rodentia, let me show you what a true master of Monkey Kung Fu can do!
(They jump at each other. The scene again changes to FUTURE KILLIGAN shooting golf balls unendlessly at FUTURE JIM, TIM, and WADE.)
FUTURE TIM: I?ll give him this: he shoots a good game.
FUTURE JIM: What do we do?
(FUTURE WADE presses a button and a protective bubble-type thing goes around him. FUTURE JIM and TIM do the same.)
FUTURE WADE: Let?s take him down.
(They run at him. Cut back to KIM and DRAKKEN fighting again.)
FUTURE DRAKKEN: You can?t evade me forever, Kim Possible. Uhh! Uh!
(KIM tries to kick him, but her foot bounces back. She falls.)
FUTURE DRAKKEN: I?ve got fab abs!
KIM: This is so wrong!
(FUTURE DRAKKEN grabs a stone bust of SHEGO and throws it towards KIM.)
KIM: Ahh!
(She moves and it crashes through the window behind her. KIM looks for a second. FUTURE DRAKKEN pushes her and she falls out the open window. KIM grabs the ledge with one of her hands.)
KIM: Uhh! Ohh! Ahh!
(KIM tries to climb back up, but FUTURE DRAKKEN grabs her wrist.)
FUTURE DRAKKEN: Ha ha! Kim Possible, you think you?re all that, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah!
(FUTURE SHEGO is clapping behind him.)
FUTURE SHEGO: See! You were born to be a sidekick!
(FUTURE DRAKKEN mutters in mock.)
FUTURE SHEGO: What was that?
FUTURE DRAKKEN: Nothing oh Supreme One. Nothing at all. Now what should I do with this pest?
FUTURE SHEGO: Nothing?s on TV -well, except me - so how about we watch her suffer?
(FUTURE SHEGO hits a button and a chair with a beam-thing towards the head comes out of the floor.)
(He puts KIM in it and it holds her there. The metal beam thing begins to light up as KIM tries to struggle out of it.)
KIM: Uhh! Ooh!
RON: Hold on Kim! I - uhh!
(His shirt gets stuck on the stone head of SHEGO. There?s a loud boom and tons of smoke. A girl in a mask comes up holding a blaster. She shoots toward FUTURE DRAKKEN and SHEGO. Then she flings these metal disks toward the chair that KIM is trapped in and takes off the metal pole that was coming toward her head.)
GIRL: I?m ready Kim.
(She aims the blaster at the chair and blasts off the clasps holding KIM there.)
KIM: Uh, do I know you?
(The GIRL takes off the ski mask.)
KIM: (gasp) Monique!
FUTURE SHEGO: Monique? Monique? Who?s Monique?
FUTURE MONIQUE: I?m an old friend of Kim?s.
KIM: Wow! Looking good.
FUTURE MONIQUE: Why thanks Kim. There were a few nasty years after Miss Supreme here took over Club Banana. Girlfriend, there was no way I was gonna style that look!
FUTURE MONIQUE: So I joined the Rebellion.
(FUTURE SHEGO hits a button on her waste-band and she?s boosted up on top of a laser throwing piece of equipment.)
FUTURE SHEGO: Ahem. Mind if I cut you off?
(She shoot is. KIM and FUTURE MONIQUE run out of the way. FUTURE MONIQUE aims her blaster at FUTURE SHEGO. KIM stays behind her.)
FUTURE MONIQUE: You know, I do mind.
(She shoots it.)
(FUTURE SHEGO falls off the platform and FUTURE DRAKKEN catches her.)
KIM: You?ve been busy since Australia.
FUTURE MONIQUE: True. 20 years of practice does a body good.
(FUTURE DRAKKEN grabs FUTURE MONIQUE?S blaster and crushes it.)
FUTURE DRAKKEN: Oh bring it!
(They run away. RON struggles to get down.)
RON: Hey, I - oh! Uhh! Yeah. Ok, I guess I?ll stay here!
(Cut to the naked mole rats and MONKEY FIST?S battle. The monkey ninjas are running away and as one is running he chatters at FUTURE FIST.)
FUTURE FIST: What do you mean "we?re losing"?! They?re just horrid mole rats!
RUFUS 3000: Ahem! Naked mole rats.
RUFUS: Charge!
(They charge.)
RUFUS 3000: That?s right! Flee cowards!
RUFUS: Ha ha! High five! Whoa!
(RUFUS 3000 gives him a high-five that sends RUFUS flying.)
RUFUS 3000: Sorry Rufus Prime! Sorry!
(Cut to FUTURE KILLIGAN. He is again shooting golf balls. They do nothing to FUTURE JIM, TIM, and WADE. FUTURE DUFF shoots a big gold ball that breaks their shields. He walks over to one of the tweebs)
FUTURE KILLIGAN: I got you now Sonny Jim!
FUTURE TIM: No you don?t!
FUTURE KILLIGAN: Are ya daft? Game over!
FUTURE TIM: No, I?m Sonny Tim. He?s Sonny Jim.
FUTURE JIM: Keep your skirt on Doof!
(He punches Duff into the wall. His golf balls fly up and then crash down exploding, breaking him.)
FUTURE JIM: Hicka bicka boo?
FUTURE TIM: Hooshah!
FUTURE WADE: Nice work fellas.
RUFUS 3000 (coming up with the naked mole rats): You?ve routed the fiend. Excellent.
FUTURE WADE: Nothing to it but to do it.
FUTURE KILLIGAN: Oh, how can I golf without me lower half? The swing?s all in the knees!
FUTURE JIM: Sorry dude.
FUTURE KILLIGAN: No you?re not. But ya will be.
(He shoots a big golf ball, knocking everyone out. He fixes himself.)
FUTURE KILLIGAN: Ha ha ha ha! Never count out the world?s deadliest golfing cyborg! Aye your right, it is a mouthful.
(Cut back to FUTURE DRAKKEN, FUTURE MONIQUE and KIM. They are running fro FUTURE DRAKKEN.)
KIM: Monique, I can?t get over your wicked badage.
(Some evasive moves)
FUTURE MONIQUE: Once she took away shopping, I need a new hobby.
(KIM and FUTURE MONIQUE flip to opposite sides of FUTURE DRAKKEN. He gets mad and his shirt tears off.)
FUTURE DRAKKEN: Will you two hold still?!
(FUTURE MONIQUE and KIM come flying toward him from opposite sides. He grabs FUTURE MONIQUE?S ankle . . .)
( . . .and flings her into KIM.)
KIM: Oof!
(They both fall to the floor.)
FUTURE MONIQUE: Oh no you didn?t! Rude!
(FUTURE DRAKKEN picks them both up by the shirt collars.)
RON: K.P.!
(The doors open up to show FUTURE KILLIGAN and FIST leading in the naked mole rats, FUTURE WADE, JIM, and TIM and RUFUS in.)
FUTURE KILLIGAN: I got your rebels right here, oh Supreme One! No thanks to monkey boy.
FUTURE FIST: There were so many mole rats. So naked.
RON: Uh . . .uh . . .
FUTURE SHEGO: Well Kimmie, it?s been real. Erase them from history!
FUTURE DRAKKEN (dropping KIM and FUTURE MONIQUE): What?! No taunting?! No "how did I do it" speech?! Oh poor super villain form Shego!
FUTURE DRAKKEN: Most defiantly. What?s the point in ruling the world if you don?t stop to smell the roses?
FUTURE SHEGO: Well, all I can say is . . .huh? Hey!
(FUTURE SHEGO sees Ron sneaking over to the Tempus Simia idol. She jumps over there, grabbing the idol and igniting her hands.)
FUTURE SHEGO: Raah! No touchy my monkey!
RON: Can't blame a guy for trying.
(FUTURE SHEGO picks him up.)
FUTURE SHEGO: Actually I can. You see I rule the world . . .I can do anything!
KIM (standing up): Hey! That's my line!
FUTURE SHEGO: Maybe. But I've got the muscle to back it up.
(throws RON toward KIM.)
RON: Uhh! Ohh!
FUTURE DRAKKEN: That?s the spirit! Now gloat! Tell them how you did it!
FUTURE SHEGO: (sighs) All right. Went back in time, went big into dot coms, got out before the bubble burst, opened a bank, transferred your sidekick?s mother to Norway, started an evil think tank . . .
RON: Wait a minute! What?!
FUTURE SHEGO: Evil think tank. You know, mind control, weird ray things and . . .
RON: No before that!
FUTURE SHEGO: Oh. Oh yeah yeah yeah. I transferred your momma to Norway. You know, break up the team.
KIM: You broke us up?!
FUTURE SHEGO: Doy! You see traveling into your past I realized one thing: as a team, you two are actually solid. Why? Don?t know, don?t care. So I broke you up by sending the clown as far away as possible. Anywho, once I had the obedience collars I -
RON: You?re the reason I moved? You?re the reason I?ve been eating meat cakes?!
FUTURE DRAKKEN: Sit back - ooh!
(FUTURE DRAKKEN tries to push RON back, but RON lifts FUTURE DRAKKEN?S hand away from him. RON throws FUTURE DRAKKEN away from him.)
(FUTURE KILLIGAN and FIST are too shocked to do anything. FUTURE JIM, TIM, and WADE knock them over and break their chains.)
RON: And no one knocks down Bueno Naco! Past, present or future!
(He yells and does some of his King Fu moves. RON kicks down a statue of SHEGO and it does a domino effect. They crash into the beam holding the Tempus Simia idol. It flies through the air and then lands on the ground and breaks.)
FUTURE SHEGO: You broke the Time Monkey? You broke the Time Monkey!
FUTURE FIST: Fool! You might unravel the very fabric of time!
RON: I can fix it, really!
KIM: Wait! Ron! I think it worked!
(FUTURE SHEGO gasps as a time stream swirl appears.)
RON: What worked?
KIM: You?re plan!
RON: Oh, yeah, my plan.
(KIM, RON and RUFUS start rising toward the time swirl.)
RUFUS 3000: Hooshah Kim Possible! We salute you!
(Jumps up and grabs KIM. She ignites her hands)
(KIM kicks FUTURE SHEGO away from her.)
KIM: Way.
(The scene goes through a tunnel with pictures of what has happened. At the end, the scene is rewinding and getting closer.)
RUFUS 3000: Behold the face of evil.
KIM: Time Monkey?!
MONKEY FIST: Fool! You might unravel the very fabric of time!
RUFUS 3000: Kim Possible, can you stop the Supreme One?
DRAKKEN: I must admit, I had my doubts. Monkey power rules!
RUFUS 3000: Have a cookie.
DRAKKEN: Something should be happening!
KIM: Maybe I should handle Shego.
RUFUS 3000: Kim Possible needs you.
RON: I need Bueno Nacho. KP!
KIM: Ron, I couldn?t save the world without you.
(It stops at KIM and RON hugging. There is a bright flash. Outside the school.)
RON: First practice of the new school year and I was in the zone!
RUFUS: Booyah!
RON: KP our future is - is - whoa, oh brain freeze.
KIM: The future?
RON: What was that KP?
KIM: Something, something about the future.
RON: Oh yeah right right! I was saying the future is bright.
KIM: Yeah Ron, yeah. It really is.
RON: Yup, and I hate meat cakes!
KIM: Huh?
RON: No idea why I said that!
(They walk away and the end credits role with This Year playing in the background.)



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